Starving Artist Suggestions No.1: Please Stop Seeking The Advice of Profits


Dear Starving Artist,

Please stop listening to the digital distribution sites and musicians’ blogs that try to convince you that it makes sense to “keep all of your rights” or “keep more of your percentage” of revenue. It is a marketing ploy.

Because while you are not only keeping more of your “percentage of revenue”, you’re also keeping more of the percentage of the tasks and burdens that are inherent to the process of growing a business – and undervaluing or underestimating the time and monetary costs of these types of burdens is an action that can stifle your business and your career in a long-term and/or terminal way.

You’ll never see a McDonald’s franchise owner working the register so that she can “keep more of her percentage” of profits. Keeping 100% of ten sales is not a better proposition than keeping 10% of a hundred sales. “Going it alone” is a surefire way to stagnate your progress. Money will come and money will go. Now is not the time to concentrate on your profits; now is the time to concentrate on growing your business. You can pay a team’s salary, but you can’t buy teamwork.images-1

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Freestyle Friday: Charlie Domino – Affirmative Action

Charlie Domino

For this Freestyle Friday Charlie Domino brings us another dope one. With Affirmitive Action; Harlem Native Charlie expresses the hustles of being an upcoming hip-hop artist. Working to get his name acknowledge and trying to keep his life in tack. Charlie Domino’s flow on this track is on point, and it shows Charlie can take on any beat. Press Play and enjoy Charlie Domino’s Freestyle for this Friday. Stay tuned for future freestyles & project Domino3ffect.