[GAMER TIME] – Star Ocean V: Integrity and Faithlessness

In the interest of full disclosure, let it be known that I absolutely love the Star Ocean series. Star Ocean III: Til the End of Time is one of my top 10 favorite games ever, so I originally had no intention of being objective with this review. Other media had panned this game severely and I felt like it was up to me to defend it and big up its good qualities.

But then I actually played the game.

After the first five minutes, I didn’t feel that immediate engagement factor. Star Ocean V: Integrity and Faithlessness just kinda starts and before too long you’re off adventuring trying to save your hometown from bandits or something. While that may be refreshing for some JRPG players who are sick of games in the the genre taking upwards of 15 hours to get to the good part, that quickened pace comes at the sacrifice of the story’s length. You can complete the main game in a little over 20 hours, so if you were looking for a sprawling space epic, this is the wrong place.

Runnin' through these pretty towns with my woes

Runnin’ through these pretty towns with my woes

The game¬†does¬†have good qualities about it though, and mainstream critics have been way too harsh. Battles are fun, the English voice acting is really good, and it’s beautiful to look at. However, this isn’t the triumphant return of a much beloved series. Not even a little. I outlined the good parts of the game in my video review above so definitely check that out for more in depth analysis on what Star Ocean V does and doesn’t do.

The cancel system and customizable move-sets keep combat pretty entertaining.

The cancel system and customizable move-sets keep combat pretty entertaining.

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Videogames: Playstation Experience 2015 Reveals Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer/GamePlay

I’m seriously about to cry! The excitement that takes over me as I watch the official Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer with Gameplay footage! This gives me goosebumps considering now the game will have voices for the characters and its more interactive! The battle scenes remind me of Kingdom Hearts, and Cloud’s moves look insane!

final-fantasy-vii-remake-gameplayYou even catch in the trailer you’re playing as Barret too? It seems to be you’ll be able to switch over to other character during game play which reminds me of Final Fantasy XII. Final Fantasy VII Remake is what every RPG player is waiting for. The right way to play a classic is with a remake that surpasses the original format and imagery. It also seems to me they used the same guy Takahiro Sakurai to voice Cloud. Back in Final Fantasy VII Advent Children CGI Film, which is also epic as well!

Now, I’m just waiting for a release date! It should be 2016, I’m hoping its next year! Final Fantasy VII Remake will be available on the PS4 and than the Xbox One.


Videogames: Kingdom Hearts III is available for PRE-ORDER


Kingdom-Hearts-3-5Can you finally believe it?! Kingdom Hearts III is finally available for Pre-Order and release date is for December 31, 2015!! No, not an official release date but that date is just a placeholder date. No official date has been announced yet. Hopefully one will be announced during E3 in a couple weeks. If it is set to release by winter this year, it will be perfect time for a late Christmas gift. Clearly this means the game must be close to finishing, since they’re already accepting pre-orders (Hopefully… fingers crossed). I’ll be setting up my pre-order and wish list to Santa for a PS4 in order to even play the game. Kingdom Hearts III the game is set to possibly have characters and worlds involving Disney, Star Wars, and Marvel. We just have to wait and see for any more updates.