[BEAT ALERT] iLLie Nelsun – Kings

[CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA] Making his debut on NikkiSiixx.com, Producer iLLie Nelson (Originating from Queens, NY) with his beat entitled KINGS. This is actually his first Electronic Hip-Hop beat from his Beat Tape “No More Lights“. iLLie Nelson provides an energizing summer anthem with KINGS.

This beat/vibe is perfect for just listening to it from the gym, your car, the club, your home, a house party. It kinda reminds me of playing Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core on the PSP. That electronic uplifting sound brings me back to the countless hours playing it. This beat is entertaining on its own. Definitely playing this on repeat! You should purchase the full beat tape on iTunes and Listen on Spotify for free!

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Audio: Rich McMichael – “No Chill”

[Queens, New York] R&B sensation Rich McMichael presents his debut single “No Chill”, the self proclaimed bedroom anthem. Full of deep bass and sensual tones, the Queens singer hits all the right notes, leaving the lucky lady in the song and listeners in a zone. Fans of Tre Songs will find Rich appealing to the ear as well. Cut off the Netflix, dim the lights and press play on Rich McMichael‘s “No Chill” up above.

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Audio: Elquan – FAMILY

elquan[LAS VEGAS] Hip-Hop Artist Elquan goes in on his latest single FAMILY. Elquan was born in Queens, New York and was raised in Roanoke, Virginia. When he was fiffteen he knew his passion was rapping and it grew immensely. He found more focuse on his career choice since he was nineteen. Finally relocating to Las Vegas, Nevada and beginning his life as hip-hop artist Elquan. This track shows the growth of responsibility and how life changes for you to get better. Elquan expressed the struggle of hustling, then comes the time a child is on the way, and marriage is on his mind. Positive moves for a better life from what Elquan was growing up on the streets. FAMILY is a single off his upcoming EP, Faraway. Elquan considers his sound to be considered as good time music.



Music Video: Aaron Knight – Side NIXXA

[Queens, New York]

Aaron Knight’s Side NIXXA is a melodic song with easy to follow storytelling. Lyrically, it was already a pretty visual song so it only makes sense that it has a great music video to go with it. The video features model Gabriella Lera who absolutely nails the role of alluring lady with a man who can’t put it down right. Hip Hop these days is so full of rappers hyping up their side chicks, so it’s refreshing to see the script flipped. A song about a side dude would normally be a pretty hard sell, but Aaron Knight’s sing-song flow coupled with a well shot video (featuring picturesque NY backdrops) make this music video well worth a watch.

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Download: Cash Sinatra – Nineteen 90 Somethin EP

65682f_163cc31002df4efeabfb76ea2db22f9f.jpg_srb_p_873_582_75_22_0.50_1.20_0[QUEENS, NEW YORK] Cash Sinatra is bringing us that fire with his latest EP titled Nineteen 90 Somethin. For Us 90′ Kids we’re going to really vibe out to this one. Classic Tracks over very familiar R&B instrumentals from the 90’s and re-touched by 2015 flavor. Ranging from Blackstreet, Aaliyah, R.Kelly, and Ghost town DJs. Nineteen 90 Somethin was inspired by his track One In A Million inspired by Aaliyah’s smooth rhythm. Off of his eight track EP my favorite tracks off of the Nineteen 90 Somethin are Doo-Wop, Color Me Lit, IDLY II, One In A Million, Think Of You, and No Diggity. Cash Sinatra has improved tremendously from the last time we featured him in 2011. He sounds more confident on this type of production. Cash has been busy lately, from performing on DJ Envy’s “Follow The Flow” and being apart of The Source Unsigned Hype & Cypher. Also, be on the look out for new visuals off of the Nineteen 90 Somethin EP and don’t forget to follow Cash Sinatra on all his social media accounts.


New Music: Charlie Domino – Addicted To Life

photo[HARLEM, NEW YORK] Charlie Domino drops his latest single ADDICTED TO LIFE, off of his upcoming Domino3ffect mixtape. One thing I really like about the track is the production. Since it’s so mellow, Charlie Domino takes it easy and expresses himself with his verses. Catchy Hook: We’re Addicted To Life… That Kinda Life That Made That Man Cheat On His Wife, That Kinda Life That Everything Got A Fucking Price, That Kinda Life Where People Never Think Twice…” I feel this kind of lifestyle wouldn’t make you completely satisfied because of the stress you have to endure with the consequences of all three. I’m in love with the sample used in the middle of the track. I feel that if everyone was rich off life than everyone would live a happier one. Apart of the sample says “Possessions make you rich? I don’t have that type of richness, my richness is life forever“. Be on the look out this [FREESTYLE FRIDAY], where we got another dope freestyle by Charlie Domino.


Download: Justin Felix – ART

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 3.12.39 PMBorn and Raised in Queens, New York and later down relocating to Atlanta, Georgia and now currently resides in the County of Dade. Up and coming artist Justin Felix releases an exclusive 5 track album for free for the listeners entitled ART. Justin Felix expresses himself through his lyrics on to smooth Hip-Hop and R&B production. This will be the first of many projects released by Justin Felix this year, he’s set to release a couple more. Word has it he’s even going to be heading on tour in 2015. Definitely be on the look out and don’t forget to follow his links below.


Music Video: Dynasty – Street Music featuring DJ Premier

Queens-bred hip-hop/soul artist, Dynasty released this music video with DJ Premier called STREET MUSIC. I love the vibe of this track. Dynasty’s voice is angelic to hip-hop ears. Love her flow and presence on the beat. Definitely felt that this track is a great way to introduce yourself to Dynasty. She compliments the beat that Hip-Hop Legend DJ Premier created and did some dope cuts on it too. An organic collaboration amongst the two, showcases in STREET MUSIC.

Pretty dope looking at Dynasty’s performance record; opening up for Erykah Badu, The Wu-Tang Clan, Mos Def, Talib Kweli and others. In 2013, the DREAMPUSHER that is D.Y. Accomplished a seven-city Dreampusher Tour in Germany, followed by an album release, an East Coast tour (US) and another European tour at the end of the year. You can tell she’s motivated. Promoting working hard in making your dreams come true to juveniles in detention centers. Showing us she does have a heart <3, and that she truly cares, what an amazing women. Wishing nothing but the best for this upcoming starlet in 2014. VIDEO DETAILS: Directed by: Dustin Devars TWITTERFACEBOOK
Production and cuts by DJ Premier .
From Dynasty’s debut album, ‘A Star In Life’s Clothing’


New Music: ConFlik – Spike Lee


Queens, New York native ConFlik painted a nice R rated song with an X rated purpose over the FlashBeats produced track. “Spike Lee” is a song about kicking it with a chick and having a good time. The lyrics in the verses go for a more sexual meaning but the chorus has a slightly cleaner connotation. He was witty with the delivery saying things like “come to the stu, I even make a song with ya/ have ya singing high notes…” and “that’s your girl nigga, repo”. He even had a few cool double entendres like “dirt dog, hit or play safe when I dugout”. This joint is definitely a smooth track you can play while kicking it with your chick. Ladies you can also play it if you’re trying to throw your guy a few hints. The chorus played on the name in a great way. I also want to compliment the artwork for this track which is phenomenal. It’s simple yet captured the meaning of the song while playing on Spike’s famous Mars Blackmon character. Check out the song below and leave a comment about it.

Connect with ConFlik online: soundcloud.com/confliktwitter.com/ConFlikitsConMusic.com

Also if you enjoy this song you can check out the entire mixtape “More Money More ConFlik” click here http://www.DatPiff.com/ConFlik-More-Money-More-ConFlik

Music Video: Cam Sutton – Pride

Have you ever realized when a relationship is over before it’s over? You try to make things work because you love each other and you want the best. But the loves not there anymore. Your PRIDE will never allow you to be with that person ever again because they hurt you so bad.

That’s what Cam Sutton perspective was in his music video for his track PRIDE that’s on his Good Conversation debut mixtape. Cam Sutton is an artist from Queens, New York. You can tell he was being real with his lyrics. PRIDE was produced by HiFadility and the video was directed by Kid DeeBo.


Jazzy Jah – Anti Freeze Freestyle (Video)

Jazzy Jah has arrived to NikkiSiixx.com with a freestyle visual Anti Freeze. This is his version of the jam originally from the totally dope Pac Div. I’m not really a super fan of freestyles, as they definitely have a shorter shelf life. But this one made me want to turn up, that’s why its here. Jazzy Jah is a Queens,NY native now rocking with the Miami underground scene. We are looking forward to more from the fashionably forward emcee.


New Music: Just Sincere – Hookah & Happiness

Check out the latest single from Just Sincere Hookah & Happiness. This track definitely rides out smooth. You gotta replay it over and over, I sure did. Hookah & Happiness is Sincere’s single off of his upcoming mixtape FIRST IMPRESSION EP release date still TBA.

I had featured Just Sincere last year (August) when he debuted his mixtape Just Muzik Vol. 1 “The First Chapter” and I can see his progression. Hip-Hop Artist Reppin’ Queens, New York. To catch up more with Just Sincere don’t forget to view his links below.



Download: Just Sincere – Just Muzik Vol. 1 “The 1st Chapter”

Just Sincere just released yesterday Just Muzik Vol. 1 “The First Chapter” Just Sincere is an up and coming artist from Queens, New York. The project is filled with great tracks. A few of my favorites consists of Unfortunate, Bachelor Pad, Unofficial, Daddy’s Got U, and Double Sided Love It’s filled with Hip-Hop, R&B, and Soul.

01. My Thoughts
02. Crossroad
03. 4bidden
04. Unfortunate
05. Bachelor Pad featuring G. Gardner
06. Regrets
07. Unofficial featuring Jsalmz
08. When It’s My Time To Go
09. Picture Perfect featuring Porcelynn
10. Daddy’s Got U featuring IQ X G. Gardner
11. B.O.N.G (Best Of The New Generation) featuring Aqua Island
12. Outro Bullshit
13. BONUS TRACK – Double Sided Love