Upcoming Music Events in Miami


Enjoying a concert experience in Miami is one of the best ways to let loose and have fun with friends. Regardless of what type of music you enjoy or what your favorite venue is around town, there always seems to be something going on. With Miami Music Week coming up March 20 through the 25, there are even more events going on. Here are some of the upcoming events to consider adding to your itinerary when you want to enjoy live music!

Global Cuba Fest – March 17 – The Light Box at Goldman Warehouse
This one night celebration packs a punch! Each year, Cuban culture is celebrated at this event put on my Miami Light Project. The Cuban composer and musician Dafnis Prieto will kick off the festivities. He is known for a unique jazz sound with infectious energy. With 10 critically acclaimed albums under his belt, he has to be doing something right.

Miami Music Week Events – March 20-25 – Various Venues

There are multiple events happening through out the week, but one of the biggest happens to be Ultra Music Festival at Bayfront Park which runs for the entire duration. Rapture is another electronic music festival taking place at Historic Virginia Key Beach on the 22. Other notable events include Luciano at SLS South Beach on March 21 and Diplo at the same venue on March 23. Check out the Miami Music Week website for all of the details on the full impressive line up.

Reserving transportation for your Miami concert is the best way to ensure the night ends safely for everybody, especially if you happen to be drinking. With a limousine or party bus, it’s easy to get the group in one place to meet up. Plus, it’s just as affordable as a ride share when you split the overall cost with all of the concert goers. There’s a clear difference in the overall experience, though. Party buses specifically offer the room to stand up and socialize while you’re on the streets of Miami. Plus, they have hypnotic multi colored lighting like you find in the night clubs, and a sound systems with the ability to stream your favorite music. It’s clear how you’ll be able to benefit from a reservation the next time you want to enjoy nightlife in Miami. Head over to miamipartybus.com for more information!


[AUDIO] Jayomega – The Man


[BANGOR, PA] Making his return to NikkiSiixx.com we have hip-hop artist and song writer Jayomega with his latest single THE MAN. The third single off his upcoming album The Shameless LP. This track is definitely a heavy hitter. You can really vibe to this track in a club/party scene. THE MAN was produced by @SyerSO. The concept of the track is Jayomega is working hard to get what he wants, nothing is getting in his way, and nothing was given to him. The track is also catchy and guarantees a instant replay. THE MAN is available on all major music streaming services and platforms. (iTunes, Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify, etc.) Stay tuned for more releases from Jayomega.



[TIPS] How To Enjoy You’re First Music Dance Festival


download_48Want to enjoy your next dance music event – then follow these tips and make the most of it.

Make Sure To Wear Comfortable Shoes (non open toed ones)

One of the major determining factors of whether you will be able to enjoy yourself at one of these events is being dressed comfortably. Make sure to wear shoes that you will be able to dance in (it should also be a pair that you don’t care too much if they end up getting destroyed) – it could be one of the worst decisions you ever made to wear flip flops since people will be trampling all over your feet. Invest in cute flats or converse shoes. Heels are a definite no.

Have Enough Cash On Hand To Buy Water

If you are planning to go to a rave that is going to last a while, you will need to have plenty of water. A regular set will typically last 4 to 5 hours, and marathon sets may go as long as 10 to 11 hours. So make sure you and your friends stay hydrated to survive the night. There are going to be lots of sweaty people around.

What To Wear

Don’t overdress and make sure you are comfortable. You can wear shorts and a cute crop top that has a bandeau. Here is a good site.

Find out who the DJ is going to be and the songs that they will be playing.

Are you going to wear an Armin Only t-shirt to a Markus Schulz set? Do you know who is going to be performing and the kind of music they will be playing? Do you understand what the difference is between house, techno and trance? Before you go, make sure you have these things figured out, otherwise you could end up looking like a fool.

Take A Fanny Pack To Put Your Phone In

Fanny packs have made a comeback and they are very useful to have if you would like to carry things with you without needing to lug around a purse or backpack. The amount of phone thieves is increasing, and you don’t want to be forced to replace your new phone.


Dance music is a colourful genre and as such you should accessorise before you go to any event. Our advice is to ensure you have your sun glasses, glow stick and whatever else before you get there as it will be a lot cheaper than purchasing them there.

Go With Your Significant Other Or Good Friends

If you haven’t ever been to a rave, the most fun part of all is enjoying it with your significant other or good friends. It can be okay to go with people that you don’t really know very well, however better to stay with those you know unless you are really sure about them.

Plan For How You Will Be Getting Home

Make sure you are prepared. Know who will be driving and all the details about that. Plan on how you will be getting home, and have a place to crash (in case the designated driver isn’t okay to drive). The last thing you want is to end up in the headlines of the news tomorrow.

Take Earplugs With You

If you don’t want to develop tinnitus (ringing in the ears), then make sure to take high-quality earplugs with you. On Amazon they are just $15. If there isn’t time for you to order a set online, just go to Walmart and buy a cheap disposable pair for $3.

Take Sunglasses With You

The lights are extremely bright, and you might not like staring directly into the sun whenever you are in a crowded, dark place. So take some sunglasses with you.

Take Scrunchies Or A Hair Tie With You

If is going to get very hot, so by the time that the night is over you will most likely be dripping sweat (particularly if it is indoor). So take hair tie with you just in case you need it so that you don’t have to suffer from all of the humidity.

Be Ready To Be Pushed, Squished And Touched

Depending on which event you attend, most likely there will be lots of people who are jammed into one room. The action always occurs close to the stage, so be prepared for people trampling, squishing and pushing you.

Enjoy, Relax And Have Lots Of Fun

Despite all of the potential downfalls, most likely your rave will end up being the most memorable for you. So keep the above tips in mind, relax, enjoy it and have lots of fun!



[MUSIC VIDEO] KORR-A : Everybody Get Down

korr-a 01

[LOS ANGELES] Making her debut on NikkiSiixx.com, Dance.EDM artist KORR-A stands out in her colorful fun music video for her party track EVERYBODY GET DOWN. KORR-A collaborated throughout 2015 with Dutch producer Tearce “Kizzo,” who has worked his sonic magic with everyone from Afrojack and Inna to Jason Derulo, Pitbull and Ne-Yo. EVERYBODY GETS DOWN brings a 90’s pop-urban style to modern times. Everybody get down and have some fun, dancing, and just having an overall good time. It’s cool to see a woman get in touch with her inner lyricist. Definitely a dance-worthy hit. Be on the look out for more content from the beautiful KORR-A.



[MUSIC VIDEO] Jazz Will – Blackout featuring Jono

jazz will blackout jono

[HOUSTON, TEXAS] Making his debut on NikkiSiixx.com, hip-hop recording artist and producer Jazz Will brings us his latest music video to his single BLACKOUT. In the visual, Jazz Will is having a house party with all his closest friends. Everyone is having a good time, drinking, leanin’, and jamming out. BLACKOUT also features JONO on the track.

Pretty cool facts, Jazz Will embarked on his musical career in his early twenties while attending Southern University on an athletic scholarship. In 2012, while on the road playing for the Harlem Globetrotters, Williams created the moniker “Jazz Will” and recorded/produced a song called “In My Zone.”

If you’re diggin’ BLACKOUT, you gotta check the rest of Jazz Will newly released nine track EP entitled 7 Straight To Heaven. The EP fails to disappoint further cementing Jazz Will’s arrival and imprint in the authentic hip hop culture. Be on the lookout for more content coming soon from Jazz Will.



Upcoming Event: 11/27 – The Foul Hundreds Presents BLACK FRIDAY at Art Central Miami


TheFoulHundreds & ArtCentralMiami invites you to
Nov. 27th 7pm- 2am | Hialeah
$5 online | $10 Door

Art showcase in honor of life

To be thankful about life should be everyday.
As you know, “Thanksgiving” is the night before this event, the American holiday that once had families together for grace and appreciation of everything they have in life.

They call this modrern day zombie apocalypse phemonenon “Black Friday”, because so many people go crazy and shop to the point that it causes traffic accidents, social altercations, and even violence. How graceful.
“Consumerism has a religious day called Black Friday.”

The Foul Hundreds presents BLACK FRIDAY as a night honoring
ART & ARTISTS, in a place with a family atmosphere.

No gimmicks, no zombies, no violence…
just artists making an art statement.

We invite you to the dark side.

Hosted by DQ & Giovanna

Live Art
Art Raffle
FOUL Cypher

Art by:
Markus Caesar

Sounds by:
Performances by:
Markus Caesar
B.W^V ft. Kid Pac

DJ: @God_Loves_Gucci & @DatDudeDub

Blessed by:
Vanguard House


Audio: TocaBang – ROXY featuring Oy Boyz and Ethan Spalding


TocaBang dropped a new slapper by the name of “Roxy“. Himself, Oy Boyz and Ethan Spalding delivered a song that be perfect for your weekend mix that you play on the way to the club or party. Ethan Spalding delivers a quite raunchy hook that you’re guaranteed to be singing by the end of the song. TocaBang’s production and mixing is intoxicating. The Oy boyz give you witty quotables “I eat the pussy call me trader joe but I’ma eat the pussy later though” and “try to wife and I bob and weave“. You can tell that this song although has is raunchy in the nature is all fun and games. It’s meant for you to enjoy as hip-hop was originally intended and that’s great to see since these fellas are from the nation’s capitol. Just like D.C. this song isn’t what I expected when I heard the piano at the beginning of it. TocaBang did an excellent job at putting this song together. Check it out below and feel free to leave a comment.

Connect with TocaBang online
Twitter || Instagram || iTunes/Apple Music || Spotify


Upcoming Event: 7/25 @TheVoidMiami – One Year Anniversary x 40oz Bounce Miami!

the void 1 year anniversary

THE VOID : July 25th is almost here and we would like to share this night with you as you get lost in the art, lights, sounds and conversation with us at The Void’s One Year Anniversary in collaboration with 40oz Bounce’s debut in the 305; we’re bringing NY to the MIA. By incorporating more magic to the mix than we than ever before it will be our largest installment yet.

We will also be introducing to you Silent Revolution Technology: uniquely designed headphones that will allow you to choose between three different live DJ stations. We invite all rebels with a cause, muses, wanderers, connoisseurs of fun and those interested in networking with like minds to get lost in the magic and madness… Join them this Saturday July 25th for #TheVoidMiami One Year Anniversary x the 40oz Bounce!

21+ Welcome (ID Required)

59 NW 36th STREET
MIAMI, FL 33127

Tickets are still available for purchase at www.TheVoid.Splashthat.com
[Free RSVPs will be valid until 11:30PM]

Post the flyer on Twitter or Instagram for The Void with the hashtags #TheVoidMiami & #40ozBounce Miami for a chance to win free entry plus one! Three winners will be chosen! (Must be following @TheVoidMiami)


New Music: Nia Dinero – Super Nia

Super Nia Dinero

Nia Dinero Super Nia[WOODBRIDGE, VA] Newly Released Single SUPER NIA is from upcoming female rapper/singer Nia Dinero. Bringing us a style of uniqueness, cunning, and clever at what she does best, and that is RAP. SUPER NIA can be considered under a new genre of Hip-Pop. Nia Dinero hopes to inspire her audiences with her unprecedented flow compared to the interest of those who take to the seamless blends of rapping and singing. Her sound is a combination of Fergie, TLC, Missy Elliot, and Nicki Minjai. Nia Dinero also released a visual to this track view on VEVO Now. I think she’s pretty dope, can’t wait to hear future releases.
“When people hear me I want them to hear an artist, whether I rap or they hear me vocally, I want them to hear music.” -Nia Dinero



Upcoming Event: 6/27 – THE VOID at LMNT Miami

the void miami 6 27

The Void is back for the twelfth monthly installment. Saturday 6/27 at LMNT Studios (59 Northwest 36th Street) Giving all muse and rebels with a cause a place to play & network!

All about offering something to the creatives, an alternative to the rush of clubs, the Void represents limitless possibilities and no culture or genre boundaries. To all rebels with a cause, muses, ladies who love art, ragers, wanderers, connoisseurs of fun and those interested in networking with like minds.. Meet us next Saturday 6.27 at LMNT in the heart of Miami’s Design District.

This month features 10+ artist displaying work inside of the gallery (Photographers, Muralist, Graphic Designers, Projectionist) Live Performances outside in the courtyard & Dynamic DJs in the main room supplying music that encourages that you show off your dance moves and let loose!

Drink Specials and V.I.P. sections are available, bottles start at just $150. $10 Hennessy/$8 Jack Daniel Specials all night! Get here early 🙂

21+.. Lets celebrate responsibly. Hashtag #TheVoidMiami & be sure to mention @TheVoidMiami when partying with us. LMNT Arts 59 NW 36th st Miami Fl 33127 | from 9p-4a

Post the Flyer, hashtag #TheVoidMiami & tag @TheVoidMiami for a chance to win FREE admission + Drink passes for you and your friends our treat! Hope to see you there!

Follow @TheVoidMiami for updates, pictures from the Void and recap videos!



Upcoming Event: 6.17 – The Homeroom Presents Open Mic at Propaganda, Lakeworth


June 17th Aura Jones Presents The Homeroom. A monthly open mic showcase at Propaganda 6 J Street Lakeworth, FL. Giving artist a spot to showcase their talent from musicians, spoken word, poets, and dope music brought to you by STKMUP. 8PM-2AM. Let em’ know NikkiSiixx sent ya!

New Music: Lil Darryl – Mad or Nah

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 4.19.47 PM

Lil DarrylDarryl Oulai better known as Lil Darryl recently released this track called MAD OR NAH. If you’re not to familiar with this artist, let me give you a bit of a background check. The eighteen year old that was born in Maryland and now resides in North Carolina, has always been in love with music, but at first he feel in love with dance. Then he came to realize he’s true calling was to be an independent rapper. He embraced his love and grew with his style and became very versatile. Any type of beat, Lil Darryl is ready to put his heart into it. MAD OR NAH is definitely a party jam. It’s about doing you and peoples reaction towards that. MAD OR NAH is either you’re hatin or your cool with it. Ride out to this trap beat produced by Kyduh Beatz. Don’t forget to follow Lil Darryl via his social media outlets.


Upcoming Event: 08/09 – Eric Biddines Planetcoffeebean Party at Coastars Coffee Bar


Eric Biddines Planetcoffeebean Party @ Coastars Coffee Bar
“FREE Admission with purchase of Album, $5 regular admission”

Coastars Coffee Bar
12 S. J. Street, Lake Worth, Florida 33460

● All AGES
● First 20 Get “Coffee Cup” Mug
● FREE giveaways
● Meet & Greet
● Album Signing + Listening
● Merchandise
● Instagram Flexin!

Music Video: Frantz Mza – Black Friday featuring Luni Lovin

Screen Shot 2013-05-12 at 8.47.04 PM

BLACK FRIDAY is a track from Frantz MZA‘s Mixtape Everything’s For Sale, featuring his fellow misfit Luni Lovin. I’m really feelin’ this song and I’ve seen it performed live as well. Even though it’s title is based off the day Friday, but when I hear this track on any other day it sure makes it an automatic Friday.

Frantz is inviting everyone over to party at his crib with drinks, blunts, and women. Everyone is having fun and definitely portrays it in the video. Really love this song! Too catchy and by mid-way of the song you already know the hook! The video was shot by SosaSupreme and the beat produced by Frantz MZA and co-produced by Aja.

Official Silent Hand WEBSITE

Download: King Myers featuring Fred The Godson- We Gon’ Party


Long Island newcomer, King Myers enlists the assistance of Fred The Godson for this party anthem, We Gon’ Party. This gives me a vibe that reminds me of a back in the day Fabolous. This club ready smash should definitely be in rotation at house parties, if not small clubs in the Long Island/NYC area. I’ll sum up what they talk about, popping bottles, bagging models and partying. What is there not to love? And we have the clean version, pshhhh. King Myers is letting us know he’s here to party, and the Godson is coming with him. We can only hope a visual is in the works for this one. Press play, add this to the iPod and make sure you blast this on the way to the next party. Turn up.

Follow @RealKingMyers on Twitter.









And don’t forget to check out Garcia’s latest visuals ABOUT HER