[AUDIO] Chri$ Gwappin – Sonic

[PENNSYLVANIA] Making his debut on NikkiSiixx.com Chri$ Gwappin bring us his previously released first single of 2016, entitled SONIC. Based off the infamous Sega Genesis Character Sonic The Hedgehog. Chri$ Gwappin is able to bring nostalgia with his references on this classic character and the beat produced by Tristan. Which so far I think is the best Sonic sampled track I ever heard. Chri$ Gwappin gives us a catchy hook that makes it difficult not to press repeat. Stay tuned for more content from Chri$ Gwappin and be on the lookout for his #LOEBROS Album collaborating with Miami Artist Blizzi Boi.

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Audio: SamuraiMayyne & MJ the Sensei – “AFro Kick”

[Bethlehem, Pennsylvania] “AFro Kick” is a Hip Hop audio release from PA Rap artists SamuraiMayyne and MJ the Sensei. Over a piano driven beat provided by Caleb, the East Coast rappers go into Afro Samurai mode speaking about being yourself and fully living life. The song also bolsters melodically sung adlibs that fit with the slow tempo of the beat well. Nikki Siixx presents “AFro Kick”, as found above.

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Audio: Ethan Bence – I’ll Tell Ya

ethanbencePittsburgh, PA is the home of an artist with something to tell you, with a distinctive voice and the writing skills to make you want to listen. Ethan Bence is a business student at Carnegie Mellon University and his latest offering from is upcoming project Outspoken Introvert EP, “I’ll Tell Ya” will have your head bobbing almost instantly. The Nu Vintage Beat opens with a jazz sample that sets the overall feel of the record on a dope note. The boom-bap style beat and tempo complements Ethan Bence’s skills when it comes to crafting flows with witty lyricism. While the hooks may be what gets stuck in your head, the verses will keep you listening each time you put your headphones on. Ethan knows that he doesn’t embody the typical rap image and he plans to address that throughout Outspoken Introvert EP which was released on July 12th. You can also watch his visual for his single I’ll Tell Ya:



Audio: Dubby of Team LoKo – Phake

dubby of team loko woods photo[PENNSYLVANIA] Dubby is bringing that fuego 🔥 with his latest track PHAKE. A lot of lyrical content from Dubby of Team LoKo. He also maintains that super catchy melodies between his verses. Dubby dedicates PHAKE to all those phony little rap boys. According to Dubby “If you’re garbage, stop. You’re ruining it for the ones who really do this… sheesh“. PHAKE was produced by The TrendsetterZ. One thing I really like is Dubby’s capability to rap over any type of production. On the second verse he sounds like a completely different person, but it’s him. He’s able to switch his flow throughout the track. Be on the look out for more exclusives from Dubby!


New Music: Dubby of Team Loko – Money Pools Ft Wayne Chapo of FTR

Dubby of Team Loko Money Pools[PENNSYLVANIA] Check out the latest single from Dubby of Team Loko with MONEY POOLS featuring the Detroit native, Wayne Chapo of Full Time Real (FTR). Inspired by a trap production by Scott Supreme from the UK. Last time we featured Dubby of Team Loko was when I featured his visuals for WELCOME TO THE SHOW, fresh off his Corpus Callosum mixtape. The collaboration between Dubby and Wayne Chapo mend well together. The overall vibe is straight krunk. MONEY POOLS can definitely be played at a club or crazy house party. || TWITTER || SOUNDCLOUD || YOUTUBE || INSTAGRAM ||


Music Video: New ZephLand – Dale Cook

[PITTSBURGH] New ZephLand is a new style of artist arising from Pennsylvania. Releasing the visual to his single DALE COOK. I wasn’t really sure what this song was going to be about, but as soon as I pressed play… I fell in love with this track. New ZephLand embraces that good feel music. As his producer Saint Empire is able to generate that sound of music. Zeph, simply wants people to feel music again. In the press release it’s stated that New ZephLand “but more importantly Zeph hopes to evoke emotion”. I sure did with this track.

💗 “Oh I need a whole lotta woman yeah, to satisfy my soul. It takes a lot of woman yeah, to satisfy my soul”. 💗

New Zephland Dale Cook Screenshot
Love the chemistry between Zeph and the female character in the visual (Model Jasmine Nicole). Especially the way they’re dressed. Really captures a 60’s 70’s style. Did you catch at the end that chopped and screw remix.. then all of sudden it goes backwards.. super trippy, but dope though. DALE COOK is an ode to Sam Cooke who was the original inventors of soul music. It’s like he’s reaching out to his forefathers for help to bring back love to our souls. Be on the look out for more released from New ZephLand by following his links: || INSTAGRAM || SOUNDCLOUD || TWITTER || TUMBLR ||

New Music: Dubby of Team Loko – Katniss


Part of his 9 O’Clock Drop series (Week 5) Pennsylvania Hip-Hop Artist Dubby of Team Loko brings out KATNISS. If you’re not familiar with that name, it’s the main heroine from The Hunger Games. Dubby wanted to display he’s emotions towards talentless crooks in the game. Those getting recognized for their stupidity. Liked Dubby’s flow on the track.

Ya’ll so soft and ya bars like flocks
So while these rappers tending sheep, I tend to do it differently
I’ve been workin on my aim
And they say I brought the flame, come on
Ribs showing staying hungry in the game
Katniss Everdean

Audio Engineer – Jason Shaffer – jason@fulltiltrecording.com
Beat produced by Cash Jordan



Interview: Nick Nemesis – Sidetracked 2

Click Image For Download
Nick Nemesis is an independent artist from Pennsylvania. Releasing Sidetracked 2.After hearing the track I had a few questions for Nick and I was able to get a brief interview with him regarding the mixtape, a few tracks, and his upcoming project May I Help You.

when you stated “sidetracked 2 contains a wide variety of styles so many listeners are able to enjoy the tape” can you list the genre’s you incorporate in the tape?
Well it has a lot of diffrent styles of hip-hop such as club, underground, story telling and even rock influenced tracks. Also some tracks have more of a rock or even electronic/dubstep feel to them. I try not to limit myself and make my tapes consistent with different genres that everyone can enjoy.

track 6 Boss Battle featuring Joel Venom is a very catchy track. that’s a creative title! what inspired you to title it Boss Battle?
Joel and I were writing Boss Battle as a joke starting with the beat that just makes you think video games. So we decided to use the concept as if you were facing the last boss to win the entire game!

what are your current projects? anything new in the works?
May I Help You? Coming this August! No official day yet but here is a promo video for more info!

what are your favorite hobbies besides music?
ehhh lol pretty much anything I do involves music but I guess just chillin with my friends, partying, and just being 20.

track 21 Sunshine featuring Dante Outten who inspired your verse?
I actually wrote that whole track and I had Dante sing the chorus. My verse wasn’t really about anyone specifically, but more on a collective of all my crushes/love/that kinda things that I’ve experienced or heard of.

track 24 True Colors was sampled from one of my favorite rock bands Staind. Did you already know where the hook came from or you just came across it and wrote to it?
Yeah! A lot of people think rappers only listen to rap but I listen to everything. I’ve listened to Staind before I even started rapping. When I heard that sample in the beat I just ran with the concept and it made into a really good track!

last words?
ummmmmmmm #Deific! #GSNS (GrindSteadyNeverSleep) May I Help You? Shoutouts to everyone who supports me! Joel Venom! Blak Spyda! Mike Snow! Dante Outten! an of course thank you to the BEAUTIFUL Nikkisiixx for the interview!



New Music: Nick Nemesis – One Could Hope

One Could Hope – Nick Nemesis (Prod. Fly Life Productions) by nicknemesis91
Check out this track from Nick Nemesis called One Could Hope Once you take a listen this track will give you an insight of what’s in store on his upcoming project that has an overall deep and emotional feel to it. Nick Nemesis is an up and coming artist from West Chester, PA. He has performed on the same stage as Lloyd Banks, Mac Miller, Snoop Dogg, Tha Dogg Pound, Warren G and Freddie Gibbs.