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top 25 20142014 has been a crazy year for NikkiSiixx.com and we couldn’t be happier bringing you the dopiest of the dope from the Underground Hip-Hop Scene. NikkiSiixx ventured off with her NikkiJoMazing Series, then Her Lootcrate Unboxing Videos, & her Catch Up With The Artist Series from NETWERK. I decided to create a list of the post viewed most that were featured this year 2014. Starting the count down at NUMBER 25 with…

[25] MIXTAPE: BLKSUNCHILD – Hii On The Lows via @DrewTheLoon

[24] MUSIC VIDEO: E.GRIZZLY – MOORE via @DrewTheLoon


he so crazy


Crystal Lajuene-Like This (Official Music Video) from Nosaki on Vimeo.

Used To Be Bobby and Darrick



[17] INTERVIEW: B2DADOT via @NikkiSiixx
b2dadot promo pic


betty moe christinΞ


[13] NEW MUSIC: JR – 94′ BIGGIE via @NikkiSiixx
jr 94 biggie


no earth

[10] #SMAKTASTIKREVIEW – MOTORCITY KAM – JULY ’91 EP via @PedroSmaktastik
July91 Cover-MotorCityKam

[09] #MIDWESTBEST: A-HI – SKYWALKERS via @MidWestMelly

[08] NEW MUSIC: TYLER KEYS – IS IT WORTH IT? via @NikkiSiixx









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#SmaktastikReview: Benni Basil – “Stop Signs” [Prod. by Twizz Matic]


Nikkisiixxers!!! I’m back with a track that’ll make you smack your spouse! You guys know how much I appreciate music of all genres and sub-genres but I have a weakness for conscious Hip-Hop…and this record left me hella’ weak.

Philadelphia’s Benni Basil, Ladies and Gentlemen, brings to us his “Stop Signs” record complete with multi end rhymes, substance and (most importantly) BARS! Although the song’s concept and message has definitely been used before by many, it’s a message that never gets old. We should all want more quality out of the music we listen to and Benni Basil makes it abundantly clear that he shares this sentiment. “Get your content up” he says to his fellow artists.  As if frustrated by the swift and inevitable rise of the talentless Basil relentlessly exposes “wack” rappers and their “Yes Men”.

Everything about this release is excellent. The beat, produced by Twizz Matic, complimented the content well and the visuals were on point. WMB Filmz captured the essence of “Stop Signs” with something not over the top but urban, appropriately simplistic and to the point. With all that was done well with this record, Basil made sure that your attention never swayed from his verses, hooks, flow and delivery.

Basil delivers heat with such smoothness that I couldn’t believe it wasn’t butter.

With verses delivered so effortlessly, a message that inspires and a beat that makes your head nod, you can’t just live life without giving this record a listen. So take a listen folks and you’re welcome!


“It’s a prison and we livin’ with so many agents.
If you in it when you visit you thrown in the matrix.
What you think is really aint’ actual.
Dumbed down…made to believe that it’s factual.”


Hear more from Benny Basil from the links below:



#SmaktastikReview: The Moog – Unbound


Yaaaaow! Nikkisiixxers!

Welcome back to the blog that gives you that music you love so you don’t have to look for it yourself. That’s why they call us “The Butler” aka “The Delivery Boy” aka “The Dispenser” aka “The Kiosk” aka “Just Log On and Relax” because we give you..the fans..what you want…that Nutella!!!

…and of course good music.

Very rarely does a song completely engulf the senses like The Moog did with “Unbound”. This Hungarian group, consisting of Tonyo Szabo (vocals, keys), Gergo Dorozsmai (drums), Csaba Szabo (bass) and Miguel Gyorgy (guitar), have created a seamless blend of synth-pop, punk, rock and eurodisco  music to deliver something entrancing. With the perfect balance of retro and modern sound, The Moog brings you the nostalgia and flare of 80s Rock and 90s Techno with the grit and attitude of today’s music. I’m not even gonna’ lie. I had to break out in my Roxbury groove for this one.

You can’t help but be enamored by the persona of the band. They command your attention with their look, demeanor and persona while demanding your respect with Tonyo’s brash but seductive vocals and the band’s harmonic synths. The song cries of passion on an upbeat tempo whose rhythm carries you with each strum and note.

The visuals in the video are amazing. The production team (Dezso Gyarmati, Csaba Vicze, Eszter Zsoldos and Laszlo Mester) mirrored the songs identity and energy to where the video felt like an extension of the record. There was color, there was 80s retro, there was flash, there was art in its most abstract form and most importantly… there was flare.

If you’re into punk rock, electronica, techno or pop then this record will do more than satisfy you. Look out for their upcoming EP that’s expected to be released this fall.

You’re welcome…

Smaktastik Line:

“Does it really make you stronger? If you Deny You’re weak….You’re conceit will drown us. Next to you I feel so alone. I wanna’ be who I was..never be free on my own”

See more from The Moog at:




#SmaktastikReview – J. Nolan – “Return of the East Coast”

Yaaaaaaow NikkiSiixxers! It’s that time again. You’ve been jonsin’ and I shall provide. I shall deliver. I shall service the people and I shall feed the hounds. That is of course what I do. The facilitator of all that is musical and worth listening to. So without further adieu, I bring to you in this review…that ruckus that you love to devour like Krispy Kremes…the powder kind…or crack…for free.


Normally, I don’t expect much from music where someone re-uses a beat that’s already been released by another established artist. Granted, that’s how almost every artist starts out. R&B/Country singers and bands do cover songs and Rappers drop their own verses over popular instrumentals. Most of the times you get the steamiest of sh#* but sometimes what you get is a classic display of lyricism and energy that brings a fresh new perspective to an instrumental. Luckily for us, we got the latter with J. Nolan.


Born Jamar Nolan, J. Nolan is an artist out of Atlanta who prides himself on his “technically sound wordplay and potent imagery about his environment”. His record “Return of the East Coast” is something I urge you people to listen to. He took LL Cool J’s “Doin It” instrumental and just shatted all over it.  I mean..he ate a plate of ex-lax and painted this beat with multi-syllabic, metaphor infested greatness. “Return of the East Coast” has quotables for days … that is if you ever get a chance to hop off that Six Flag roller coaster called “J. Nolan’s Flow”. When listening to this record it’s hard not to stop everything you’re doing and listen when he gets into that zone.

That’s probably why this review has set a record for the longest “Smaktastik Line” in Nikkisiixx history. The narrative in the song is so vivid you could literally see him stepping outside that barbershop with his revolver, holding some poor kid upside down by the ankles and swiping his change or seeing the kids play 5 on 5 in front of their driveway.
The delivery was spectacular with each line flowing flawlessly into the next. The whole concept of the song was to let listeners know what Nolan’s about and to show them why he deserves to be called great. Mission accomplished guy.

Take a listen to this record then follow him on Instagram, Twitter, to his shows AND  to his studio sessions. Look out for his upcoming projects because if it’s anything like “Return of the East Coast” then that project is gonna’ be fire. You’re welcome.

Smaktastik Line:

“Leave your skull lookin like birdman.
Rapper or the ball player take it from first hand//
Back hand till’ I Jack Dan’ at the party. Your raps played out buffie the body//
John Gotti with a shotty posted up big as Christopher Farley//
I Had Ghostface spit on your wallet with killa’ army//”

hahahaha guy says “leave your skull lookin like Birdman”..I’m outta here man.

Hear more from J. Nolan at the links below:



#SmaktastikReview: Music Video – SkoTT Summ3r2 – #evilRYU


Hip Hop Fiends! Good day to you all [in British accent]. I hope we all feel fine, sexy, gorgeous or handsome. I know I do. I woke up this morning just knowing that it was gonna’ be one of those days where I would be asking random people “why I gatta’ look so perfect??”.
I’m havin’ a “Beyonce Flawless” day.

If you don’t happen to feel like I do though, press play on your favorite CD, MP3 , Youtube music channel or just listen to what I’m about to bring to you today. The record I have for you people will have you feeling Smaktastik in no time…”SkoTT Summ3r2 – Evil Ryu”.

I reviewed another one of SkoTT’s songs a few months ago. If you missed it… smack yourself in the face and check it out here. It doesn’t have to be in that order.

We all know SkoTT Summ3r2 for his complex views and abstract lyricism. He doesn’t disappoint here. #evilRYU brings back to his listeners those lyrics that makes you hang on to every word and then rewind because of the sheer depth in what was just said. SkoTT went in on this one. He caught me off guard with some of the outrageous lines on the record.

“Steez like I bought it from Jordan in 96. 90 dicks for ya b–ch  if you trippin on that hoe sh– “

90 dicks???? lmao! Wow.
Then there was:

“Fly like funky and fresh. B–ch gat a donkey I’mma study that cunny in depth..”


SkoTT Summ3r2 showed no mercy on this record and Bass Santana showed none on this beat. They collaborated perfectly to bring that sinister feel to your speakers while the video adds to the tone of the song. In listening and watching the video you definitely feel that ominous presence as if the music is going to devour you whole.

This record will definitely leave a lasting impact on the listener. After it was done I just sat there asking myself …”what just happened?” I’m pretty sure this was the impression SkoTT and Bass Santana wanted to have. As soon as the song starts you know something’s about to approach and it ain’t gonna’ be pretty.

Check the video out. SkoTT Summ3r2 showed an excellent display of wordsmanship here. If you’re the kind of Hip Hop fan who needs to have substance in their music, then you need to look up this artist. You’re welcome.

Smaktastik Line:

“Marvelous arsonist. Fire be the signature. Hyper combo to the clouds when I finish ya'”



#SmaktastikReview: Musiq Man – “The Journals”

unnamed (2)
Yaaaaow NikkiSiixxers! Remember when Rap was an entirely different entity than Hip-Hop? Remember when Hip-Hop was actually… Hip-Hop? Remember when Hip-Hop spoke to the soul? Remember the first time you heard Mos Def’s “Black on Both Sides”, The Roots’ “Things Fall Apart” or Mos & Kweli’s “Black Star”? …If you don’t, then the project I’m introducing to you today will definitely remind you.

Abiola Otusanya a.k.a. Musiq Man brings us an album that is the embodiment of Hip-Hop, soulful, melodic and marvelously cultured. Musiq Man’s project, entitled “The Journals”, contains 12 tracks with blends of Hip-Hop, Soul, R&B and Spoken Word that he entirely produced and composed himself. That, along with vocal and written contributions by talented artists such as Sophie Paul, Z, Jon Hope, Kahifa, Pyinfamous, Carolyn Mcgoldrick and O’nimsi Da Wordsmith was enough to bring a tear to my eye.
Kinda’ like the first time I ever tasted a Cinnabon…or Frosted Cheerios.

Hailing from Brighton, this Artist/Composer/Multi-Instrumentalist/Performer of Nigerian origin put together a beautiful collaborative effort on a production with melodic layers that fit together seamlessly. I listened to this album multiple times. I pulled random people off the street and made them listen. I’m two listens away from knocking on doors and making them listen too. I’ve officially turned into some form of Hip Hop Jehova’s Witness…the aggressive kind.

This review isn’t to say that there is anything wrong with what is called “Hip-Hop” today. There are many talented artists out there who make different versions and sub-genres of Hip-Hop/Rap, but its nice to see that there exists artists who haven’t forgotten this culture. Musiq Man is one of those artists. It’s as if he combined all of Hip-Hop’s best elements and put them in “The Journals” project.

Do yourself a favor and take a listen to this project. If you’re into that true Hip-Hop soul with elements of jazz, R&B and culture then you’ll appreciate Musiq Man’s interpretation of music and how he perceives it. I did. If I had a grading system for the music I listen to, I would give this album 10 out of 10 “Smack Yo’ Neighbors”.

You’re welcome.

Smaktastik Line:

“A Rigorous Polygamist. I’m married to the streets then patrol to the beats.
Still seein’ the struggle on the side. Nothin’ in the budget for a bride. They told me that they loved me but they lied.”


#SmaktastikReview: Day X Presents 7: The Complete Beat Tape Collection

Whaddup Nikkiisiixxers!! Pedro here comin’ at you live and direct from the Miami streets! Literally…I’m writing this review in my car, on the road, and balls deep in that Miami 5 o’clock traffic.

So why not calm myself down with some music and write this review on my phone. I urge you all to try it. It’s perfectly safe. I text and drive all the time whilst blasting music in my car.

As I scroll through my email looking at these music review submissions, I see there’s a beat tape. I’m like “I feel like listening to a beat tape”. So I do…and here we are…jammin’ to some Day X beats!! Day X may have prevented a suicide in traffic today with his beat tape. Be proud man.

Day X has released his latest tape called “7”.  A project consisting of 21 beats with the duel intention of revealing the story of Day’s life and speaking to everyone who listens. There’s a mixture of jazz, electronic/synthpop and all kinds of Hip-Hop. Although there’s a variety here, this tape’s for the Hip-Hoppers. 90% of the beats are Hip Hop. Whether you like Boom Bap, South, 90s etc. there’s something here that’ll make you nod your head before you even realize it.

The production on the beat tape is very good. Day X is definitely a talented producer and like I said before, there’s something here for everybody. However, it’s extremely hard to keep the attention of the listener through 21 songs. Especially if they’re not a like-minded producer or composer. For the average listener who’s used to listening to music with vocals in them, it will probably be a little difficult to stay tuned in.

If you were to judge each beat individually, you would be crazy not to deem each a solid production. However, when looking at the project as a whole you notice by track 15 or 16 you get a bit ear fatigued. The samples are all amazing and on point but there’s not enough distinction in the drum patterns and overall mood of each track. Towards the end, I couldn’t discern one Southern drum pattern from the other, or likewise for the other sub genres of Hip-Hop. Even though there were other genres on the tape, there wasn’t enough to add change of pace or feeling to the project.

With all that being said though, I can’t take away from the brilliance and creativity put into Day X’s productions. You could literally hear how much of himself he put into each beat. If you’re an artist, I urge you to hit this producer up and cop a few beats for your next project. If you’re a producer, hit this producer up and give him some props. In fact, it doesn’t matter who you are. You should listen to what this producer has in his arsenal. You’re welcome.

Since there aren’t any verses in this project lol…I decided to hit you with that …

Smaktastik Beat!!

Track 3 – Your Everything 




#SmaktastikReview: Franc Grams – “Mistakes” (Prod. by Smoke The World)


Yaaaaaow! It…has…been…a ….minute!! Who cares though? As long as we have that music we’ll all be just fine. I still brought you something to make up for my extended absence though. This record right here. This song right here. This…[shakes head and leaves computer to gather composure]. You Nikkiisiixx readers should pay me for putting you on to this artist. Franc Grams, ladies and gentlemen brought tears to my eyes this week with his “Mistakes” record.

This song had everything. It was conceptually deep, the delivery was flawless, and the beat production..my gaaaad! Lyrically, Grams hit us with a message that had depth and coherency. In the song, he takes us on a vivid journey through his mistakes and what it cost him. We all make mistakes Grams tells us; but we should be willing to own up to them and accept them. He points out the hypocrisy existing in the world today when we criticize each other without realizing that mistakes are inevitable. He uses music as an example. The music industry carves the canvas for artists to paint pictures that are destroying the very thing we love. Yet we blame everybody else for the result.

Moving on to the production. Smoke the World provided Franc Grams with something beautiful here. As soon as I clicked play on that Soundcloud I got up and caught some kinda’ Holy Ghost.

With a sample that was oh-so-glorious and a drum kit that probably hit the Malaysian flight out of the sky, Smoke the World pretty much ensured that this track would be a classic.

Please check this artist, producer and song out. Follow him on twitter, download his albums and offer to buy him a pizza. You won’t regret it. You’re welcome hip hop fiends!

[Walks over to Nikki and picks up checks from the readers]


“I sold drugs. They said that I kill people. I’m like ‘nah, I make deals with real people ‘
but sh– I look at doctors and that sh– is real equal. They hide sellin’ poison shoutin’ that they heal people”



#SmaktastikReview: Music Video – SkoTT Summ3r2 – #whiteGEEZUS

YAOW!! What’s good sons and daughters! Tis the season to give and I gatsss that good music for you Hip Hop Heads. I hope when you sat down in front of your tree to open your gifts for Christmas that you gave yourself some Hip-Hop theme music … ‘Cuz Christmas Carols are played out.  Put on that 2Chainz while you watch your daughter open her Barbie Dollhouse gift or that Kendric Lamar while your son opens up his first tricycle. Good times!

On to that music though! Straight out of Fort Lauderdale  we have SkoTT Summ3r2 with that powerful Hip-Hop. I mean this record had lines that I had to rewind just to appreciate the complexity of them.  Everything about this song made me want to check out his album “mr blonde”  that he dropped back in October.

… and C’mon’ “White GEEZUS” though??

How could you not press play on a record with a title like that?? I was pleased with what I heard though.  SkoTT hits you with smooth delivery which compliments his complex and clever lines. Some of you may have to rewind a few times to catch the punch lines but when you do you’ll be glad you did lol. That should be the point of songs anyway. It gives the record replay value. In this case, everything was done right. If you’re not slapping yourself in the face from hearing an amazing line, then you’re either slapping your friend in the face because this beat goes so hard.

The music video wasn’t anything over the top or glamorous. It was simple and got the job done. The visuals had that old school Hip-Hop cipher feel. Vintage black and white with smooth transitions fit the concept of the song perfectly. Shoutout to Blood is Bond films.

If you’re a Hip Hop Head and like the songs that you listen to to have substance and content then SkoTT Summ3r2 is an artist you want to check out. Make sure you get that “Mr Blonde” album too. Merry Christmas,  Happy New Years..and you’re welcome folks!.

 Smaktastik Line:

“…winter solstace raw drizzle wit’ spike vanilla…devour her soul from the back of her neck as I receive neck in the back of a jet”

SkoTT Summ3r2 Links:


#SmaktastikReview: Dubwork – Music Video Plea$e & Still Dreaming Mixtape

dub work mv
dub work still dreaming

Whaddup’ Hip-Hop junkies!! I’m fresh out that studio after giving birth to like triplet beats. Them thangs’ bang hard! So I’m hyped up right now and ready to listen to some new music. Naturally I hit up my email to see if my homey Nikki sent me some Underground gems for me to review. At this point I’m doing everything as if I have my own trap beat theme music. You should see how I was checking my email.

So I’m scrolling through to see if any of the subject lines from Nikki would catch my attention.
*Scrolls down*

I gatta’ check this dude out. He sent us his “Please” Music Video from his upcoming mixtape “Still Dreaming” to listen to. Yaow…when the song started I got even more hyped up. This dude Dubwork had mic presence that was larger than his beard. Intrigued I was.  Raised in New York City and New Jersey after his pre-teens, Dubwork uses his music to fuse his East Coast American and Afro-Caribbean roots. Based on this “Please” record, you already know he’s about being motivated, delivering his ideas in a creative way and accumulating those funds.

Let’s talk about this song though! Firstly, the beat is amazing. Shoutout to Eckz for blessing us with such a monstrosity of a production. With a beat this good Dubwork had no choice but to run with it and make a hit song. Nothing pisses me off more than a dope beat in the hands of an artist with no vision or concept awareness. Dubwork probably heard this beat, heard it calling his name and answered with a fitting concept.

Lyrically, there wasn’t anything abstract here. Granted, the instrumental didn’t necessarily call for anything profound. You hear the beat and just wanna wild out.

So simple and straight to the point was the way to go. This way you can enjoy the beat without having to miss out on anything Dubwork was saying.  

The video was very nicely done. Fred Focus did his thing with these visuals. It was shot on location in the Dominican Republic. I personally liked the video. The concept of the video was very suitable. Dubwork is basically telling us that he’s all about his money and his need to be better. What better way to show us than to book a flight to D.R. for no other reason than to shoot a music video and wild out to this dope beat?  I had just one issue with the video though. How could you go all the way to D.R. and not shoot them Dominican honies Fred?? lol

I’m playin’ lol.

Great song. Great artist. Great music video. I urge you all to give this video a few views and spread the word. Show love to the up and comers.  Don’t forget to check out his mixtape “Still Dreaming”…and you’re welcome.

dubwork still dreaming tracklisting

Smaktastik Line:

“I want all of that. I want all of that. My shorty want me to call her back. I run the show..run the team..I kinda feel like a Quaterback.”