Instrumental EP: ChristinΞ – Betty “Moe” Trezza


I would like to introduce ChristinΞ, a female producer from Miami. Who set out six months ago. On a journey to set sail on her dreams in finding herself. During this ChristinΞ went through depths of inspiration and solitary understanding. Relocated from Miami to Brooklyn, New York. Gaining so much with her experiences in a new city, ChristinΞ felt the best way to express her story was through her debut instrumental EP Betty “Moe” Trezza. This five track EP is set to set the mood for you to create!

I love her experimentation with sounds, vibes, and you can feel the music. My favorite tracks off her Instrumental EP Betty “Moe” Trezza would be FLYING, INVISIBLE SUNSHINE, and INFINITE SPACE.

“Hi, Betty “Moe” Trezza.”
I remember looking up once. I felt something I had never felt before. I think that for the first time in my life, I was Inspired by consistency. ‘Betty “Moe” Trezza’ manifested days after. artworks-000067792026-ebr2r5-t500x500I may never have a clear explanation as to why I decided to name my first instrumental project after my memory, but I can only hope once you’ve gotten lost in my progression, you understand. Feelings.
As an artist, writer, lover, daughter, friend; and through the frequencies of my (heart) beats, I wish you find yourself in love. My love is yours. I’m here for you, always. Thank you for your time.

Stay vibrant —Christine

PLEASE BE ADVISED: “These beats were created to help meditate. They were not created to be written over. They were created to inspire your writing. As is, close your eyes; Let’s get lost in the cosmos.”