Video Games: [First Impression] Overwatch Beta

It’s been an absolutely packed weekend for people who wanted to participate in betas. Overwatch, Doom and Battleborn were all simultaneously going on. With so many games and so little time, I had to pick what I really wanted to play and that ended up being Overwatch. Blizzard’s team-based shooter absolutely oozes personality and is a lot of fun to play. After trying a few of the characters, I decided that Widowmaker was my favorite so I took the footage I recorded of my playing as her and added a little commentary.

Overwatch drops on May 24, so check the video to see what I thought of the game in the meantime and make sure to follow me on twitter to stay up on all the different games I’m playing for nikkisiixx.com.


[VIDEOGAMES] Five Reasons Why You’ll Love Minecraft

Minecraft has taken the world by storm and is one of the most popular games of recent years. If you haven’t tried it then you should and here are five reasons you may love it.

5. You Have Once Liked Legos

Made by Mojang, Minecraft excels at bringing the enthusiasm and simplicity that many would associate with owning a Lego set as a kid. Many children I know had owned at least one set, and swiftly abandoned it as they entered their troublesome years of pre-adolescence. Minecraft, however, might be your ticket back into that juvenile happy place you’d visit whenever you would touch your treasured lego set. If you are among the particular group of individuals this last paragraph refers to, have no fear – even though Minecraft may have somewhat of a learning curve (particularly if you refuse to play the tutorial), it’s very easy to play once you’ve got the hang of it, and the title gives you amazing, fun tools to breathe life into your ideas that concern cliff-face mansions, castles and much more.

4. You Have Ever Considered Being An Architect

The tools players utilize in Minecraft are the closest I’ll be to the toolset that landscaping firms and talented architects utilize to do their work. Indeed, I feel awesome knowing I’ve just spend a whole hour of my life working at defacing a mountain and preparing myself to further mutilate it until it can’t be recognized anymore – all that whist having the great addition of being able to live and breath in a world with close friends of mine makes the title even more interesting. While it probably wouldn’t mean much if you said ‘Minecraft Extraordinaire’ on your resume, you’ll be able to refer to yourself as a very accomplished ‘Achievement Getter’ that the world has seen. Why not try Minecraft for free.

3. If You Have Once Questioned Your Creative Abilities

Minecraft deliberates even the hardened rule-stickler or a hardened literary buff – offering an opportunity to test their stiff mind. This is an important test – one which has been resonating in your mind since you said no to a lego set as you were younger. It becomes very apparent to those who play the game that it features a very large environment in which you can have full-reign over the world’s ins-and-outs – giving a great opportunity for anyone’s creative potential to shine.

2. If You’ve Been Outside The Gaming Loop For A While Now

Of course, it may be a bit hard to set up a server in the beginning, for instance, but if you’ve been outside the loop of gamers for a while now, the game should take you with wide open arms. Pleasantly rewarding both the hardcore and the casual player alike, the game won’t require you to open a FAQ once you learn how to do things for the first time – it all becomes very clear and intuitive after you’ve done it at least once. The best advice I could give to you as a new player is to take it slow and enjoy the learning experience – perhaps play it with someone who already knows how things work, since it’ll save you plenty of time and grief, and allow you to have more fun.

1. If You Have Friends Who Play Minecraft

They have probably been pestering you for a while now, saying you should play – and they are right. Really, there is nothing to lose, so go and give it a try. It is a very enjoyable gameplay, in a fun open world. If you decide to join it once, you’ll likely enjoy it and find yourself questioning your integrity as you play it for hours and hours on when you should be doing homework or meeting deadlines – the truth is, Minecraft features something developers strive for, players pursue, and publishers try to evoke – simple, pure fun.


Artist Advice: What To Do After Getting Feature On A Blog/Website

After the mission of submitting your content to numerous amounts of sources, now its time to play the waiting game. Waiting for that special feature. When that moment finally arrives it’s now to put in work. For an indie artist you just can’t expect that one feature to make you a superstar over night. It’s all about how many people can get aware of the content.

finn-yellingFor my site, NikkiSiixx.com. When an artist gets featured you automatically receive 1 week of promotion via my twitter accounts. Daily mention of the article and the artist twitter link. I’m blasting the post in order for more people to take noticed.

That same promo approach should be done on the artist behalf as well. Say if the artist, his team, and any fans that want to help push your content. The more people that talk about it the better. Build awareness for your content, and this goes for anything related to upcoming releases. Here are a couple of tips to promote your feature on a website or blog, even including mine:

1- Get TWEETDECK! They have a special feature to help pre-schedule tweets. I use this to help the continuous promotion of a tweet for a week without having to physically tweet it myself. I highly recommend you get it and have your team as well! and this will be able to setup daily tweets for

– Features on anywhere they feature you
– RT’s or Screenshots of Feedback Given from fans or colleagues

2- How to promote the featured article on twitter:

-You know what these links are creating? They’re building the awareness that site actually featured you. This gives the listeners a good reference to why they should listen to you. And you’re building more awareness for the site that feature you. When sites notice a certain artist brings traffic, they’re going to want to keep building more with you.

3- How to promote via Instagram:

@idioticoddity is a unique artist that mixes hip-hop, pop, and rock within his genre. This presents a wide arrange of sounds that Idiotic Oddity adapted to quickly. You may think is a bit out of the norm, but who is normal nowadays? Oddity’s also does his own vocals, making an appearance on his hooks/chorus. Really catchy! Wanting me to press replay. Idiotic Oddity released his self titled EP Idiotic Oddity. I find this to be a great introduction to who Oddity is as an artist. The refreshing production and melodies reminded me of one of my favorite Indie Electronic Duos The Limousines. With a dancy 80’s synth and 90’s influenced pop. But Idiotic Oddity provides a hip-hop flow to his verses. Idiotic Oddity EP is a five track project, here’s what I thought about my favorite tracks off of it. Read the rest via NikkiSiixx.com || #review #nikkisiixx #nikkisiixxentllc #music #hiphop #pop #rock #spotify #listen #idioticoddity

A photo posted by NikkiSiixx ENT Consulting, LLC (@nikkisiixx) on

What I also recommend when posting it on instagram.

-TAG The Blog, The Writer, and anyone else who had involvement with the content.
-Hashtag keywords relevant to the post and anything regarding your campaign.
-LINK the article to your Instagram link on your bio! Fastest way to get instagram users to view the content. Have this up and promote it for a week straight.

what_should_i_write_by_vanillycake-d5dfp99_zps07a557a64- If you have a website that has a press section (this section will have every link that has ever mentioned you). I find this to showcase to anyone who wants to see how many features without having to do a complete Google search. Its right there ready for the viewer to peek and look at your references.

5- Create your own custom images for post by viewing my article Top 6 Apps for Music Artists. I recommend some pretty dope apps to give you the presence you need online.

6- Don’t just retweet one time the link from the blog. Think about it, they probably took from 2 hours to couple of days to get the post ready and review the content genuinely. Well, I know for sure that’s what my contributors and myself do for all the posts. When you show real love it’s only expected 10x more. Also, when other sites see you pushing the content they made for you. They’ll expect the same push for what they’ll write for you. That’s when sites will become aware that you support the sites.

7- I recommend to push article features for more than a month, twice a day (AM+PM). Reason why when tweeting at different times of the day, is because when someone sleeps another is awake, and vice versa. This doubles your chances in reaching different people than always the same people at the same time everyday.

Those were couple of tips I recommend for Artist to do after getting featured on my site or any other site. When you’re an indie artist, your fans will only know when they see you mention it. If your fan doesn’t follow my site and you don’t mention it. How can they support and promote you when they didn’t find out from the artist themselves?

Feel feel to comment below or send me a tweet via @NikkiSiixx

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Artist Advice: Ways To Promote Your Music Online Without Social Media

When it comes to promoting your own music, there are a lot more options today than there were even a couple years ago, thanks almost entirely to the Internet. We posted an article a little while back on the do’s and don’t’s of social media promotion, and it’s true that social media can provide some of the most effective ways to promote your sound. But in this post we’ll take a quick look at 5 ways to promote your music online without the use of traditional social media apps and sites.

1. Use Soundcloud
It’s probably the most obvious suggestion to an independent artist, but it’s one that just can’t be ignored. Soundcloud has become an enormous service for new artists and music fans alike, and failing to upload your sounds there leaves you at a disadvantage. Don’t just rely on Soundcloud’s own site though – you can also use the service to play live tracks for free on your own artist website, letting any visitors hear your sound. It goes a long way to offer some listening for free.

2. Upload Sounds To Last FM
This is just one more way to get your sound out there on a massive listening service. There are a few added bonuses though. For one thing, the royalties program at Last FM gives you a bit of cash as people listen to your music; additionally, the service has a Pandora-like “discovery” tool that can make your sounds come up when people listen to something similar.

3. Be Accessible
If you have an artist website (and let’s face it, you should), try to be accessible. Provide an email address for fans to reach out to you, and answer emails. You can even look into conducting live chats once your audience broadens a bit. You won’t be able to keep it up if you make it big, but being personable and accessible gives you appeal and makes you memorable.

4. Contact Entertainment Webmasters
This one’s a long shot, but remember there’s never any harm in asking. Betfair’s Bingo site is one example of what we’re talking about here. At this site, users gamble real money not just on bingo, but on a variety of casino games – poker, blackjack, you name it. Essentially, they’re games that can be played with soundtracks! Again, this one’s always a long shot – but reaching out to arcade and entertainment sites to see if they’ll host your music isn’t a bad idea.

5. Get Your Music On Spotify
Before you can make it to this step you need to make sure you have your music registered with BMI. Spotify essentially gives you the same benefit as Last FM – it’s purely for exposure, and once you’re up you won’t have much control over marketing or outreach. But the general idea is, there are about a dozen solid services where new artists can upload music, and there’s just no sense in ignoring any of them!

We love to help out a give artist advice. Even though this article is stating how to promote your music online without social media, but we highly recommend social media for helping to spread the word on your music. Here are a couple other advice articles that can really benefit you and your career.
Getting Booked For A Show
How To Promote Your Music Through Social Media Outlets


Radio Feature: NikkiSiixx.com Artists on KCoolShow FyourFM (CA)

Last Thursday the guys from the KCoolShow featured 3 tracks from artists that were featured on the Category NEW MUSIC on NikkiSiixx.com. They were Art Morera ABOUT, Ron Slyda FOCUS, and Gill Graff with GOODBYE featuring LuvEra, Knowledge Medina, and Roly. And check out all the badass things they said about me 🙂



Videogames: DC Universe Online Cinematic Trailer

Check out the cinematic trailer for video game DC Universe Online which was released on January 11, 2011. DC Universe Online is a massively multiplayer online action game that delivers unparalleled physics-powered combat set in the DC Universe. This genre-defining game puts the power of the DC Super Heroes and villains into the palm of your hand.

Characters you can play are: Superman, Batman, Wonder woman, The Joker, Cat woman, Green Lantern, Poison Ivy, Nightwing, Flash, Power girl, Killer Croc, Mister Freeze, Zatanna, Solomon Grundy, Jervis Tetch, Black Adam, and Bizarro. Maybe even more.

Watching a few trailers on the game it has a lot of similarities to the online computer came World of Warcraft and SIMS. Each level will have it’s very own storyboards for each episode, including a whole new character for each new update the video game has. You need to play as your own character working for them, then you have to go against them, and then you play as the main character of the episode. There is so much to do!

The game is only available for Playstation 3 Owners and in their network.