[Interview] Illustration Artist Fahmi Fauzi


Being professional means you are ready to fulfill your promise of whatever you’re offering to this industry” – Fahmi Fauzi

Here’s an exclusive interview with Samurai Shin illustration artist “Fahmi Fauzi” so here it goes:

Nikki Siixx: Where are you From, Fahmi
Fahmi Fauzi: I’m from Indonesia
Nikki Siixx: What do you do to recharge your creative batteries?
Fahmi Fauzi: hmm… Usually i went through internet see what’s new etc, looking at other artist’s work watching movie, reading comic, manga, everything. sometimes i just go take nap or even go out and do something else.
Nikki Siixx: What tools do you use to create Art and what makes them the “right tools” for you?
Fahmi Fauzi: I’m mostly do my work digitally. My tools are wacom cintiq 13 HD, and a laptop. They are my main equipment cause i rarely do finished work in traditional way.
Nikki Siixx: Who Was Your first Character that you Illustrated?
Fahmi Fauzi: Son Goten from Dragonball! , and it was like 21 Years ago.
Nikki Siixx: Do You Have A Favorite Comic Book Illustrator and Why?
Fahmi Fauzi: Yes and He is Cameron Stewart (Fight Club 2 and Batgirl) his artwork is really “alive”, lineart, gesture, expression everything looks amazing! I wanna be as good as him someday! Oh plus Edwin Huang (Street Fighter, SkullKickers) his lineart is totally awesome.
Nikki Siixx: Who is your favorite comic book favorite comic book hero & villain and explain to us why?
Fahmi Fauzi: To be honest i’m not really a hardcore fans of any superhero, but Marvel’s Agent Venom do stuck in my head. His costume is awesome, i draw him a lot. Villain? I’ll choose from manga which is Madara Uciha from Naruto, catchy name, Bad ass ability and freaky evil mind.
Nikki Siixx: So Fahmi, are you Currently Watching any Marvel Or DC Shows you currently
Fahmi Fauzi: Mm… Not really but i do follow most of Marvel Cinematic Universe Movie + Agent of Shield
Nikki Siixx: Whats your favorite japanese anime and favorite character and also explain why this?
Fahmi Fauzi: Umm.. Naruto still on top of my list, i do enjoy the story, interesting character development, and unpredictable twist. As for character i like Sarutobi (3rd Hokage) a very wiseman but very powerful, his death successfully makes me cry.
Nikki Siixx: What element of your work gives you the most personal satisfaction?
Fahmi Fauzi: Colors! I struggle a lot but it’s so rewarding when i put right colors in my work.

Nikki Siixx: Off topic question! What favorite kind of music and musical and explain why this person is your favorite?
Fahmi Fauzi: hm… Pop punk will be on top of my list, cause the beat is so fit to my taste that can help me to keep motivated when i draw, my top playlist would be Paramore and New Found Glory

blank-8-5-x-11-inNikki Siixx: What it Like Working With Mikel Miles & Ivan E Aguilar On Samurai Shin ?
Fahmi Fauzi: Awesome Experience! Working with them is fun! Mikel is very easy going person, flexible, and fun to work with. Ivan is also one of promising artist, his work is good.
Nikki Siixx: We’ve all met very talented newcomers who are trying to get their first professional projects. What’s the best advice you’ve ever heard given to a promising new creator?
Fahmi Fauzi: Good Attitude, whether with client or even with your self. Having super awesome skill is nothing compared with good attitude. Being professional means you are ready to fulfill your promise of whatever you’re offering to this industry, and of course ready to take every up and down of whatever comes to you during your journey in this path of career.
Nikki Siixx: Before We End This Interview Would You Like Share Some of Your Social Links?

Fahmi Fauzi: Ya sure! Here they are🙂
Nikki Siixx: Thank you for a great interview and Congratulations on being apart of the “Samurai Shin Team


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On the last reaction video to The Flash ⚡️, I mentioned I’ll be doing a Q&A so leave questions on the comment section of that video. After a bit of a hiatus, I finally got the time to sit down and answer some of those questions! 💻 And thank you everyone for supporting my channel!

October is going to be INSANE

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Music Video: HEWAN – When The Music Stops Playing


hewnCheck out the latest music video from HEWAN, a female Los Angeles based Recording Artist. She debuts her WHEN THE MUSIC STOPS PLAYING visual. Hewan’s desire to write songs arose after seeing India Arie for the first time on 106&Park. Which later inspired her to buy her first guitar in college and then began writing songs on one string. Her favorite color is yellow. Yellow is the color of the mind and the intellect. It is optimistic and cheerful. Which makes sense, since her video portrays the same feeling when watching her music video, WHEN THE MUSIC STOPS PLAYING. HEWAN looks amazing! Besides looks she has soul! During the video you see a little girl play with dolls, practice her guitar, and takes her imagination to the next level.

When The Music Stops Playing
Music Stop. Don’t Run Don’t Run
You Better Practice Your Patience One Day You Will Make It
So What, So What

Here’s a little Q&A I had with HEWAN.
NIKKISIIXX: The little girl in the video is she supposed to signify your younger self? If so, what inspired this concept for the visual?
HEWAN: Yup she is. The video shows the contrast between the two worlds of an child and an adult. The little girl is living in a a world of hopes and dreams while the adult is living in a world of realities. Things don’t always (or usually) turn out the way you imagine them as a child. Especially not on your timeline. But thats ok (hence the line – “don’t run” – in the chorus). That is what the song is about. And in the video we tried to show the two worlds through simple back and forth shots via the performance video, (hope that makes sense).

NIKKISIIXX: Do you have an upcoming project in the works?
HEWAN: As for projects – I just released an EP last month called “When the Music Stops Playing.” I will be dropping “singles” from the EP.

Don’t forget to watch Hewan’s video and leave a comment and let her know how you feel! Also, to get the latest from her just follow her on her social media links below:


Interview: Nick Nemesis – Sidetracked 2

Click Image For Download
Nick Nemesis is an independent artist from Pennsylvania. Releasing Sidetracked 2.After hearing the track I had a few questions for Nick and I was able to get a brief interview with him regarding the mixtape, a few tracks, and his upcoming project May I Help You.

when you stated “sidetracked 2 contains a wide variety of styles so many listeners are able to enjoy the tape” can you list the genre’s you incorporate in the tape?
Well it has a lot of diffrent styles of hip-hop such as club, underground, story telling and even rock influenced tracks. Also some tracks have more of a rock or even electronic/dubstep feel to them. I try not to limit myself and make my tapes consistent with different genres that everyone can enjoy.

track 6 Boss Battle featuring Joel Venom is a very catchy track. that’s a creative title! what inspired you to title it Boss Battle?
Joel and I were writing Boss Battle as a joke starting with the beat that just makes you think video games. So we decided to use the concept as if you were facing the last boss to win the entire game!

what are your current projects? anything new in the works?
May I Help You? Coming this August! No official day yet but here is a promo video for more info!

what are your favorite hobbies besides music?
ehhh lol pretty much anything I do involves music but I guess just chillin with my friends, partying, and just being 20.

track 21 Sunshine featuring Dante Outten who inspired your verse?
I actually wrote that whole track and I had Dante sing the chorus. My verse wasn’t really about anyone specifically, but more on a collective of all my crushes/love/that kinda things that I’ve experienced or heard of.

track 24 True Colors was sampled from one of my favorite rock bands Staind. Did you already know where the hook came from or you just came across it and wrote to it?
Yeah! A lot of people think rappers only listen to rap but I listen to everything. I’ve listened to Staind before I even started rapping. When I heard that sample in the beat I just ran with the concept and it made into a really good track!

last words?
ummmmmmmm #Deific! #GSNS (GrindSteadyNeverSleep) May I Help You? Shoutouts to everyone who supports me! Joel Venom! Blak Spyda! Mike Snow! Dante Outten! an of course thank you to the BEAUTIFUL Nikkisiixx for the interview!