[RALEIGH, NC] Making his debut on NikkiSiixx.com, we have Gnarley Nick with his latest music video to his single CORRUPTED. Gnarley Nick is an artist who used his troubles in life such as having legal troubles, life of drugs, and seeing in a vision of a progressive world. Here’s where Gnarley Nick lyrics are born. As a kid Nick was inspired by old and underground hip hop artists such as Jedi mind tricks, dead prez, das efx, and tupac but has love for a lot of newer artists especially lil boosie.

At the age of 15 and to this day Nick has been involved in Raleigh’s punk, hardcore and metal scene playing in various punk bands as a teenager and currently playing drums in Sludgey/hardcore band, Shadows. This to me explains why the chorus/hook sounds the way it does, heavy metal inspired yelling. I find it to make it more impactful and making the listener really WAKE UP. The music video was dope, with crisp visuals, storyline, and somewhat of a twist.

Due to the content Gnarley Nick says in his chorus about drugs. You would think he was a drug dealer in the video but once you see the work his moving is actually just his artist merchandise. Gnarley Nick is pushing his movement called “Shadows Life” in which it originated from his worldwide art image BLEAK and to help promote free thought, equality, and do it yourself ethics. Be on the look out for more content from Gnarley Nick by following him on all his social media platforms.


New Music: LG- Early Grind

LG of Raleigh, NC just released his new single “Early Grind”. The production was done by Ostyles, who happens to be in a group with LG called Ill Individuals. The early 1990s influence is heavily present on this song. The melodic approach Ostyles took on the beat gives off a pharcyde-esque feel. LG uses a smooth delivery to get his message across. He got busy lyrically in a way that would seem effortless to the untrained ear. This song took me back to my favorite decade of hip-hop and I look forward to hearing more from LG and his Ill Individuals family.                  

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