[MUSIC VIDEO] Appalonia – Rules of Engagement

Embeded From SYGU https://www.sygu.net/play/video/432.

[LOS ANGELES] Making her first appearance on NikkiSiixx.com, we have Latina artist Appalonia with her steamy new music video to her single RULES OF ENGAGEMENT. Appalonia teaches the Do’s & Don’ts of how to keep your man. Making it hard for the man to ever leave them because they’re willing to satisfy the needs of their men. I really like Appalonia’s flow and style. She definitely has sex appeal and most likely knows how to keep her man happy. Due to the attention of this video Appalonia, she was able to get music industry mogul Teddy C Money who decided to do a EP Distribution deal. Stay tuned for more from Appalonia and make sure you hear her music on SPOTIFY.