Website Recommendation: @GospikApp

gospikapp-logoHey Everyone, I’m back with another Website Recommendation. This time around I’m recommending Gospik App. At times you feel like the great content you created goes unnoticed if you don’t have too many friends, fans or followers?

Now you can, with Gospik. It’s an extension to add to your google search results page, to allow you to share your opinions about the news, photos, videos, and more right on from the google results search page. Gospik App is an extension meant for Chrome, Firefox & Safari.

Only way to access this unique way to comment is after installing the App Extension, it replaces the righthand side, the sponsored ads side of Google search page, with a New Social Network, where users can interact with each other based on their Google searches.

You’ll see exactly what I mean with their video showing you what Gospik App is all about.

Gospik from JC on Vimeo.

Talk about everything/everyone right on Google search page, with Gospik app. Anyone talking about you? It makes more sense for Google to create a Social Network based on searches, like Gospik app, than it did with G+. Make sure you give it a try!



The Epidemic of A Copy and Paste Blog

Lately, it’s just getting out of control. Since I am a music blogger I receive a large amount of submissions on a daily basis. This is extremely overwhelming to read and listen to them all. But for some reason sites find it to be much easier to copy and paste these submissions, just to get the post in. This is called plagiarism:
Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 1.40.11 PM
Makes me wonder if they even listen to the content and if they even have their own set of opinions. This isn’t just sites that are unknown, but alarmingly its the major hip-hop sites as well.

The process for an artist to get the content to the masses, is trying to reach these outlets to get exposure from the music fans. Makes sense right? It should. But how would an artist or publicist feel that the site copy and paste (word for word) and didn’t contribute any opinion to the content.

son-you-were-copy-and-pastedPersonally, I’ve been in the position in submitting content for an artist. I was in a hurry and I used what I had written on my site as the description and even provided the link to my article. When it got featured on 15 different sites and it was copy and paste. Word for word, even my personal opinion on the artist was used as if that’s what they felt about the artist.

What I could have done was put these sites on blasts for plagiarizing my work. But what will happen to the artist feature? Knowing how these sites work they could either delete the post entirely or they’ll just reference back to the original post from my site. How would the artist I’m working with feel about his post being removed because of my actions on defending my own words. The artist received Google Alerts and when he reads every feature, he couldn’t believe it was word for word.

This hasn’t happened just to me, I discovered on the Knights of The Turntables #44 discussion I was on via TheKoalition.com. Joe from Joehovasmf.com he brought up in our discussion that one time when he was submitting content for an artist, he wrote a beautiful write up, and noticed every single site he submitted the content was COPY & PASTE. He feels it must be that he’s write up was too good or the site was that lazy enough to not write their own opinion.

I had to research a bit more, and I was able to ask a few questions to @MattWhitlockPM who has been submitting artist content to me over the passed four years.

NIKKISIIXX: When it comes to submitting the artist content to sites, do you see sites copy & paste what you sent?
MATTWHITLOCKPM: Well when I email blast to the generic sites, like 80% copy/paste. But that’s just for blasts. If I’m doing full pr/marketing for the guys I manage, Notoriety – I’m personalizing each email before sending and also asking for original write ups. with those, I usually have great results but thats expected, to me at least. Generic blasts gets generic results. Its more of a booster, you have to have relationships and be personable when running an actual campaign.
NIKKISIIXX: How do you feel about the sites that copy & paste?
MATTWHITLOCKPM: It used to really irritate me because I was a writer myself for many years. I just didn’t get why you would become a “writer” and not want to write, lol. Then I started to realize that it’s the same with any other line of work, some people just want the title. I stopped caring about those sites/people and re-routed that attention to the sites that cared to write actual posts. Those are the ones you want relationships with. The copy/pasters are just for the email blast list. Which is also why email blasts are cheap and marketing packages are expensive – building relationships is expensive.

From what we got from @MattWhitLockPM is that in order to get organic features from blogs you either need to know someone or know someone who knows these people to reach out to these blogs and asked them personally to take the time to actually write their own posts. He has a whopping 80% of sites (by generic email blasts approach) that copy word for word. That is an alarming rate.

I personally think having an overwhelming amount of submissions shouldn’t excuse a site to just go to the copy and paste route. I see it as a lazy route. If you’re going to blog or promote an artist, it should be done with honesty and with your own damn opinion. If I can do authentic write ups I think the other bloggers/writers/journalist should be able to do the same.

*PS – For the sites that do authentic write ups nothing but love and approval from me! I know how it is, I do run a site and I can fit in your shoes. Ya’ll deserve a trophy foreal!*

What do you think? Leave a comment below or send me a tweet via @NikkiSiixx.


Survey: Lines That You Can’t Stand

I asked via my twitter account NikkiSixx an open question that I really wanted to hear my viewers opinion.

Has there been a time when you listen to a song, but you expected more from it? Say a line was just too simple to come up with or they shouldn’t have used it at all. If you’re an artist or songwriter you should check out what the audience is saying. You don’t want to land on lines that make you urk. Lines I can’t stand our I’ll take your girl. Its like no you’re not and why would any guy want to hear you think you can take his girlfriend. Below are a couple of tweets from my followers and LINES THAT YOU CAN’T STAND.

Feel free to comment and let us know which lines you can’t stand, we’ll might add it to this post if it’s not mentioned above. Don’t forget to mention NikkiSiixx to be able to view the tweet.

NikkiSiixx: Is There Still Hope For Mainstream Hip-Hop?

Is there still hope for mainstream hip-hop? I asked myself this question the other day because it’s been awhile since I heard the radio or seen any music videos on tv. And the last time I tuned into that, I wasn’t to pleased. I felt that there wasn’t any limitations on what can be said on air. It’s crazy to think, in a way the media was just promoting the worse of the worse. Then one day I was introduced to Underground Hip-Hop. You would think they’ll be the same since it’s still labeled hip-hop. Nope, they’re not. The Underground has more heart and devotion to it.

As a journalist, I felt the need to explore into the current Mainstream atmosphere. While blogging on my laptop I decided to watch tv. Instead of watching Cartoon Network. I wanted to watch some music videos. While searching through the channels MTV was playing one of the TEEN PREGNANCY shows, VH1 was playing LOVE & HIP-HOP which is a reality series based off women who are in the Music Entertainment Industry and all their drama. OKAY! None of these channels will do. Then I came across MTV JAMS.

Right before the commercial break was over. I asked myself “Is there still hope for mainstream hip-hop?” I will base my decision off the first music video I see. This will let me know how far the media will let anything go on tv to just to attract more viewers. If it was a great positive video, I might be able to open up my world to Mainstream Hip-Hop.


Of course with a response like that my answer will be that there isn’t hope. I thought at one point television you weren’t allowed to see certain women’s body parts, anyone doing drugs, and saying any curse words were bleeped out. Apparently television has loosened up and just let pretty much anything go on air.

While watching the video I thought to myself what if a child came across this now? Since it was around 4 o’ clock in the afternoon. Perfect timing for when a kid should be home after school. I find this to be very disturbing.

That’s why I have so much love for the underground. There’s so much respect in the lyricism. The Underground will rise above the rest.


Review: PeterJay – Mics & Pipe Dreams

Click Image Above For Download
PeterJay is a hip-hop artist/producer from Miami, Florida. Today he has released MICS & PIPE DREAMS This project is an LP and is introducing you to who PeterJay is. He produced all 14 tracks. For my review, I will pick my favorite six tracks and let you know what I think of them.

RIGHT NOW You might be familiar with this track, since I already featured it as a Music Video back in April. This is a great track, very catchy, also the track hits hard! View the video now PeterJay – RIGHT NOW

UNIVERSAL FEATURING SAHEED & KAAREN ALISE Wow! This song is amazing. I love the collaborations with Saheed & Kaaren Alise. The mix of all three put this song together. Mad shoutouts to PeterJay for making this sick beat!

HEY YAOW has some rock influence which gives the beat an outstanding notice. PeterJay goes in on this one. Very catchy!

OUR WORLD FEATURING ELYSE SANTANA & IMAGERI I love the vocals on this track which was done by Elyse Santana. PeterJay flowed on the track perfectly! Had to bump this one a couple of times, it’s just that dope. The song also features Imageri.

DON’T NOBODY This song is a great one to sit back and jam to. This is one of my favorites off of MICS & PIPE DREAMS. Dedicated to HIP-HOP ♡

ON FIRE FEATURING INDIRA & 2EAZY Another dope track! Definitely an inspirational track to keep on going after you’re dreams and no one is going to stop you. “My Dreams Are Just Within My Reach

This concludes my LP Review of MICS & PIPE DREAMS. A Must Download!

The whole concept of the album is how strong my love is for music, what it means to me, how therapeutic it is for my everyday life and my need to have music in my life despite the notion that success in the music industry is a “Pipe Dream”.” – PeterJay




I’ve been noticing and taking notes in the past few days that Men are the Prime Ape. Not much of you think much when you see a pretty girl right in front of you. You intend to think with your genitals then with your brains. You act on instinct and unfortunatley you guys can’t control yourselves.

The other day I sent photos to a friend regarding my tattoo his response is “I want to see your body.” I put him right in his place and told him what kind of woman do you think I am? I only sent you those pictures to show you my tattoo not for you to imagine my body naked. I continued to rub it in his face. I asked him what kind of response you expected from me? I feel so insulted you make it seem like I am easy. Just because you want to see my body doesn’t mean shit to me. What you think Imma drop my clothes for you in a heartbeat? Uh.. NO! I told him the next time you speak to me or to any other woman out there keep those thoughts to yourself. It’s so degrading to woman that they have to speak to us like that.

Would you ever talk to your mom like that? Or would you even want someone to talk like that to your mother that way? I don’t think so. How about to your daughter that’s starting puberty? Think racially fellas. You might lose a chance in a lifetime with a beautiful smart girl that has something going on with her life, that might make your life a lot better.. but you ruined it because all you can think about is SEX. Stop thinking with your dicks.

Second note: Just now I went to 711 with my best friend. I brought a few drinks and I was waiting in line. I could tell the guy in front of me couldn’t get his pervy eyes off me. I knew this guy was going to try and talk to me. I looked in the little goodies section with the cookies and pastries and notice there was a bug in it. I’m like Eww! Look at that! and he was like Hell no I would not eat anything from there ever. It’s disgusting. I responded yeah it is. Then he tried to pick up a chit chat with me. But all I noticed was his eyes were stuck on focus on my breasts. Common now! Your talking to me not my breast! Then he invited me to come show up at this bar that gets all kinds of crazy on Thursday nights. I said just to be nice. I have to check it out some time. While he buys his cigarettes he goes so long ladies hope to see you tomorrow night. Yeaaahhhh right! Not in a million years.

Guys, you see what I’m talking about? If all you want to do is have sex and not fall in love, you will get no where in life. But hey since your running on your hormones you need to stop and think. Treat every woman like a queen. Thanks to us woman, you were born. When you give us respect, expect it back.