[AUDIO] Jared Xavier – Friends

[WILKES-BARRE, PA] Making his return back on NikkiSiixx.com, Jared Xavier makes his way with his latest single FRIENDS. One thing that stands out about Jared Xavier, is his willingness to try new things. He’s trying something new with his single FRIENDS. Soft, angelic, this track is meant for someone who is more than just a friend. Produced by Iman Omari and Mixed/Mastered By Dep J. Make sure you follow Jared Xavier on Twitter to be updated on his latest release!



[UPCOMING EVENT] May 13th – RNBAE Showcase Takes Over Miami for One Night with Love & Heartbreak

The current state of The R&B scene in South Florida is little to none, but thats going to change on May 13th. RNBAE Showcase sponsored by @Crisdacat and @Miz_gabz96. What an amazing ideal to bring back R&B. They have a really special night dedicated to lovers and ones dealing with heartbreak. You don’t want to miss this! Make sure you come through and support Miami’s R&B Scene! I’ll be there and ready to network!

LOCATION: 3326 N Miami Ave
(In Midtown across from the shopping center with Target, Lime, Homegoods etc)

SHOW: 9:00 PM to 12:00 AM

PARKING: There is free parking available as there is space (Lot behind the venue)

THEME: Love / Heartbreak
COLORS: Purple

Caleb Kai
Eyme XY
Aleicia Nicole


DJ DreamBillz

ABA Jewels
ACC Miami (Finessing)
Original Lavish

The Kangie

Mieux Magazine
Citrus Rap
OhRawkC Show
CViddy TV
Nikki Siixx
Rap HQ
Lola Chel / Creativ Mag
The Foul Hundreds
Yes Julz! Agency
New Times Broward

ART ENTERTAINMENT: Kangie is providing a “color by number” art piece for everyone at the event to enjoy. This is an interactive art piece allowing guests to color on the display and we will take a photos in front of it as well.

FLYER CREATED BY: @thatboysp



Ep Review: Chad Michael – Rain

Chad Michael Rain EP[LOS ANGELES] Making his debut on NikkiSiixx.com, the upcoming Arizona native emcee/singer Chad Michael has released his EP Rain. The six track collection of songs portray a compelling story-line from a man pursing his dreams. During 2014-2015, Chad Michael went to college and moved to Southern California to make a career in music.

Going through the experiences he endured and lesson’s learned, Chad Michael wanted to express this on the Rain EP. All produced by Oregon Producer Emotion Beats. They were able to work together and really give the feel of rain fall, because of the records up and downs. Throughout the 25 minute journey, how can you not relate to Chad Michael. My favorite tracks of the Rain Ep are Evolution, Different, Weekend Love, and Rain. Here’s what I thought about my favorite tracks:

EVOLUTION is a track that shows off Chad Michael’s verbal capabilities! By showing us how fast and creative his lyricism can be. Considering this is the first track off the EP and the first song I hear from Chad Michael, this is definitely a great introduction. He lets the listener know the bullshit he’s been through and what he’s doing to prevail in his music career. Dope flow!

DIFFERENT is a track where Chad Michael expresses his time growing up in Arizona and making the big move to California. Retouching his roots Chad realizes things change and things will become different. Visual Directors Danny Gauthier and Chad M. Arechiga bring Chad Michael’s music video to his first single DIFFERENT.

WEEKEND LOVE here’s a track where Chad Michael becomes a hopeless romantic. When needing love you just have to take it slow or do what just feels right. But due to his career and the long distance, the commitment just doesn’t feel right. With what the entertainment industry is trying to show the artist, that the most important thing is getting money and fucking bitches. Messes with the mind, but not the heart.

RAIN I find this track to be very poetic with a heavy introspective perspective. With the simple production, it really makes you concentrate with what Chad Michael’s had to say. The twenty-four year old artist who has potential in making his mark in the hip-hop scene. RAIN also shows Chad’s melodic and soulful side to his music.
chad michael
Chad uses ‘Rain’ as an opportunity to continue to explore and refine his burgeoning mixture of sounds. Whether crooning softly to an old flame or attempting to navigate the difficulty of societal pressures, the young artist’s intelligence, raw ability, and passion shine

With the beginning of the year underway, Chad Michael is expected to have collaborations with established artists and some new music videos as well! Be on the lookout for more content and take a listen to the Rain Ep.



Download: Klassik – Autumn EP

As time passes, feelings and vibes can change too. Inspired by the seasons throughout the year, Milwaukee Hip-Hop/R&B Artist Klassik presents us with his Autumn EP. Pretty dope considering over this passed weekend Pigeons & Planes premiered the project on their site. Warmer days are fewer and farther between, but in the days before you buckle down from the frost of WINTER again. 1427778020 The AUTUMN season allows for an introspective harvest of all vibrations and energy that allows you to be creative. Klassik is able to maintain this because he gets super soulful with his melodic singing and he produced the tracks himself. Recorded and mastered by Mammyth Audio. For being three tracks long, the project holds the fort down. Only if it had about 2-3 more tracks, then I would of felt it more complete. But hey, Klassik definitely has a new sense to where R&B and Hip-Hop can come together. Take a look at the other season projects Klassik came up with within this passed year: WINTERSPRINGSUMMER. Be in the loop & stay connected.


New Music: Tamara Bubble – Just Say No

Brooklyn Artist, Model, Entertainer, Songwriter, and Actress Tamara Bubble releases a track off her latest EP “Living It Up“. Tamara Bubble keeps busy with all these attributes for her career. Tamara discusses the pressure of temptation and infidelity. Even if it’s easy or convenient to cheat, Tamara sends a sweet reminder that it’s better to remain faithful. With JUST SAY NO. I really love Tamara’s voice! Dropping melodies and harmonies over the amazing production by @KrazyFigz. Don’t forget to listen to her entire EP Living It Up via iTunes.

Contact: Patrick at Pspell Management 646.730.8691 or bookings@tamarabubble.com


Video: Life in the Klouds with Eric Biddines by Kloud Clothing

Check out this really dope interview series by Kloud Clothing Line titled “Life in the Klouds with” and they chose to do an episode on Palm Beach County Artist Eric Biddines. Throughout the video you get to see glimpses of Eric Biddines Music Videos, A Live Performance at Propaganda for NikkiSiixx.com’s 3 Year Anniversary, and getting a better understanding of what “PlanetCoffeeBean” is really about. Take a look and don’t forget to support Eric Biddines by downloading his project PlantetCoffeeBean 2.



New Music: Kirby Maurier – I’m Jus Sayin

Kirby Maurier - I'm Jus Sayin [Cover]

I came across this submission via Shay Scene (Valholla Entertainment) regarding Miami based R&B singer Kirby Maurier with her single I’M JUS SAYIN. What an amazing song! I love Kirby’s voice. She has range, passion, and she’s really dope. Usually we concentrate on hip-hop but Kirby makes an exception since she has talent and definitely needs to be heard. I’M JUS SAYIN is Kirby’s perspective of being in a relationship and having such a strong connection. Without em’, she’s empty. The best feeling to know they feel the same way about you, you feel like you’re flying.

Credits: Written By Kirby Maurier | Additional vocals @vegasinmiami | Recorded at Bleu Odin Studios, Miami, FL | Cover @Shotbyrusso | Make Up @iamthefashionistis | Art Direction Kirby Maurier / Bleu Odin | Mixed by Jackpot / Ryan ‘Mr. Myagi | | Mastered by Db for Rec Center Studios, FL | Executive Producers @VinceValholla @KirbyMaurier & Jackpot.



Music Video: NeoPopSicle – AWAKE

NeoPopSicle releases her FIRST video to AWAKE. The song and video to this is amazing! Neo’s vocals are insane! She really does give that ambient feeling when you hear her sing. Visuals fit perfectly with the feel of the song. Very sexy! SuperInternational’s Jonny Walker shot and edited the video. AWAKE is a single off TheLupENDblog Dreaming Awake.

“Awake is about being with someone who’s resistant to fall in love because of a past relationship gone bad. Love is never ending and we find ourselves falling in and and out throughout our lives. We shouldn’t be afraid of the process but embrace it instead” – Neo


New Music: Anjuli Stars – Buss Shots

Buss Shots by anjulistars
Anjuli Stars released her single Buss Shots debuting her second project Starvation Vol 2! I’ve actually been waiting to hear any new updates about her upcoming project, and it’s finally here. The date of release — Christmas Day! But you can take a look at a previous review I did on Starvation Vol 1.

The record Buss Shots was produced by StayBent Krunkadelic & written by Anjuli Stars. The chorus is so catchy! I feel that this song is for the ladies! A women’s perspective that we’ve all been in a situation between a man you love but he has another, and won’t make up his mind. This track is a great introduction to what’s in store, when Anjuli releases Starvation VOL 2!

“The gun shots are a metaphor for expression. Buss Shots is about shooting down through lyrical expression. I’m not literally shooting anyone. Its not a violent record at all, I actually consider it a love song.” –Anjuli Stars



Video: Chellie G – Unplugged at The Van Dyke Cafe

Check out the live footage of Chellie G performing live, unplugged at The Van Dyke Cafe in Miami Beach, Florida. Her style has RnB with a switch up with Reggae/Hip-Hop. I wanted to show you this video so you can have a feel to whats in store for this Wednesday Night At The Stage Miami! Chellie G will be performing at A Ketchy Shuby Christmas. Can’t wait to see her perform live in person.



Tribute: Aaliyah (1979 – 2001)

Aaliyah was an R&B & Hip-Hop Singer/Actress. Today makes 10 years of Aaliyah’s death, when her airplane crashes after Rock The Boat video shoot in the Bahamas. What happened was that they initially had a flight scheduled for the following day, but with filming finished early, Aaliyah and her entourage were eager to return to the United States and made the decision to leave immediately. The designated airplane was smaller than the Cessna 404 in which they had originally flown. Nevertheless, the whole party and all of the equipment were accommodated on board. As a result, when the aircraft attempted to depart, it was over its maximum takeoff weight by 700 pounds and was carrying one more passenger than it was certified to. The plane crashed shortly after takeoff, about 200 feet from the runway. Aaliyah and the eight others on board, were killed.

I am a fan of Aaliyah. I remember when I was 13 years old, I would watch all her videos, learn her lyrics, and try to dance just like her. I remember hearing the news on MTV of this tragic crash, I couldn’t believe it. When you watch the video you are in shock of how angelic Aaliyah looks, and especially at the end of the video it seems like she is swimming up to the heavens. Breath-taking.


Download: Just Sincere – Just Muzik Vol. 1 “The 1st Chapter”

Just Sincere just released yesterday Just Muzik Vol. 1 “The First Chapter” Just Sincere is an up and coming artist from Queens, New York. The project is filled with great tracks. A few of my favorites consists of Unfortunate, Bachelor Pad, Unofficial, Daddy’s Got U, and Double Sided Love It’s filled with Hip-Hop, R&B, and Soul.

01. My Thoughts
02. Crossroad
03. 4bidden
04. Unfortunate
05. Bachelor Pad featuring G. Gardner
06. Regrets
07. Unofficial featuring Jsalmz
08. When It’s My Time To Go
09. Picture Perfect featuring Porcelynn
10. Daddy’s Got U featuring IQ X G. Gardner
11. B.O.N.G (Best Of The New Generation) featuring Aqua Island
12. Outro Bullshit
13. BONUS TRACK – Double Sided Love



Tribute: Amy Winehouse (1983-2011)

Amy Winehouse was a talented singer but was misguided with her battle against drugs and alcohol abuse. She had a distinctive voice and beehive hairstyle. I was a fan especially Back To Black. Winehouse’s debut album Frank” was released in 2003 and went triple platinum in Britain. The Grammy award-winning soul singer was found dead in her London apartment today, she was only 27. The cause of death is still unknown. Once I found out I was in shock. I was more disappointed than anything. As a fan of her music I was hoping she was going to change her ways and finally get her life together. Since the cause of death is still unknown I don’t want to assume anything.


New Music: Marcess – Save Me

Marcess recently dropped his first mix-tape Love.Hero. with grand success, selling hundreds of copies and downloads within the first day of its release. He’s currently concentrating on touring in the local Iowa scene to promote the mix-tape even further. Releasing Save Me this track is a special one for the ladies.

“I make no claims to be the greatest thing that has ever happened to Iowa, but I love music so I’ll keep writing/singing/producing. My goal? Get Iowa’s urban music scene to where it should be artistically.” -Marcess
Marcess is an R&B singer and has been compared to artist like Avant, Usher, and Musiq Soulchild with his soulful ballads and Lupe Fiasco/Common style level of lyricism.



Download: NeoPopSicle – Dear Andre

Click Image Above For Download

NeoPopSicle released yesterday her Dear Andre EP, which consists of six tracks. The EP has features from Eric Biddines and Kaedus. Neosoul is in full effect! Neopopsicle has that smooth soulful and sultry vocals.

Executive Produced by J Sharp & Eric Biddines
Photography by Jonathan Hall
Album Art by 1 Hundred
All lyrics (except lyrics from features Kaedus and Eric Biddines), melody and vocal arrangements by NeoPopSicle
All mixing and mastering done by J Sharp



Musician Interview: Chorde

Chorde Ronald Meredith was born on December 19, 1989 from Jamaican parents – Faith Boothe and Ron Meredith in Ft Lauderdale, FL. He lived in Jamaica and Connecticut once upon a time but most of his life was spent in South Florida. Ron Meredith is a musician who plays the piano, drums, clarinet, harmonica, and sings. He could also be classified as the reason for Chorde’s musical talents.

Chorde has been singing since he could talk, and he taught himself how to play the piano when he was four. It was in the first grade where he made the decision that he wanted to be a basketball player, singer, and a fireman… but he stuck with singing ever since.

Chorde’s first vocal coach and chorus teacher was Julie Webb and she worked with him intensely before and after school and was a vital part of his musical growth and can also be seen as the one who played a large role in Chorde’s achievements of many musical awards and the lead roles for tons of musicals such as The Chorus Line, The Pajama Game, Guys and Dolls, Bugsy Malone, etc.

Here is how our interview went:

For being a young artist, do you feel that you have what it takes to be known? I feel like I have more than what it takes. I have the talent and I have the drive and I am definitely confident enough.

What type of artist you consider yourself? I don’t really think I fit as a specific type of artist. I feel that when you categorize yourself then you basically limit yourself. If I had to choose a category I’d say I am a Pop artist.

Have you performed at any venues? If you haven’t where would you like to perform? I’ve opened up for Currensy, Scotch Davis and Dom Kennedy in Miami at Ashley Outrageous’ “Cool Bowl” (I can’t remember the warehouse it was a hip hop event though) it was pretty dope chillin’ in the back with all of them. I have performed at club Revolution opening up for Serani which was cool. I’ve performed at a few clubs on South Beach such as Heathrow, Skyline, and also plenty of clubs/lounges in the Broward county area.

Why did you feel like you needed to drop out of College? I dropped out of college because I wasn’t able to work with the kind of music that I wanted to do. Plus doing all that homework wasn’t allowing me to do shows or record. Also, I didn’t want to pursue my music career after I was 22 or 23.

Click Image For Download
Chorde dropped his first EP “Start to Finish | Phase One: The Attraction” on 10-25-10 which has thousands of listens and downloads and has been downloaded in several countries such as Japan, Spain, Brazil, Jamaica, France and the US to name a few. Start to Finish | Phase Two: The Fascination is the current project being worked on and is scheduled to be released in a few months.

How was the success of “Start To Finish – Phase One: The Attraction” so far? Phase one did great! It has been downloaded and played in 12 different countries all over the world. Also, I have had a lot of different artist in the US and over seas wanting to work on collaborations together. Working with new artist is always awesome!

What’s the concept of your second project? Is it purposely the sequel to The Attraction EP? Yeah, well with the first EP we came out with some R&B tracks and some Hip-hop tracks. With the next EP, it will be more poppy. Pop and Hip Pop feel had to switch it up and let people know that I’m not limited to just one sound…

Do you already have a set release date for “Start To Finish – Phase Two: The Fascination”? We don’t have a set date for the second EP because things change everyday. I am always adding tracks and taking tracks out, so hopefully in early mid May but you never know. But I will keep you posted, NikkiSiixx!

What are the goals you have that you want to accomplish before 2011 is over? I just wanted to get my name out more. Have more people listen to my music, and it will happen. I know it’s going to take time, but I’m confident that it will happen. One specific goal I had was to get my music on the radio and and I have a song called “Bad Girl” that plays on X102.3, I know that I can accomplish anything.

Any last words? Special thanks to everyone that listened to, and downloaded the album. I really appreciate it.



New Music: Key Element – Tonight

Check out Key Element’s new track called Tonight. This song is out to us ladies! R&B and HipHop mix. Key Element is a entrepreneur, hip-hop artist, and songwriter. His signature smooth and lyrical style is a reflection of his upbringing with influences such as Anita Baker, LL Cool J, 2 Pac,and Frankie Beverly and Maze just to name a few. With thought provoking lyrics and the ability to bring a track to life in front of your very eyes, don’t be surprised to see this budding artist on a high platform in its due season.