Audio: Rich Quick – Poizon

[NEW JERSEY] POIZON is the latest single off of Rich Quick’s new album The Everywhere Man. On this track it features other artist like Chris Rivers, Ryshon Jones, and Jay Griffy. The dark production by The Wurxs provides the beat to their stories. Each artist expressed themselves through personal experiences regarding a specific POIZON in their lives. From choosing the right or wrong path when it’s never an easy decision. A hypnotic, haunting overall sound gives the listeners a journey that dealt with life changing decisions. Rich Quick, Rivers, and Jones deliver insightful verses and lyrical ability, while Jay Griffy offers a mesmerizing hook through POIZON. Be on the look out from more from Rich Quick by following his social media links below:



Music Video: Joie Kathos – Faded

Joie Kathos[PHILADELPHIA] This is not your regular type of FADED video, with a bunch of drug use and getting completely intoxicated. With this talented female rapper Joie Kathos she targets how our culture is fading. With the non-stop racism we’ve been dealing with in our judicial system regarding police brutality on the rise. FADED is the official visual off of Joie Kathos EP Floaters. I love how the video demonstrates the domino effect in their story telling. The main character decided to take measures into his own hands, and decides to rob a restaurant. Two of his friends witness this, but one decided to leave before it got worse, and the other one stayed by his friend’s side. FADED was directed by Glass Canon, produced by Outlaw, and sampled from the hit EDM single by Zhu. This video should be an eye opener to everyone. From the rising number of deaths of unarmed teens. We need to all WAKE UP, and stand up for what we believe is right. All Lives Matter.



Music Video: E. Grizzly – Fur Lined Harvest

e-grizzly-fur-lined-harvest-2[PHILADELPHIA, PA] Hip-Hop Creative E. Grizzly presents us visuals to FUR LINED HARVEST which is his 5th installment to his hip hop video series called “Generation A“. What would you expect from the cover art? That the song would be pleasant… here’s where I was wrong. As soon as you press play to FUR LINED HARVEST, you begin to get worried and wonder. But then all of a sudden you see someone laying in their own puddle of blood. The disoriented individual is E. Grizzly. Something must of went wrong, luckily E. Grizzly survived and now he’s getting ready to get back to who did this to him. Washing off the blood off his face, grooming up by trimming his hair and bread, freshly clothed, and off to get the ones who did this to him. Dope Track, This visual is actually a sequel to E. Grizzly with “Bag Check“. The song was self-produced by E. Grizzly. The video was directed, edited and shot by E. Grizzly and Alex Halpin. Looking forward to E. Grizzly future releases. [LINKS] || FACEBOOK || TWITTER || INSTAGRAM ||


Music Video: BSC – Coasting

Check out the latest music video from BSC (Beautiful Struggle Crew) with COASTING. Directed and shot by @youngwildpanda in the beautiful city of New York. The visual really gives off that BSC is taking us on a tour of the city. Riding through the subway stations, walking through Time Square, and just vibing out. The track includes T’Med, Ali, & Chris Syms. Their single COASTING will be on the next BSC LP release. So far, the boys have been busy in the studio but yet have a name for the project. Stay tuned for updates on the LP and anything else BSC!



Music Video: Strypez – Sicker Than Your Average

Strypez is the 18-year-old Philly native that is archetype artist to reference when discussing hope for a second golden age of hip-hop. From his cadence to his 90s nostalgic production, Strypez is surely a student of artists such as Gang Starr, A Tribe Called Quest, Rakim and Nas. His fun-loving attitude, and style could be best described as a modern Kid ‘n Play. This kid may have been born in the wrong era, or we could argue that his purpose is to represent everything that hip hop is currently missing. In his new music video, “Sicker Than Your Average,” (title inspired by Biggie Small’s “Hypnotize”) Strypez hits the streets of Philadelphia with violinist, Galen Guindon. The L.O.B. produced cut originally appeared on Strypez’ God Level EP, so if you like what you hear, there’s plenty more tracks to vibe out to. Watch the Luke Nowell directed music video below!



Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 8.36.04 PMNikkiSiixx x JojosBlock x Womazing brings you NIKKIJOMAZING a weekly hip-hop show brought to you by these four strong women in the hip-hop community. We bring you an exclusive interview with BSC (Beautiful Struggle Crew). A hip-hop group established in Miami but influence by West/East Coast, Northern Upbringings. We discuss their current projects Life As We Know It LP & And We Stand Tall LP. Working With Young Wild Panda, Upcoming performances, and currently they’re in the works of a new EP. Tune In every Monday for a new episode of NikkiJoMazing. Don’t forget to subscribe and follow us on twitter @NikkiJoMazing.

New Music: Squid McHale – “Presidents”

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 8.25.40 PMSquid Mchale is a rapper/producer from Philly that just dropped the first track from his upcoming project, Undecided. “Presidents” is an introspective cut, where Squid acknowledges how being an outcast a majority of his life, actually helped him become creative. Squid also uses the MG production to open up about family issues and some of the gritty things he has seen. Without question, this kid has a lot of potential and may be the next hot artist to blow from the Philadelphia area, especially because he is also a student at West Virginia University – and everyone loves a good college rapper. I’m looking forward to Squid’s Undecided mixtape because as a college student myself, I can empathize with the dichotomy of staying in college and making your family proud versus pursuing your dreams. 

Twitter: @SquidMcHale

Music Video: Beautiful Struggle – Way Back

bscvidCheck out the latest music video from Beautiful Struggle WAY BACK. First single off their upcoming project Road To Riches. The boys take flight to Philly! The track was produced by Osym. Beautiful Struggle is letting you know that the way they are, is who they are. It takes them WAY BACK. Wow! What great visuals! Philadelphia looked amazing. Perfect weather. The video was filmed by @youngwildpanda. Loved the way that YoungWildPanda had setup the video; with the three panels, from top to bottom with the same shot. The middle panel concentrates on Chris Syms, Ali and T-Med. Don Woodz is the fourth member of Beautiful Struggle, since he didn’t have a verse on this track that’s why their wasn’t an appearance. During Chris Syms verse he discusses how he graduated through the streets and he just lives it his way. Dope B-Roll with the Rocky Statue. It went well with what Chris was rapping about. T-Med killed it with the hook and his verse, super catchy too! So did Ali on the second verse.

Stay tuned with Beautiful Struggle and follow the links below to stay updated with the group. Be on the lookout for Road To Riches.

Music Video: Black Cloud – Airplane Mode

Philly always goes hard. The latest rap conglomerate out of the city of brotherly love is Black Cloud, and they’re here in a big way. Made up of three Philly heavy-hitters, Chev V. Kang, Chris Vance, and Jeide Prince. Black Cloud has a range of influences. From East Coast vibes to southern flows, each artist brings something unique to the group.

The video for ‘Airplane Mode’ off the recent project “Infinite Phlight”. The visuals feature blunt blowing and general clowning in the streets of Philly. The individual styles compliment each other well, keeping the listener on their toes throughout the track. This video illustrates the diversity of sounds in Black Cloud. My advice, get lifted and enjoy the dynamic sounds of the rap trio.

Fashion: KicDrum Products – Fresh Gear!

Came across KicDrum, a Music and Design Production Company from Philly. These guys have some really fresh gear and check out what else they offer from T-Shirts, Hats, Accessories, and Vinyl’s.

Love this shirt in red! Hip-Hop Origins from the Emcee with a mic & a ghetto blaster, Drummer with classic SP-1200, and a female tambourine dancer.

The hat is too dope! Limited edition Rainbow Six custom crafted five panel adjustable cap. You will need to get your Pre-Orders in! Don’t miss out.

Damn! This one is sold out! I love the color selection in the Guru’s photo transitions.

KicDrum Products combines street music and street fashion, creating BOOM BAP hip-hop for your head and gear to rock during your daily operations. Every piece of KicDrum clothing is carefully and uniquely designed to reflect KDP’s artistic and musical tastes. Every piece of music released is created to remind you that hard Hip-Hop lives.



New Music: The Magoolies – Falling Up

FALLING UP by Bez Bane & Xany Brainy of The Magoolies. The Magoolies are a hip hop group from Philadelphia. They are very versatile and explores new different forms of wordplay. This is demonstrated on the track above. This track it’s super catchy! Love the hook. Only two of the members were able to jump on the track but just to let you know the group includes Bez Bane, Xany Brainy, JPC, Arok, and Kid Kain.

The Magoolies Twitter: @Magooliegang @Abish_Cable @XanyBrainyMAG @BanJOE_Kazooie @BigBlackAfrikka @Goth_Brooks

*NikkiSiixx created the cover art for Falling Up for this Blog Post*