New Music: Webbz – Pebble Beach featuring Dashius Clay


Check out the latest track from Webbz PEBBLE BEACH featuring Dashius Clay. Felt like I was slipped some acid and it took me to Pebble Beach. The guys are so descriptive to what goes on at Pebble Beach, it felt like I was there. The beat really help to grasp the feeling. Beat was produced by Young McFly. This release was a great idea to keep the listeners stay tuned until Webbz drops his official release of The Pursuit of Happiness: A Black Man in AmeriKKKa on September 11th.

My eyelids closed
Moving slow with a slurred up speech
I don’t love these Hoes
I aint trickin’ baby girl you gotta earn your seat
The water look purple
Nothing but crystals beneath your feet
I would like to Welcome You All to Pebble Beach.