#SmaktastikReview – MotorCity Kam – July ’91 EP

July91 Cover-MotorCityKam
What’s good Nikkiisiixxers! I’m back this week with a new review just for you. You don’t gatta’ thank me. Just shower me with praise and cover me in exaltation because this project was glorious…why thank you…it was nothing..you’re so kind.
MotorCity Kam, an up and coming rapper from the west-side of Detroit, brings us an EP that’s not only lyrically coherent but amazing musically. You could hear the hard work and dedication through the creativity of each record on this EP. The whole concept of the EP is to give listeners a detailed look into the thoughts of MotorCity Kam as a college student in Detroit. My first impression after hearing the EP was “Wiz whadduuuup??”
I’m guessing Kam hears this alot because he mentions it in the first track of the EP.  “I heard they say I sound like Wiz…”. Hey Kam, you gonna’ hear that alot bruh’ lol. But honestly, that’s only because of the tonality of his voice. His flow and concepts are all unique to his experiences and style-choice. Like “Rainy Day Fund” for example. Not many rappers write about saving the stacks they get. That’s almost like…unheard of.
 MotorCity Kam made this album his own. I have to give credit to the producers on “July ’91” too. Mr. Banxly & John Do the MultiMediA managed to cook up flavors that perfectly compliment Kam’s vision.
There’s never a dull moment on this album. Each song is a banger that could make you bump so hard you’d break a car window. The mixing leaves a bit to be desired but that won’t stop you from enjoying the album.
Check MotorCity Kam out people. Between the excellent production and the performance/delivery Kam provides, you may even wanna’ donate a dollar or two to his cause. You’re welcome!
“I got haters and they hatin’. Got B*tches on my d*ck I be like ‘damn, are we datin’?’ Cuz Back when they was playin’ in high school I was slayin. So if she wanna Goku..nigga..I’m just ‘Saiyan'”
See more from MotorCity Kam at the links below:

#SmaktastikReview: Music Video – SkoTT Summ3r2 – #evilRYU


Hip Hop Fiends! Good day to you all [in British accent]. I hope we all feel fine, sexy, gorgeous or handsome. I know I do. I woke up this morning just knowing that it was gonna’ be one of those days where I would be asking random people “why I gatta’ look so perfect??”.
I’m havin’ a “Beyonce Flawless” day.

If you don’t happen to feel like I do though, press play on your favorite CD, MP3 , Youtube music channel or just listen to what I’m about to bring to you today. The record I have for you people will have you feeling Smaktastik in no time…”SkoTT Summ3r2 – Evil Ryu”.

I reviewed another one of SkoTT’s songs a few months ago. If you missed it… smack yourself in the face and check it out here. It doesn’t have to be in that order.

We all know SkoTT Summ3r2 for his complex views and abstract lyricism. He doesn’t disappoint here. #evilRYU brings back to his listeners those lyrics that makes you hang on to every word and then rewind because of the sheer depth in what was just said. SkoTT went in on this one. He caught me off guard with some of the outrageous lines on the record.

“Steez like I bought it from Jordan in 96. 90 dicks for ya b–ch  if you trippin on that hoe sh– “

90 dicks???? lmao! Wow.
Then there was:

“Fly like funky and fresh. B–ch gat a donkey I’mma study that cunny in depth..”


SkoTT Summ3r2 showed no mercy on this record and Bass Santana showed none on this beat. They collaborated perfectly to bring that sinister feel to your speakers while the video adds to the tone of the song. In listening and watching the video you definitely feel that ominous presence as if the music is going to devour you whole.

This record will definitely leave a lasting impact on the listener. After it was done I just sat there asking myself …”what just happened?” I’m pretty sure this was the impression SkoTT and Bass Santana wanted to have. As soon as the song starts you know something’s about to approach and it ain’t gonna’ be pretty.

Check the video out. SkoTT Summ3r2 showed an excellent display of wordsmanship here. If you’re the kind of Hip Hop fan who needs to have substance in their music, then you need to look up this artist. You’re welcome.

Smaktastik Line:

“Marvelous arsonist. Fire be the signature. Hyper combo to the clouds when I finish ya'”



#SmaktastikReview: Franc Grams – “Mistakes” (Prod. by Smoke The World)


Yaaaaaow! It…has…been…a ….minute!! Who cares though? As long as we have that music we’ll all be just fine. I still brought you something to make up for my extended absence though. This record right here. This song right here. This…[shakes head and leaves computer to gather composure]. You Nikkiisiixx readers should pay me for putting you on to this artist. Franc Grams, ladies and gentlemen brought tears to my eyes this week with his “Mistakes” record.

This song had everything. It was conceptually deep, the delivery was flawless, and the beat production..my gaaaad! Lyrically, Grams hit us with a message that had depth and coherency. In the song, he takes us on a vivid journey through his mistakes and what it cost him. We all make mistakes Grams tells us; but we should be willing to own up to them and accept them. He points out the hypocrisy existing in the world today when we criticize each other without realizing that mistakes are inevitable. He uses music as an example. The music industry carves the canvas for artists to paint pictures that are destroying the very thing we love. Yet we blame everybody else for the result.

Moving on to the production. Smoke the World provided Franc Grams with something beautiful here. As soon as I clicked play on that Soundcloud I got up and caught some kinda’ Holy Ghost.

With a sample that was oh-so-glorious and a drum kit that probably hit the Malaysian flight out of the sky, Smoke the World pretty much ensured that this track would be a classic.

Please check this artist, producer and song out. Follow him on twitter, download his albums and offer to buy him a pizza. You won’t regret it. You’re welcome hip hop fiends!

[Walks over to Nikki and picks up checks from the readers]


“I sold drugs. They said that I kill people. I’m like ‘nah, I make deals with real people ‘
but sh– I look at doctors and that sh– is real equal. They hide sellin’ poison shoutin’ that they heal people”



Mixtape Review: XALI – The American House Slave


XALI (ZA-LI) is a hip-hop artist that was born in the Bronx and now resides in Ft.Lauderdale. As a member of IMC and front man of the SoFlo movement; along with South Florida artist VON, they share a common goal: To make their mark on hip-hop. Through this transition, XALI’s goal is to shed light through hip-hop using knowledge, experiences and the untold truth hidden in the world. Influenced by his passion for poetry, the transition to hip-hop became effortless to him; Therefore making it his number one priority.

His music is a form of art though stories of pain, love, unfortunate experiences and life inspirations. Xali releases his first official mixtape The American House Slave. This project is definitely worth the listen. This mixtape contains twenty-one tracks, which they all provide you with a story, rhythm, and dopeness. Throughout this review, I will discuss my six favorite tracks off The American House Slave. Here we go: (Don’t forget to press play while you read! Enjoy the music)

[100.GRAMS] Xali is letting them know that he is going to be different. He demonstrates this through his flow. How? Because of his word play, the truth behind his lyrics, and his demeanor on the beat. Love that boom-bap production that actually presents itself throughout the entire mixtape. You can tell Xali is inspired with 90’s hip-hop through his vibe. Which I can’t complain cause it’s definitely a nice refreshing change compared to what the current state of hip-hop sounds like.

[SUPREME] This guy is crazy when it comes to his flow. His presence on this beat is ridiculous! You can bob your head to this one. The production on this track is strong and has a sense of darkness. “See the prophet. Pictures of american profit. Lock ya pockets. Opt for a higher option… Half of my mind is gone from the drug abuse ..Smoking addiction to calm my nerves. I’m a troubled youth… Blessed with the diction to rape with words. Imma fxck the booth.

[2BLUNTS] For the track 2Blunts, Xali was able to create a visual for it. But before we get to the video let’s talk about this song. Besides the production being on point, (Shoutout to Napsthelionman). Xali takes us through a session with his boys. Smoking out and chilling out. Really like the solo, black and white shots. Pretty dope intro with the smoke creeping up into the title name. You can definitely vibe out to this one. & don’t forget to watch the visual as well.


[MARIJUANA.TIMES] I swear this track has that fun sense to it. Xali goes all out on this one. Expressing the way he feels about Marijuana and what he does with it. You get that 90’s boom-bap with a vibe of summertime. Xali states “Resurrection of the hippies”…if you’re apart of the movement, then we’re all joining forces! Definitely a fun track. Had this on repeat x25. Love the charisma on the track. Who can’t relate?

Marijuana times,
Marijuana times,
1 blunt with 4 dimes,
For my marijuana mind,
I’m searching…

[KICK.BACK] This track has that street edge to it, dark but dope. Xali is dropping knowledge. Definitely liking the hook.

Q: NIKKISIIXX: What inspired you to write Kick Back?
A: XALI: The song reminds me of some Wu-tang. Methon Man and Redman type vibe.The entry is strictly based on me describing myself in the first four bars..then transitioning to dropping knowledge while keeping the boom-bap alive.

Check out his third verse!
I’m talking when its cold and all the bitch nigas fly south /
And darkness pull you deep .
Who gone climb out
See nigas pull they shrine out/
Praising they time out .
The type spirit make you shake till your dollars and dimes out /
Empty ya mind out /
one God we trust .
Slay youth for da pesos .
pray to jesus’ for your pay flow //
Nigas will sacrafice their soul before they say no
To money thats a day old
From blood drawn under tables . /
And if they do . Know they living in a fxckin fable .
Sometimes a bitch niga isn’t able /

[THE.RIGHT1] Xali expresses himself through song about a tragic loss he had. On December 11, 2012 Xali lost his father to Cancer. So unfortunate to loose someone dear to you and especially under the circumstances of disease. Throughout the song I felt Xali was talking and expressing himself things to his father on THE.RIGHT1.

If you missed out on Xali’s Release Party for The American House Slave check out the video below for a short recap of the best moments from the party.

Xali describes his personal life experiences to express his views towards the hip-hop culture. The American House Slave mixtape focuses on the struggle of the middle and lower class. The concept is captured through his lyrics and presents that our culture is mentally enslaved and the people consider it home: America.

Stay tuned for any future updates from Xali by following his links below! Also, Xali will be performing at MIAJAMFEST 02/07/2014 at The Stage Miami. View more details via NIKKISIIXX.COM.


#SmaktastikReview: Dubwork – Music Video Plea$e & Still Dreaming Mixtape

dub work mv
dub work still dreaming

Whaddup’ Hip-Hop junkies!! I’m fresh out that studio after giving birth to like triplet beats. Them thangs’ bang hard! So I’m hyped up right now and ready to listen to some new music. Naturally I hit up my email to see if my homey Nikki sent me some Underground gems for me to review. At this point I’m doing everything as if I have my own trap beat theme music. You should see how I was checking my email.

So I’m scrolling through to see if any of the subject lines from Nikki would catch my attention.
*Scrolls down*

I gatta’ check this dude out. He sent us his “Please” Music Video from his upcoming mixtape “Still Dreaming” to listen to. Yaow…when the song started I got even more hyped up. This dude Dubwork had mic presence that was larger than his beard. Intrigued I was.  Raised in New York City and New Jersey after his pre-teens, Dubwork uses his music to fuse his East Coast American and Afro-Caribbean roots. Based on this “Please” record, you already know he’s about being motivated, delivering his ideas in a creative way and accumulating those funds.

Let’s talk about this song though! Firstly, the beat is amazing. Shoutout to Eckz for blessing us with such a monstrosity of a production. With a beat this good Dubwork had no choice but to run with it and make a hit song. Nothing pisses me off more than a dope beat in the hands of an artist with no vision or concept awareness. Dubwork probably heard this beat, heard it calling his name and answered with a fitting concept.

Lyrically, there wasn’t anything abstract here. Granted, the instrumental didn’t necessarily call for anything profound. You hear the beat and just wanna wild out.

So simple and straight to the point was the way to go. This way you can enjoy the beat without having to miss out on anything Dubwork was saying.  

The video was very nicely done. Fred Focus did his thing with these visuals. It was shot on location in the Dominican Republic. I personally liked the video. The concept of the video was very suitable. Dubwork is basically telling us that he’s all about his money and his need to be better. What better way to show us than to book a flight to D.R. for no other reason than to shoot a music video and wild out to this dope beat?  I had just one issue with the video though. How could you go all the way to D.R. and not shoot them Dominican honies Fred?? lol

I’m playin’ lol.

Great song. Great artist. Great music video. I urge you all to give this video a few views and spread the word. Show love to the up and comers.  Don’t forget to check out his mixtape “Still Dreaming”…and you’re welcome.

dubwork still dreaming tracklisting

Smaktastik Line:

“I want all of that. I want all of that. My shorty want me to call her back. I run the show..run the team..I kinda feel like a Quaterback.”


#SmaktastikReview: New Music – Twane Picasco – Peace Is The Key



Whats good hip hop fiends! I know it’s been a minute or two but I’m back! Queue the doves and the all-female choir! Hand out them Wal-Mart coupons ‘cuz Pedro’s got another review on the hottest blog on the net and I believe we could all get our Miley Cyrus on to this one.


Here we go though!

“Peace is the key, your mind is the door. We was ready for war, we were fightin for more” says Twane Picasso as he proceeds to paint a vivid picture of his environment growing up. You know a record’s good if you visualize a music video for it as you listen. I pictured his neighborhood and the work on the corner. Slow motion effects, transitions…all of that…..

…Spielberg son!

We’ve all heard the story of “that” Hip-Hop artist’s struggle on the streets in his/her hood. Hip – Hop Artist/Producer and Bennetsville, SC native Twane Picaso told his better than most. This record isn’t just about how his hood is but how his hood could be better. “Peace is the key, your mind is the door”. In this song, Twane Picaso describes the harsh truths of where and how he grew up coupled with how a community as a whole could, if they wanted to, change the character of their surroundings.

With fluid delivery and clever word play I didn’t tire of the song at all. The production is good also. It’s simple and catchy. Sure, Producer Chris Calor could have done more with the drum and sample loop but what for? Twane took that beat to work as is. Check this track out and remember who put you on.

Your welcome.

Smaktastik Line:

“I used to walk around on an empty stomach, and see niggas’ playin’ with tools and aint’ buildin’ nuttin'”






#SmaktastikReviews: Art Morera – “Small World” [Music Video]

I got places to go. People to see and a lot of ideas. If that isn’t what you say every morning when you wake up, then you’re probably not serious or passionate about your craft and profession. First things first (I cant respect you if whenever you hear that phrase you don’t finish it with “I poppa freaks all the honies” in your head ), welcome back to the hottest blog on the net! It’s your host for this post, Pedro with some more music for you fiends. I see you droolin’!

Art Morera’s been releasing alot of new content as of late. He dropped his latest music video for “Small World” from the “Morera EP” and I gatta’ say I was impressed. Not to say that his previous material was bad because I heard a lot of Morera’s music and I vibe to all. This one though? ?? This one?? This one’s up there for me with “98 green 328i” (Check that record out too..fire). Morera always brings you that perfect blend of mood music and that underground sound we love.

A lot of people have been telling me Morera sounds like Drake.


Maybe, if you’ve never really listened to Art Morera or Drake. Conceptually and musically Art Morera is unique with his own style and contributions. That fact definitely presents itself here in this Small World record. The song shows us just how small this world could be, especially to a person with lots of dreams and aspirations. There’s never enough time in a day for an artist who would want nothing more than to just materialize all of his/her thoughts and ideas right there and then. For someone who has places to go, people to see, things to do and a lot of ideas, of course the world will feel like the smallest place ever.

This video though???  Pretty tight. The video shows us a taste of Morera’s world.  The visuals and the video concept were on point. I like the whole “watching 3-4 music videos at once” theme. It adds to the replay value of the video itself. Kimber Vasquez did a great job here portraying Miami as relevant to Art Morera.  A lot of the times I see videos that could be great but the music video treatment doesn’t fit the tone of the record at all. I lie to you not I’ve seen a video where the song is about being in love with a girl with a BPM of like 50 or 60 (just to give you some perspective. That’s reeeeal slow) and the video had these insane,  super quick transitions where the guy was getting wasted at a house party.


That wasn’t the case here. There are a lot of mellow tones used which fit the mood of the song. It’s relatable to everyone. We all have our own world. Mr. Nixon did his thang’ too on this beat. His mixture of jazz with these drum patterns made it easy for anyone to just lay back and vibe to this record. There’s so much to like here. Whether it be Art Morera’s delivery, Kimber Vasquez’s cinematography, Mr. Nixon’s production or most likely all three, you’re going to really appreciate what’s going on right here. So check this out but I gatta’ run son! I got places to go, people to see, things to do and a lot of ideasssss!


Smaktastik Line:

” No not single, all of us, plural. Get off the wall like a buff mural and we puff marijuana without a care about the bureaus pullin’ my card..tarot.”

To see more from Art Morera check out the links below:

New Music: Sommy Lovell – Population: 1

artworks-000045517405-r9zbxb-t200x200Staten Island, New York’s Sommy Lovell decided to go on a loner mission with his song “Population: 1”. I love the fact that from the time he started to rap on this joint it’s a lyrical workout. He speaks on feeling as if he’s the only one trying to expand his brand and keep his music pure. As the post apocalyptic sounding track plays in the background he seriously takes you this deserted version of the hip-hop community where he is the only person staying true to the artform. I personally love the song and played it back four times before I began  to write this review because I feel like he captured the raw emotion that goes throught the minds of many true hip-hop artists that are struggling to build a fanbase and work around labels to deliver what they know the culture is in dire need of hearing. Great song with a message I’m sure nearly everyone that visits this site will enjoy. Check it out below.

Connect with Sommy Lovell online: twitter.com/SommyLovellwww.facebook.com/SommyLovellsoundcloud.com/sommylovell

Mixtape Review: ATM – Friday At The Currency Exchange

Photo Front
ATM is an artist representing Chicago to the fullest. He is set to release his upcoming mixtape Friday At The Currency Exchange. The date is still un-announced but NikkiSiixx brings you an exclusive listen.

Besides reviewing the album, I took a look into ATM’s bio, and I gotta say is wow! ATM has been through so much growing up “As a toddler he lived homeless with his mother and younger sister for a short period of time. He was medically diagnosed with severe epilepsy, which proved to be too much for his teenage mother to cope with financially and mentally. He was then taken in by his father and step-mother with whom he lived with sporadically till he was 18“. I can imagine how much perseverance ATM has working towards his mixtape. ATM has been given the opportunity to perform in various cities alongside such artist as; Big K.r.i.t., Dizzy Wright, Joey Bada$$, Smoke Dza, Chevy woods, Future, Curren$y, Redman, and Method Man.

Friday At The Currency Exchange has collaborations with producers and artist such as; Sen Beatz, Illiad, Gotti Meers, Dimes, Dev Tha Producer, Instrumental Einstein, Lexiii Banks, Joey Blanco, Trealthy Sounds, EdubleCup, Don DiestrO, C.Willis, Naps The Lionman, and BrandUn Deshay. Project full of talent. Through this exclusive review on Friday At The Currency Exchange, I wanted to share with you my favorite tracks off the mixtape.

[x] TRACK TWO: Yesterday’s Sativa featuring Fiend & Valery Jeanette (Produced By Joey Blanco)

I instantly knew what beat this was. ATM spits over LL Cool J’s ‘Hey Lover’ joint. ATM anxiously awaits when is his turn to take over and get noticed. He feels that he won’t be able to provide for his family since he can barely provide for himself. All he wants to do is concentrate on his dream. Featuring Valery Jeanette on the chorus and Fiend on the third verse. Love Valery’s voice, fits perfectly with the song. Fiend’s deep toned definitely gave some backbone to the vibe. This song was a nice switch up from the original.

[x] TRACK SEVEN: Playa of the Year (Produced By Sen Beatz)

This track screams hip-hop! Love the production from Sen Beatz. Gives that 90’s hip-hop vibe. ATM gives a toast for the Playa of The Year. Have you ever felt like you’re unstoppable because how you feel? If you feel, look, sense greatness. This song is for you. Especially, if you’re apart of the fly high club.

[x] TRACK EIGHT: I’m Coming Home featuring Blk Soldier, Kenwood, Jae Ali, Rob Metaphor, Kellay, Lungz, and Chuck Li (Produced By Dev The Producer)

This track is intense! Besides being eleven minutes long and featuring eight artists I’M COMING HOME is a huge cypher on Dev The Producer’s beat. I think everyone on the track did an amazing job. When you listen to this track you hear the diversity between each others flows. It’s not like someone sounds like someone else.

[x] TRACK TWELVE: Forbidden Affair (Produced By Dimes)

Forbidden Affair is the one that no one really wants. Being the one interfering with someone else’s relationship. Even though you have strong feelings for each other, it’s not real. Being put to the side because she is caught up with her man. ATM is making his choice ending the affair because he feels that it’s just not right.

[x] TRACK FOURTEEN: We MOB featuring Michael Dejanein (Produced By llliad)

With this track, even though it’s almost at the end of the mixtape still felt like an introduction. ATM features Michael Dejanein on We MOB. Living like a mobster, you need a mob wife to fit for that mob life. I like ATM’s confidence and delivery on this one. The production on We MOB is precise, production by llliad. Very dope track.

[x] TRACK FIFTEEN: Last One featuring Kallay and Rasta Kelley (Produced By BrandUn DeShay)

Keeping this track for last, LAST ONE is an amazing track. It starts off silent with ATM doing some spoken word, then the beat sneaks in and goes into a fun/rastafarian vibe. The production is on point! Great track for the smokers. This one is a track to light up and enjoy the positive vibes.

This conclude my mixtape review on ATM’s Friday At The Currency Exchange. Hope you’re feeling the project as much as I am. #PS The first single off this mixtape will be Track Two Yesterday’s Sativa. Want to know when it drops? Follow ATM through his social media outlets to get it first.


New Music: ConFlik – Spike Lee


Queens, New York native ConFlik painted a nice R rated song with an X rated purpose over the FlashBeats produced track. “Spike Lee” is a song about kicking it with a chick and having a good time. The lyrics in the verses go for a more sexual meaning but the chorus has a slightly cleaner connotation. He was witty with the delivery saying things like “come to the stu, I even make a song with ya/ have ya singing high notes…” and “that’s your girl nigga, repo”. He even had a few cool double entendres like “dirt dog, hit or play safe when I dugout”. This joint is definitely a smooth track you can play while kicking it with your chick. Ladies you can also play it if you’re trying to throw your guy a few hints. The chorus played on the name in a great way. I also want to compliment the artwork for this track which is phenomenal. It’s simple yet captured the meaning of the song while playing on Spike’s famous Mars Blackmon character. Check out the song below and leave a comment about it.

Connect with ConFlik online: soundcloud.com/confliktwitter.com/ConFlikitsConMusic.com

Also if you enjoy this song you can check out the entire mixtape “More Money More ConFlik” click here http://www.DatPiff.com/ConFlik-More-Money-More-ConFlik

Freestyle Friday: Ray Dawn – The Bar Exam Episode 1

The Bar Exam EP 1

Pittsburgh’s Ray Dawn decided to flex his freestyle muscles on episode 1 of his summer freestyle series The Bar Exam. On this episode he raps his way through Pusha T’s “Numbers On The Board”, Action Bronson’s “Strictly 4 My Jeeps” and Mac Miller’s “S.D.S”. beats. He does a great job on keeping a steady flow throughout the beat progressions. His delivery was impressive especially on “Strictly 4 My Jeeps” when he starts off by saying “Bronson couldn’t say it but this is strictly for my niggas”. DJ Nugget did a great job blending the tracks on the tracks together. I’m looking forward to hearing the next installments of The Bar Exam.


#SmaktastikReviews: Uncut Diamondz – E.T. [Music Video]

Uncut Diamondz

Yaaaaaow! Welcome back to the hottest blog on the net. Somebody get these guys a fan and some Aquafina. Pedro’s got another hit…Barry Bonds!![Kanye Voice].


This was my first time hearing any of Uncut Diamondz material. When I checked out his artist name I said to myself, “Dawg, this dude is either really good or really bad.” With a name like Uncut Diamondz, you could go either way. There’s a lot of positive things to be said about an artist who sees himself as raw and unprocessed. Then again, I could see somebody turning something like “Uncut Diamondz” into some ignant’, anti-thought provoking, Riff Raff-esque scene. In any event, I knew I was gonna’ be entertained.

I clicked play on his “E.T.” video and was impressed. Broward County, FL’s Uncut Diamondz aims for the stars with this joint. The record starts off with an ethereal piano intro accompanied by one of the catchiest hooks I’ve heard this year. When the kick dropped, it dropped with a vengeance; and Uncut was there to catch it with bars that pretty much encompassed the record’s message.

“Tell my girl she could lay low. Put my homies on my payroll. Makin’ music what I get paid for”

This artist, through this song, just told me that he’s determined to reach unknown heights in his career and  based off of what I heard in this record I believe him. I heard the passion. I heard the determination. He introduced us to his struggle.

“Hey, remember when I couldn’t afford a Ford. Now, I’m that King Author like a nigga pulled a sword….”

As I was listening, I kept saying to myself this artist could write and deliver. I could leave quotes here all day but then you should just watch the video and check his Soundcloud out for yourself.

The video I felt was ok. It portrayed the concept of the song accurately. With a backdrop of outer space and galaxies throughout the video, OneTwoMedia was able to underline Uncut’s metaphorical rise to the stars quite easily. I did feel like the video editing was a bit low budget for a song this good but OneTwoMedia got the job done. They did execute certain aspects of the video flawlessly though. Scenes such as the Uncut Diamondz’ performances with his homies and radio interviews were put together well.

I’m recommending you guys check this video out. Uncut Diamondz left a lot on this record and I see massive amounts of potential here. I hear both lyrical and musical talent and strongly recommend you check this record and artist out. Check out his video below.

Smaktastik Line:

“Still gotta bring dollars in. My momma’ talkin bout college and I know she right. I know she right but rappin’ can’t get scholarships”


To see more from Uncut Diamondz view links below:





New Music: Stide Prince- Reasons

SPMiami’s own Stide Prince dropped off his single “Reasons” from his mixtape Journey To 100,000 Fans. He speaks on the reason why he believes he’s the best rapper in Dade county, why he works so hard, why he left school and a lot more. The production which was done by Robbie Anthemis smooth track. The chorus has melodic vocals singing as Prince catches your attention with a chorus that encourages listeners to enjoy themselves while listening to the song. He spoke on a subject that happens a lot in Miami, senseless murder. He did so my saying “It’s a reason my whole block done turned up, then ignant ass niggas with them choppas showed up”. Stide even spoke on missing the songstress Aaliyah and how listening listening to slow songs allowed him to realize he was missing a young lady. Check out the song below and download it you’re digging his style.

Connect with Stide Prince online

#SmaktastikReviews: Tamara Bubble – Living It Up

Tamara Bubble_Living it Up Single Cover

What’s good music lovers! It’s Pedro comin’ at ya’ with that good good – that mash your face up while you nod your head music – that music that reminds you why you still download MP3s to your itunes or have that custom audio deck in your vehicle. Nikki hit me up with a lot of music to review this week and out of all of them, this one had me like:

“OoOoOoooh smaaaack!! you go girl!”

You Go Girl

Tamara Bubble! Songwriter, actress, singer and model from Brooklyn, NY. She writes and performs everything from Dance to Hip Hop, blending elements of Jazz and Soul. It seems as if there’s nothing she can’t do. She shows her versatility on this record by delivering confident rap vocals accompanied by an upbeat melodious hook that had me out of my seat doin’ some kinda’ Beyonce dance.


I was sweatin’, I was dancin’, I was sippin’, I was livin’ it up. Mission Accomplished Tamara. Krazy Figz did an excellent job on the production. The music complimented Tamara perfectly.

The quality of the vocal mix could be improved upon though. There were times where the adlibs overpowered the main vocals which disrupted the blend. This however, didn’t detract from the overall enjoyment of the song at all. I would still blast this in my car. I could still hear this in the club. I could still buss’ a Beyonce to it.

I love how she delivered both competent, cohesive rap verses and singing hooks that make you go:

She can RAP and SING!

A lot of singers who rap on their records sound uncomfortable and unnatural but Tamara really sounds like she’s in her element.

I like this song, love her sound, love her charisma and her style. Despite the vocal mix, I still appreciated the record and want to hear more from this artist. Color me a fan! Her new single is now available on iTunes. Click here to check it out.

Smaktastik Line:

“1999 was a good year. For the same amount I could get her good hair”

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Contact: Patrick at Pspell Management 646.730.8691 or bookings@tamarabubble.com

LP Review: Silas Saunders – The Renewal

RenewalMiami native Silas Saunders recently released his sophomore mixtape, The Renewal. The project is solid from the intro track “State of Mind” where Silas give a shoutout to his day one supporters. On the J. Dilla produced “Life Is A Gift” he speaks on his come up from eighth grade cyphers to being a serious artist now. The title track “The Renewal” he show off his knowledge of hip-hop with lines like “like a shaolin sword I slice through the beat”. On the track “Hip-Hop” which features a sample the true hip-hop heads will go crazy over as he shows his love for hip-hop. On the more laid back “Melodies” he sways about real life situations over a beat that produced. On “Four Letter Word” he gives his feelings of love. Silas continues his stroll on the road of love with “Best Of Me”. On “Seasons” which samples Queen Latifah’s “U.N.I.T.Y” he raps about staying true to yourself. “Everybody Listen Up” begins to spaz over the piano chords about life and his growing as a man.

Silas spits about bettering the world on “Green World”. He shows off his freestyle abilities on “Like Water” while still remaining conscious. On “Someday” Saunders raps about working towards what you want to achieve. “Visionary” is where Silas Saunders shows love to the city of Miami along with his featured artists. On “Nowhere Safe” Silas features Daniel Bambaata Marley (Ziggy Marley’s son) as they explain the dangers of the world. Silas Saunders end the mixtape with a song called “Beautiful World” that has Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” speech being recited as he raps about how great the world is if you live well. Overall this a quality project that definitely worth listening to a few times.

Connect with Silas Saunders online: twitter.com/SilasSaunderssoundcloud.com/silassaunders

New Music: Damo f. Stevie P & Twyce Nyce – Zeros to Heroes

Damo of Philadelphia, PA shows brotherly love on this song as he gets Stevie P of New Orleans, LA and Twyce Nyce of Delaware.This track is true to it’s name of the well known idiom for success stories. Stevie P starts off the track on a high note with mentions of what he listened to on his way up while telling a story about himself and childhood friends.

Damo plays the middle verse with such style and grace while speaking on hand-me-downs, family and avoiding trouble. Twyce Nyce brings an even more intricate manner to his verse as he rides the beat until the song ends. The detail and emotion put into everyone’s verses on this song makes it quite impressive and worthy of a download.

Connect with Damo online


Download: Eric J. – At The Party EP

eric j ss

‘At The Party’ isn’t your typical mixtape or EP. Eric J. took a unique stance and told the story of a party from beginning to end. The tape as a whole provides an interesting social commentary without coming across as pretentious. He shows awareness as an artist and puts his storytelling skills on display throughout the ‘At The Party’ EP. Eric J. shows a big picture awareness as an artist that’s impressive, but perhaps what stands out the most about this tape is just the quality of the music. A lot of it is well done hip hop that’s fun to listen to. The production is top notch; all the beats are good to vibe to  and everything is mixed well. Some of my favorite tracks were ‘At The Party’, ‘Morning After Pill’, ‘Take Ya Shirt Off’ and ‘On My Way’. For some reason, ‘On My Way’ made me think of an Andre Nickatina track. Weird.

Anyways, this tape is very well thought out and there are heady things happening from beginning to end. Eric J. is a multi-talented artist and producer who undoubtedly has some big things ahead of him. Be sure to check out the tape and catch a free download. And if you’re mad interested, vibe to this interview he did with SC Homegrown.




New Music: AWKWORD – Doh

If you’re not familiar with the grassroots hero AWKWORD then you’re way outta of the loop. This dude has been killing everything and blazing trails for a grip. Just calling him a rapper is an injustice; he’s a philanthropist, humanist, and progressive artist that has gained well-deserved recognition by some of the biggest hip-hop outlets in the game. Needless to say, I feel very privileged to be reviewing this track.

Anyways, let me get off my fanboy shit. ‘Doh’ is a very well put together song that draws inspiration from AWKWORD’s time spent in the hazy studios of Harry Fraud. Icy and smooth throughout, the production is top notch and the sample game is subtle and very complimentary. AWKWORD has that double-take flow, his wordplay warrants a second, third, and tenth play. Clever is an understatement. This track’s replayability is really high and has a nice combination of old and new school. ‘Doh’ is another crazy good track from the underground savant AWKWORD, something we’ve come to expect from the multi-faceted artist.