An emcee born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland and currently resides in Orlando, FL. We have a rap artist by the name of A.C.T, making his solo debut mixtape appearance with STAGE 4 on NikkiSiixx.com. He already carryies four solo mixtapes under his belt. A.C.T is also a part of Hip-Hop Group The Innovators. A.C.T has been working on STAGE 4 since late 2014, and we’re glad it’s finally out. He brings a look into a life when trying to graduate school and dealing with several hurdles that he needed to go over. Touches on challenges like developing himself as an artist, school issues, challenges with finding a job, relationships with women, getting a deeper understanding of God, fighting against the temptation of sexual lust and so much more.

STAGE 4 provides a mix of 90’s boom-bap and modern trap music. Gives a refreshing feel to the new and old. Somewhat like paying tribute. A.C.T is constantly working on creating music that everyone can relate to. With my mixtape review, I’ll be breaking down my favorite tracks. And the ones I find to really be stand out songs. My favorite tracks off of STAGE 4 are Intro, Loving It, Two Step, Chillin, Mic Flow, and Beauty And The Swamp.

[INTRO] Besides it being an actually introduction to A.C.T, he gives you a few facts about him. A.C.T daydreams about when he’ll bless Sway In The Morning with a dope freestyle. I thought this was a unique way to start the mixtape. Begins with great vibes and sure it will continue.

[LOVING IT] Bringing back those old school 90’s hip-hop vibes with this one. A.C.T emphasizes all the tough times he went through that helped him to really appreciate the good things in life. On this track we have the sultry songstress Jazzette making her vocals known throughout it.

screen-shot-2016-10-02-at-4-26-03-pm[TWO STEP] A.C.T embraces his confidence. Through his flow, lyrics, and story-telling. When he’s out with the boys and someone catches his attention. No matter the situation he still gets what he’s after. This track also features Innovator member Dez The Navigator.

[CHILLIN] Love the production on this song! Smooth and hard-hitting. Reminds me of cyphers back at Catalyst. You got to nod your head to this one. A.C.T’s flow is captivating, really stays strong and has BARS!

[MIC FLOW] You can tell A.C.T has a sense of humor, you can tell by the way he starts this track with a skit. What STAGE 4 really persist of are good vibes and enlighten lyrics. This track also features Cam Johnson on the second verse. So say if this was a battle, I would prefer A.C.T’s verse on this track.

[BEAUTY AND THE SWAMP] What a pleasant surprise! On this track, A.C.T has femcee Nikki G coming in with the first verse. I love her flow-etry. And with A.C.T’s tone in the second verse makes him sound like a beast. If you pick up on his wordplay, it’s hella witty. Great chemistry between the two, hope to hear more collars in the near future.

This concludes my mixtape review on A.C.T latest mixtape STAGE 4. Don’t think it was only six tracks that made the cut, there were couple other tracks that caught my attention. Especially, his track called How I Feel Part 2. Overall great vibes, revisiting 90’s boom-bap and modern hip-hop flows. A.C.T definitely presents promise with his lyrics and with his music you can relate too. Stay in the loop for more content from A.C.T by staying connected with his social media.

“First of all Big ups to God for being everything I need in my life. If it was not for him, I would not be here and I would not be able to make the music that he has blessed me to do. I would to send a special thank you to Rob Beatz for recording all of Stage 4 for me. I appreciate it big time!!!! Big ups to my producer Dez the Navigator, the best producer in the world all up in your DM’s lol. Big ups to, my engineer Pjizzle a.k.a Peej on the boardz. Shoutout to MagicxBeats, JBird, Mr. Troy and Tyrezz for all producing tracks for the mixtape as well. Big ups to all of those who were featured on the mixtape. Jazette, Dez the Navigator, Juwan, Nikki G, Cam Johnson, Chin and Christian Gray. Shoutout to my music group The Innovators. Shoutout to my alma-mater Bethune-Cookman University! Big ups to my hometown Baltimore a.k.a Charm City. I never thought I would reach the day I could say that I have a 4th mixtape of material that God has blessed me with to spread love to the world with. Much love to all my family and friends that have been rocking off with me all these years. Remember this if nothing else. Be all that God wants you to be and let no one stop you!!! R.I.P to my friends/classmates Charisma Bush and Korryn Gaines. City 4 ever!



Video: Smack/URL [Rap Battle] MyVerse VS Bonnie Godiva

SMACK/ URL is back with an action packed ONE OFF between two of the culture’s most talented MC’s BONNIE GODIVA & iMYVERSE. Watch as these two talented femcee’s stand toe to toe in an action packed match up.



Video: The Renaissance Nerds x @OfficialNehs “Live Paint” at @WorldofComics

[ORLANDO, FLORIDA] Instagram is a place to find the most creative. I think it’s been two years already I’ve been a fan on N.E.H.S. His artwork is inspired by comics, heroes, villains, and some pretty dope designs. “N.E.H.S.” ultimately stands for…” No Eyes Have Seen” and this acronym was derived from the scripture 1 Corinthians 2:19 in the Holy Bible. N.E.H.S. delves in many different avenues of artwork that spans from very rugged imagery of political, social, and religious issues all the way to his commercial side. He has also done exhibitions at comic conventions around the nation including Orlando’s MegaCon all the way to Los Angeles for Stan Lee’s Comikaze Convention. He was also a P.O.W. Affiliated artists and was featured artist on Stan Lee’s POW Entertainment website.. You can find portraits, iPhone Cases, posters, pillows, t-shirts, and stickers on his RedBubble Online Store or to purchase artwork from his online store OfficialNehs.com. I couldn’t help myself and I got myself the Poison Ivy iPhone6 Plus Snap Case. poison ivy nikkisiixx nehs
Official NEHS collaborated with The Renaissance Nerds to bring you LIVE PAINT at World of Comics (Kissimmee, Florida). LIVE PAINT will be a series of extraordinary videos showcasing the very diverse nature of their group, gifts, and affiliations. Watch artists @bombbaycustoms, @larryhimself, & @officialnehs collaborate on LIVE PAINT. The way they came up with the concept of the painting was picking random characters and actions out of a hat in order to come up with the theme. They chose GIANT ROBOT – GET OVER HERE – MICKEY MOUSE. This is going to be interesting. See what the boys came up with and don’t forget to follow them on social media. They have a pretty funny infomercial in the middle of the video.

Here are some of my favorites from @OfficialNehs feed on Instagram:
green power ranger officialnehs flash antman officialnehs hulk officialnehs selina kyle official nehs


Freestyle Friday: Platini – On And On

PLATINI[ORLANDO, FLORIDA] Even though Platini was born and raised in Broward County, he’ll still reps his hometown with pride. Hip-Hop Artist Platini decides to take Erykah Badu’s ON AND ON with his own freestyle. Platini expresses his optimistic take on his life after all his struggles. He’s able to see the light and get things done. Don’t forget to press play and listen in on ON AND ON Freestyle by Platini. [LINKS] TWITTER || INSTAGRAM ||


Music Video: Some Kosher Yuppy – Could Be Worse

[ORLANDO, FLORIDA] Some Kosher Yuppy is not just you’re regular yuppy. He is a talented artist that was influenced by his father and the presence of being around a professional studio setup. Recently, Some Kosher Yuppy released his latest music video titled COULD BE WORSE. The visual takes us where Some Kosher Yuppy and his boys are planning for a robbery. Not sure exactly what their trying to steal but all we know it’s going to be in a Louie Bag. some kosher yuppy could be worse You can tell Some Kosher Yuppy is contemplating about going through with this, but all he knows he needs to go through hell and high waters to get what he needs in order to provide for his daughter. Amazing quality, Perspectives and Angles by Director Ghost. Smooth panes go perfectly with production by Michael Shelly and Mr. B. Will Some Kosher Yuppy be successful with the robbery? Or will he suffer the consequences from his actions?


Upcoming Events: Dope Ent Presents Curren$y Pilot Talk 3 Tour

Curren$y is coming back to Florida, this time performing brand new material from “Pilot Talk 3” and “Even More Saturday Night Car Tunes” plus select cuts from all of his classic material! Don’t miss this jet!

Thursday 6/4 – Orlando @ Venue 578 (Formerly Firestone Live)

Friday 6/5 – Miami @ Grand Central

Saturday 6/6 – Tampa @ The Orpheum

Click Here for Tickets/Info
For VIP Bottle Service Reservations, E-mail VIP@dopeent.com


New Music: 1Known – Vices

1Known goes on the defensive about a handful of his hobbies in his latest single “Vices”. His flow weaves through a hard-hitting, self-produced instrumental while explaining his reasoning for doing the things he does. The beat builds aggressively, allowing 1Known to bluntly shoot down any unrequested advice regarding “better” ways to pass time. This discussion is a matter of opinion, and sometimes people just like what they like. This is another hard hitting single from the artist as he continues to perfect his craft. My favorite part of this song was without a doubt “See me all I need is weed, women and corona” because he wasn’t afraid to admit exactly what he likes regardless of judgment being passed.

Connect with 1Known online

Video: Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart Ride a Roller Coaster

The other night Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show brought on actor/comedian Kevin Hart for the ride of his life! Jimmy takes Kevin to Rockit Rollercoaster in Orlando, FL Universal Studios. Mind you Kevin has a huge fear of roller coasters. Love this skit! Hilarious all the way through! Enjoy!

Interview: MuziksMyLife.com Talks with Caskey

Check out Damon Campbell’s exclusive interview with YMCMB member Caskey and takes him back to the days when he was an up and coming artist from Orlando, Florida. They also discuss when Caskey was signed to YMCMB. Damon gets on a whole another level where Caskey couldn’t believe the depth of his research, he even asked how did he meet Bryan “Birdman” Williams? Great interview from the homie Damon at MuziksMyLife.com & repping HotNewHipHop.com


Project Review: Baysiqly – Diary Of A Dreamer [prod. K Da Great]

DOAD Front Art
Check out the latest release from Miami’s own Baysiqly (1/2 of Vagabonds) with his collaborative project with Kenya-based producer K Da Great titled Diary Of A Dreamer. The 10 Track Project is definitely a great listen. I’m going to go over my six favorite tracks from Diary of A Dreamer.

I have to comment on the cover art. This is beautiful. Fully stare into the jaguar like feline face. With features that are attached to a headband with a dreamweaver necklace. The cover art truly captures the artist surviving in the jungle and reaching to be the one. The necklace represents dreams, and what a great reference to the first track off the Diary of A Dreamer DREAMS. Press Play & Read On :]

DREAMS: Was featured on NikkiSiixx.com under New Music! [08/2013] “Currently, Baysiqly and K Da Great are releasing the first song off their upcoming project Diary of Dreamer, which is DREAMS. I found this track to be really dope. Besides only being 1:15 you gotta hear this track over and over. DREAMS describes Baysiqly’s motivation to find success by working hard and dedicating himself to his vision. Which I know where we can all relate. K Da Great produced this hard beat.” View Visual Below:

THE FOUNDATION: Describes his life as a hard working individual that’s striving to conquer and have everything he wanted and needed. Money is his motivation. Baysiqly states he would go back and do it all over. Knowing now that staying motivated on the purpose of succeeding and becoming a famous artist with his talent.

LIMBO: This is a great track. Baysiqly’s story-telling is amazing. I was able to visualized every lyric. He puts you there right in the story. Unfortunately, life comes with struggles. Especially when you’re feeling pushed up against the wall. Seeking negative . Unfortunately, this is not the right path to take. Follow the story in LIMBO. Love the production on this track. With the vocals in the background gives me the feeling of the movie Edward Scissorhands. (The soundtrack is amazing)

IN THE MAKING: I thought the concept of the song was dope. Baysiqly is half of Vagabonds (hip-hop duo). He is able to maintain his devotion to the brand even though he created a solo project. Keeping it real, “8 Years In The Making“.

Til I found my calling in 48 bars/
go hard get right and fuck sorrow/
im living everyday like I wont see tomorrow/
you say that I’m garbage, nigga I say you crazy/
im spitting from the heart gift the good lord gave me/uh/
we at war so im up all night, til victory is claimed/
white flags seeing enemies wave uh/
and life is my opponent/
but I enjoy it every mothafucking moment/

baysiqly photo 2DESIRE: (Featuring Young Noble) This track is meant for the ladies. Baysiqly expresses what he wants to do to his girl of interest and how to make her feel very special. This song was well-composed S/O to K Da Great! Baysiqly’s raspy voice creates a more intimate vibe, creating the sense he’s talking right to her.

CIRCLE OF LIFE: Baysiqly’s flow on this track is fun and serious at the same time. When you hear out what he’s trying to say it’s wild. During each verse he goes in on the story telling. Each verse is a different scenario that takes us to the harsh times people have to deal with.

This concludes my project review on Diary Of A Dreamer by Baysiqly. This 10 track project is definitely worth a second listen. Don’t forget to download your own! Also, follow Baysiqly below for all updates with his upcoming music and more.


Download: Red Sky 360 & MixtapeMac Presents Morning, Noon & Night


Red Sky 360 and MixtapeMac bring us a 3 track album produced by Sky Vision Studios. The album is MORNING, NOON & NIGHT. I wanted to do a mini review on the project. Here’s my track breakdown:

EARLY IN THE MORNING – The song’s concept discusses things you have to do early in the morning. Red Sky 360 and Mixtapemac on this track. This song is dedicated to those who have to wake up early to work in the morning while the rest of the word is sleeping in. No time to waste.

WONDER WHY – This track is meant for the people who have to go through so much during the day, but they still get through it. WONDER WHY features both Red Sky 360 & Mixtapemac featuring Paul Rocks. “Thinking of a master plan, while I roll this blunt

KINDNESS TO WEAKNESS – At night usually the worst comes out of people. This track KINDNESS TO WEAKNESS is meant for the people who are usually good but at moments their capable of doing some terrible things. Just because their kind to you doesn’t mean their scared or weak. They’re just being nice. This song features Red Sky 360, Paul Rockz, Spunkwhop, and MixtapeMac.

This 3 track album is more like a trilogy dedicated to the lifestyle of living in Orlando, Florida. Each artist brought to the table and presented it’s self perfectly. Morning, Noon & Night is available for download via bandcamp. It’s set to NAME YOUR PRICE, so go get it! Click cover art above to get download link.

New Music: Tonio Royale- Unsatisfied

Tonio Royale of Orlando, FL recently released his new single entitled “unsatisfied”. The concept of the song is pretty simple and easy to grasp. Royale speaks on not being able to feel satisfied in life until he’s able to provide for his family and make his dreams a reality. The production on the track was smooth yet hard hitting at the same time. The production was handled by Tonio Royale as well. This song has that type of feel like what you get your first time hearing “The Calm” by Drake (Pre-YMCMB) or “The Vent” by Big K.R.I.T, that relief is felt at the end of listening. It was a bit surprising to read that he was 18 after listening to the song, pretty deep. Give the song a listen and leave a comment saying what you think of it.

Connect with Tonio Royale:

New Music: Prote-J Featuring Ghostwridah- All of The Lies

When life hands you lemons, you can stare at them perplexed, or make some sweet ass lemonade and enjoy it. Prote-J is a emcee-producer-instrumentalist who will not be derailed from his aspirations no matter what happens. Orlando has been home for a while now, but he reps his home island on the other side of the globe, Papua New Guinea. Recently dropping Me.Verses.Time, his third independent free album, this time he links with one of Florida’s favorites, Mr. Live Your Future Everyday, Ghostwridah. Manhandling the boards, Prote-J flexes producer muscle by reworking Kanye’s All of The Lights. However,  All of The Lies is a testament to the bullshit that comes along with coming up through the ranks as a artist working toward the bright lights. Both emcees share stories about their individual journeys. A fan of both artists, I am hoping a visual for this is in the works. What up Ghost!

Hit the artwork to download Me.Verses.Time. The album.

Connect with Prote-J: Twitter | Official Website | Facebook

Connect with Ghostwridah: Twitter | Official Website  | Facebook


New Music: AristoPei – Beat It Up featuring YungMil

Beat It Up by AristoPei

This single is out to the ladies! BEAT IT UP from AristoPei featuring YungMil. AristoPei is an artist located in Orlando, FL. Originally from Newark, New Jersey. I can hear this track on the radio. It’s just one of them songs that you can hear over and over. It’s a bit explicit but what do you expect? especially when the track is about being intimate with your significant other.

NIKKISIIXX: What makes you different?

ARISTOPEI: I think im different because I make my own music. m not following any trends or movements… Im not wearing snap backs, claiming to be rich or balling… I’m just making music that’s real… Music that you can verify!



Download: Kap Kallous & Optiks – The Zombie EP

Kap Kallous and Optiks released The Zombie EP back in October. The vibe of the EP fits well since the release was on Halloween. Love it when a artist and producer collaborate on projects. This showcases what two masterminds can whip up. And from what I see they’re about to take over with a Zombie Apocalypse! Zombies are on the rise of popularity, with more Zombie related Television Shows and Video Games. Hey, who wouldn’t be a fan?!

Kap Kallous TWITTER


New Music: Trx – BulletProof (Ft. Gorilla Zoe)

Trx – BulletProof (Ft. Gorilla Zoe) by Nefa Zoo
Check out the latest New Music from Trx Bullet Proof featuring Gorilla Zoe. The track is sampled from La Roux Bulletproof. You can only identify this by the chorus, but it still sounds great! Trx & Gorilla Zoe go in on their mix!
Trx is apart of the group called NefaZoo, they are a collective group of creative minds based out of Orlando, Florida. There sounds ranging from 90s lyrical rap to modern day club bangers. Which Bulletproof sure fits well with the club banger! The group’s first official project, MKAT by Trx was released on September 21st, 2011. Don’t forget to get your copy now!