Music Video: @RamonReVere – Ceviche featuring @ArtMorera [Extended Version]

[MIAMI, FLORIDA] Everyone has had to deal with situations that can be a bit Uncomfortable. Ramon ReVere is able to share some of his moments such as dealing with paranoia, ex-girlfriend issues, and even the peer pressure that comes from the street. Ramon ReVere just released his latest visuals from his up and coming project Uncomfortable with his new single CEVICHE. At the beginning of the video, it truly feels like a movie. Ramon ReVere makes a trip to Cali to meet up with Art Morera in California.

One thing I really like about the video is that with ReV’s lines he’s able to show it visually. Like the line with “Tattoo By DaVinci, Middle Finger Itchy, Girlfriend Bitchy” First it shows his dope tattoo on his inner forearm, and then he scratches his middle finger, then you see his girlfriend blow up! Art Morera takes over the second verse and brings in the bars. The collaboration between the two artist is dynamic. Be on the lookout for projects from Ramon ReVere with Uncomfortable EP, and Art Morera with AfterGlow EP.