[MUSIC VIDEO] KonFiiDent – Schemin’

KonFiiDent[TORONTO] Making his debut on NikkiSiixx.com, we have hip-hop artist KonFiiDent with his latest music video for his single SCHEMIN’. Nothing ends good when someone is scheming. KonFiiDent discusses the topic of envy and jealously. The video brings us a view from an outside perception of a relationship that seems all good until, the girl starts to become suspicious of KonFiiDent. Looking at his phone and putting it away and then she ends up finding an address. Only thinking of the worse she can’t help the curiosity and needs to confront KonFiiDent. I personally think the visual is too good to be this short! Be on the lookout for more content from Toronto’s own KonFiiDent. [FOLLOW HIM ON TWITTER]


[AUDIO] MikeLoveHall – Seasons

[CHARLOTTE, NC] Making his debut on NikkiSiixx.com, MikeLoveHall releases his single SEASONS. Rap/R&B Vibes to this track, it definitely meant for the ladies. Or a man that feels and can relate to MikeLoveHall with the struggles of a relationship as well as the comfort in building one. SEASONS was produced by 4Klassix. Relationships can definitely be a rollercoaster. A bit scary at times, but always fun! Enjoy the ride and be on the lookout for more content from MikeLoveHall.



The Officially Street Podcast: The Formation Proclamation || Hosted by @JayomegaSO and @SyerSO

We’re back for another episode of The Officially Street Podcast, and in honor of the estrogen filled week we’ve had-as well as it being days away from Valentines Day-they decided to bring Cherry Poppins back to the studio to help us discuss it all. We talk about the Superbowl half time show, Beyonce’s new surprise song, video, AND tour “Formation”, relationships, marriage, parenthood, and MUCH more! This is a pretty long episode, but we promise you, it’s worth every second!

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Audio: Decide – Lost Reason

Decide is a rapper-songwriter, touching on introspective themes from personal reflections and experiences with love, heartbreak, family, friendship and other every-day subject matters. With his latest release LOST REASON he describes a destructive relationship. The one that keeps chasing the light but keep fumbling in the dark and end up losing your reason, both in terms of uncontrolled emotions and in terms of not understanding the reasons behind them. Decide collaborates with Producer Anno Domini Nation, and a female vocal for the hook. If you ever had a relationship fail and you’re just trying to get it off your chest, LOST REASON is a song for you.



LP Review: Chronicle – Bright Nights

[JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA] It’s been about two years since aspiring hip-hop artist Chronicle released DARK DAYS EP. But now for the end of 2015 Chronicle brings us his first LP entitled BRIGHT NIGHTS. Through his hiatus Chronicle was able to work on his craft and was able to find his place in music. With my LP Review I’ll be going over my favorite tracks off the Bright Nights (Deluxe Edition).

IMG_0409Even though the title of the LP “Bright Nights” maybe an oxymoron term but it definitely provides a positive through negative type of vibe. Chronicle remains with soulful sounds such as 90’s R&B, Jazz, and Hip-Hop. He was able to portray these vibes with the help from producers Taylor King, LB, Saul xo, Stevie Fanta, ghost/\/ghoul, Soul, and atlastheoverseer.

BRIGHT NIGHTS LP is a story reflecting on the struggle corcerning his family, relationship woes, insecurities, and a distaste for the current direction of the music scene. Regardless to all these issues/struggles Chronicle insist that there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. Anything you do, make sure it’s done with love.

CHILL ASS INTRO is a great way to show you a sense of what Chronicle is going through and how the vibe it’s setting itself. Right at the beginning you hear from his parents, loved ones, about when is he getting his music together? The intro also features Dezy.

NOSTALGIC kinda reminds me of Gangsta’s Pradise from Coolio. With that dark night/90’s hip-hop production. “Give my people something to live for, Give my people something to die for.” That hook is eternal! Throughout everyone struggle they need to see the light in order to have the reason to live and climb through any obstacles.

LET ME LIVE I feel that this track can definitely be played in a club setting. Especially with the chorus, I can see the crowd go through a trance. Chronicle speaks the truth from experience. Coming together with good people and celebrating with what life has to offer. And if anyone has an issue with that, then give them that middle finger.
POUR OUT YA SOUL really expresses how he feels about his family and how he is when it comes to certain situations. Chronicle also touches topics regarding how people are following trends and eve insecurities in relationships. During these tough times, Chronicle is compelled to search for hope from a higher power.

DO YOU LOVE ME, I feel this track is one of the strongest one on the Bright Nights LP. Discussing the problem he has regarding now a days with woman calling themselves bad bitches and not giving themselves enough dignity.

MIDNIGHT DRIVE is setting the mood for those late night drives with someone you’re interested in. This track is meant for that special lady in your life. Everything about this girl is something you can’t ignore. Chronicle expresses the intensity of attraction. With a minute left in the song you can hear how Chronicle embraces that R&B style he loves so much.

O.T.S is the track to help younger generations to realize things should be done when you’re truly ready such as having kids at a young age. Hoping that other parties will understand and respect your decision. Especially when it comes to letting certain people out of your lives. O.T.S features Vizzle.

This concludes my take on the Bright Nights LP brought to you by Jacksonville Upcoming Hip-Hop Artist Chronicle! If you’re diggin’ the project as much as I am you need to go and support it now and purchase it via iTunes! By doing so you’ll be able to get the BONUS tracks too that include I’m Just Doing Me, Bright Nights, American Dream, and Do You Remember.


Music Video: Gill Graff – I Hate You

Check out the latest visual off of Gill Graff’s Let Me Fail project with his single I HATE YOU. This track was produced by Taku. The video takes us to the point of no return when a relationship turns sour. The I HATE YOU track expresses feelings when it come to couples breaking up. At the beginning we see the girlfriend confront Gill regarding his phone. Leading them into an argument that gave Gill a chance to escape the relationship since he felt it was done before it was over. Gill Graff packs up his things and moves out of her apartment. Amazing visuals, brought to you by the NavasBrothers. Looking out the balcony to a beautiful pink skyline. But the end left me wondering? Will she be okay?

You were the only one ..
Little did I know you had just begun
Discovered a new you … I thought I knew you.. you gave me a new view. – Gill Graff


New Music: 1Known- Incapable

Homestead, FL resident and avid visitor of the site 1Known recently dropped his new single “Incapable”. This is a song explaining how 1Known is currently looking at relationships. He gets deep over the track which is already quite heavy. He also produced the beat on which he crafted the lyrics for this song. Being a fan of 1Known’s prior work, I am proud to hear the growth in his music. I like to give you all my opinion but still leave space for you to create your own opinion so check it out below.

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New Music: SiR B – What You Want

Sir B Cover

Audio Engineer SiR B from California is also a hip-hop artist. His released this track called WHAT YOU WANT It’s metaphoric lyricism about situations with women, their relationships and dealing with life as an aspiring artist. “Late nights with the ladies got me thinkin bout my latest Bih/ Monsters I’ve created and the creatures I’ve debated with/” WHAT YOU WANT has a club vibe to it, definitely a dope track.

Sir B one day dreams of branching off of his music and building an artistic brand of his own benefitting artist who aren’t fortunate enough to be acknowledged due to life’s circumstances. He believes in challenging mediocrity. He believes in thinking differently. He believes in creativity beyond the social and current cliché’s.


Music Video: Cam Sutton – Pride

Have you ever realized when a relationship is over before it’s over? You try to make things work because you love each other and you want the best. But the loves not there anymore. Your PRIDE will never allow you to be with that person ever again because they hurt you so bad.

That’s what Cam Sutton perspective was in his music video for his track PRIDE that’s on his Good Conversation debut mixtape. Cam Sutton is an artist from Queens, New York. You can tell he was being real with his lyrics. PRIDE was produced by HiFadility and the video was directed by Kid DeeBo.


Music Video: YMF Your Mom’s Favorite – Casey Affleck (Gone Baby Gone)

Check out the latest music video from YMF (Your Mom’s Favorite) CASEY AFFLECK Gone Baby Gone. The video starts off with Delliks and Bundy Goodz in the studio waiting up for D.U.Ivan to start the session. But he comes with bad news he won’t be able to record tonight due to issues with his girl. All three guys head out and they all had an occurrence with the same girl without knowing it. By the end of the night she’s caught! The beat was produced by D.U.Ivan. CASEY AFFLECK is a single off of their mixtape Heavy Flow Vol.2 <-- Don't forget to download!

The song’s title stems from the name of the lead actor in the movie Gone, Baby, Gone – a phrase that is prevalent in the chorus.

Directed & Co-produced by AK FILM
Lead Actress Jennifer Carballo
D.U.Ivan, Delliks, & Bundy Goodz