New Music: eMeX – No Love

no love

If you haven’t gotten aware of the eMeX wave, then you’re slipping. The Baltimore-based rapper is quickly gaining traction along the current of the underground. In the last year he saw the potential of his come up being to be realized; eMeX worked with names like A$AP ANT and Slim K, along with a host of other underground entities. ‘No Love’ is a Just Treats produced single from his upcoming mixtape, to this point unnamed. It’s easy to see the clout coming for eM, this track has over 1,100 plays in just six days, and that’s without being featured on the best underground hip-hop blog on the internet (this one, of course).

The production is infectiously ambient, providing eMeX with a soft, pulsing canvas for his verses. ‘No Love’ is crafted on a personal note, with soul. eMeX uses this track as a declaration of himself, his independence, struggles, strengths, drive and purpose. You get the sense that he’s tired of waiting to be put on and he’s beginning to take what’s his. There’s no doubt he has the talent, the skill, and is on his way to having the following to create something for himself if he continues to be slept on. His forthcoming project should be nothing short of phenomenal, a come up is imminent.

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