The Epidemic of A Copy and Paste Blog

Lately, it’s just getting out of control. Since I am a music blogger I receive a large amount of submissions on a daily basis. This is extremely overwhelming to read and listen to them all. But for some reason sites find it to be much easier to copy and paste these submissions, just to get the post in. This is called plagiarism:
Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 1.40.11 PM
Makes me wonder if they even listen to the content and if they even have their own set of opinions. This isn’t just sites that are unknown, but alarmingly its the major hip-hop sites as well.

The process for an artist to get the content to the masses, is trying to reach these outlets to get exposure from the music fans. Makes sense right? It should. But how would an artist or publicist feel that the site copy and paste (word for word) and didn’t contribute any opinion to the content.

son-you-were-copy-and-pastedPersonally, I’ve been in the position in submitting content for an artist. I was in a hurry and I used what I had written on my site as the description and even provided the link to my article. When it got featured on 15 different sites and it was copy and paste. Word for word, even my personal opinion on the artist was used as if that’s what they felt about the artist.

What I could have done was put these sites on blasts for plagiarizing my work. But what will happen to the artist feature? Knowing how these sites work they could either delete the post entirely or they’ll just reference back to the original post from my site. How would the artist I’m working with feel about his post being removed because of my actions on defending my own words. The artist received Google Alerts and when he reads every feature, he couldn’t believe it was word for word.

This hasn’t happened just to me, I discovered on the Knights of The Turntables #44 discussion I was on via TheKoalition.com. Joe from Joehovasmf.com he brought up in our discussion that one time when he was submitting content for an artist, he wrote a beautiful write up, and noticed every single site he submitted the content was COPY & PASTE. He feels it must be that he’s write up was too good or the site was that lazy enough to not write their own opinion.

I had to research a bit more, and I was able to ask a few questions to @MattWhitlockPM who has been submitting artist content to me over the passed four years.

NIKKISIIXX: When it comes to submitting the artist content to sites, do you see sites copy & paste what you sent?
MATTWHITLOCKPM: Well when I email blast to the generic sites, like 80% copy/paste. But that’s just for blasts. If I’m doing full pr/marketing for the guys I manage, Notoriety – I’m personalizing each email before sending and also asking for original write ups. with those, I usually have great results but thats expected, to me at least. Generic blasts gets generic results. Its more of a booster, you have to have relationships and be personable when running an actual campaign.
NIKKISIIXX: How do you feel about the sites that copy & paste?
MATTWHITLOCKPM: It used to really irritate me because I was a writer myself for many years. I just didn’t get why you would become a “writer” and not want to write, lol. Then I started to realize that it’s the same with any other line of work, some people just want the title. I stopped caring about those sites/people and re-routed that attention to the sites that cared to write actual posts. Those are the ones you want relationships with. The copy/pasters are just for the email blast list. Which is also why email blasts are cheap and marketing packages are expensive – building relationships is expensive.

From what we got from @MattWhitLockPM is that in order to get organic features from blogs you either need to know someone or know someone who knows these people to reach out to these blogs and asked them personally to take the time to actually write their own posts. He has a whopping 80% of sites (by generic email blasts approach) that copy word for word. That is an alarming rate.

I personally think having an overwhelming amount of submissions shouldn’t excuse a site to just go to the copy and paste route. I see it as a lazy route. If you’re going to blog or promote an artist, it should be done with honesty and with your own damn opinion. If I can do authentic write ups I think the other bloggers/writers/journalist should be able to do the same.

*PS – For the sites that do authentic write ups nothing but love and approval from me! I know how it is, I do run a site and I can fit in your shoes. Ya’ll deserve a trophy foreal!*

What do you think? Leave a comment below or send me a tweet via @NikkiSiixx.

Mixtape: BLKSUNCHILD – Hii On The Lows

blksunLet me be clear about one thing from the start, this mixtape has been brewing for some time now and the results couldn’t be finer. BLKSUNCHILD has been taking his time to grow as an artist and as a human, percolating into something wholesome and resonate. “Hii On The Lows” casts a broad net of vibes and influences. He uses his platform to express frustration, speak on love and life in the city, and make statements of his own drive and determination. Quality abounds.

In this blogger’s opinion, BLKSUNCHILD is an example of the dynamic ability of man to cultivate and develop talent and skill. Man is not static, man has the ability to change and adapt and grow in the direction of his choosing. BLKSUNCHILD is proof of this given ability. In the time that I’ve been aware of his music, about a year now, he has grown in leaps and bounds. Each release and snippet is a milestone of development; each new verse a testament to the depth of the artist. The main ingredients of the very complete “Hii On The Lows” are time and experience plus a few shakes of soul. I strongly advise you to catch the free download before you have to pay to play. BLKSUNCHILD is rising the springtime sun.

LINKS: Twittercuzimblk.com

Music Video: Nia Keturah – Control

We’ve all tasted at least a little bit of it. The plight of the modern twenty-something isn’t always technicolor and dance parties, there’s a darker yin to the fluorescent yang of our time. Nia Keturah is an soulfully organic artist working hard to create her own wave in a crowded pool. In my eyes, she has the talent and power to come up in her own way.

The video for ‘Control’ has been a long time in the making. Nia told me that she spent time meditating on the creative concepts and cinematography behind it, and waiting until the world brought the right directors and creatives into her life to make this all come together. Thandiwe Hunter, the director, and┬áJeremie “Mango” Lecuyer, the cinematographer/editor put their touches on the project to make it whole. To me, the video tells a story of ascension from the depths of suicidal thoughts. Nia taps into the world of depression and substance abuse to draw parallels that I think a lot of people can connect with. There’s something honest about the way her voice shakes; something real in the open display of despair.

I’ve said it once, and I’ll stand by that statement; Nia Keturah has the power and talent to go a long way in her craft. Wholesome and organic, she can be a queen of her destiny. Her voice is developing in a strong way and her entire style has hints of a Ms. Spacely feel. I was impressed when I found something a year or so ago, and I’m impressed with each new drop. The video for ‘Control’ might be the most complete offering to date, but that isn’t a slight against her previous work. This work, and especially this artist, deserve all the praise and accolades that they will inevitably receive. I feel that no matter how crowded the hip hop scene will be there will always be room for more soul, and Nia has that in abundance. Keep killin’ it girl, it’s just a matter of time.


Download: KonSICKwence – Utah. Jazz

Something about jazz music must really draw the love and talents of blind musicians. KonSICKwence is a legally blind, but very fucking capable emcee based out of Utah. He recently released a complete album by the name of “Utah. Jazz”, and let Front Cover Utah Jazzme say that this blew me away. The album stays true to the name with very melodic and rhythmic jazz production by Skip Saunders throughout. KonSICKwence has a very pure hip hop flow, utilizing storytelling and classic turntablism. The production on this joint is the truth. Artistic in it’s entirety, you can tell the duo spent time perfecting “Utah. Jaz” into a very quality album. This kind of takes me to my younger days, when I was vibing to Blue Scholars and PUTS heavy. KonSICKwence embodies the phrase ‘beats, rhymes, & life’ with this album. He lays down an honest and master-crafted flow over jazz-heavy beats. Throwback hip hop at it’s finest.