NikkiSiixx Reacts to The Flash S2 Ep 19 – Back To Normal

SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t watched this episode already, here’s you’re warning. NikkiSiixx records her reaction to the latest episode of The Flash. If you can’t tell, she’s a fan. Season Two Episode Nineteen “BACK TO NORMAL”.

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TV: FLASH Back Tuesdays – Episode Thirteen (The Nuclear Man) Episode Fourteen (Fallout)

I’m back with FLASH Back Tuesdays. Every week I’ll review episodes off CW’s new hit television series called The Flash. If you haven’t watched the series I recommend you do so now, before I go all in twenty-three episodes. Season Two is set to premiere on Tuesday October 6th. I’ll be reviewing Episode Thirteen “The Nuclear Man” Episode Fourteen “Fallout”.


Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 11.41.07 AMThe episode starts off with Barry trying to find the perfect outfit to go on a date with Linda. Barry is romantic getting her a single flower and their eating at a restaurant enjoying the most spicy tacos ever. Barry still has to deal with Flash side jobs in stopping a robbery and a man from jumping off a building. Ronnie confronts a man telling him things that only Dr.Stein would know. He tells him he needs his help. Barry tells Caitlin and Cisco his going on a second date. Iris overhears it and you can tell it bothers her. Cisco gets a call to meet a friend. There was a new victim from the Burning Man. Iris asks Caitlin wasn’t she asking about that story before. Cisco met up with Joe at Barry’s old home where his mother is murder. Joe doesn’t want him to tell anyone he’s apart of the re-opened case. Wells needs to find Ronnie because they need to figure out why Martin Stein is controlling Ronnie. Barry has a flashback that he saw Martin Stein on the train when he was heading back to town. Then we witness what happened after when he merged with Ronnie’s energy. Barry, Caitlin, and Wells go and visit Stein’s wife to find out a bit more about his disappearance. She said she was visited by Ronnie a month after the accelerator exploded. Joe and Cisco discover the mirror dresser ended up capturing the moment when the speedster was inside the home. Barry is on his date and she’s taking things real fast.

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 11.42.52 AMBarry gets a text that Firestorm arrived and he has to get there soon. But it kinda left his date hanging. He gets into a fight with Firestorm and if it wasn’t for Caitlin he was going to blast the Flash. Cisco created a 3d projector to demonstrate what happened that night. They discovered blood splats that they can determine who it is. Barry visits Linda at her job and then he has to leave for another emergency. Iris admits to her that Barry was in love with someone and that they didn’t give it back. Caitlin and Barry bring Martin’s wife to bring some sense to Stein that S.T.A.R. Labs can help. Linda Calls Barry telling him she needs to call it off and that he’s stuck up on Iris. Barry confronts Iris and she didn’t mean to but tells her that she went out of her way to stop it from happening. Cisco was able to detect there was 2 speedsters at the scene of the crime. Joe wants to test it with Dr. Wells, but Cisco feels uncomfortable about it and doesn’t want to do it. While Caitlin is testing Stein in Ronnie’s body. Caitlin ask if theres a way to talk to Ronnie but Stein tells her it doesn’t work that way. Wells tells everyone that Ronnie’s body will become an atomic bomb since his body will become nuclear. Ronnie overheard their conversation and knows whats about to come to him. Life’s too short not to live. Which inspired him to give another try with Linda by eating the hottest Ghost pepper in front of everyone at the newspaper. Linda agrees after he ate it. Iris watches a far and you can tell she’s hurt. Wells discovers his prototype can be creating a splicer cell device to help split Ronnie and Martin. They need to hurry they’re about to blow. Flash rushes with Caitlin with the splicer. Cisco gets a call from Joe and tells him he ran the sample and it’s not Wells. One was unidentified and the other sample was a mature sample of Barry’s blood, which lets them know Barry possibly went back in time. Flash and Caitlin make it in time before Martin blew up to give them the splicer. He put on the splicer and was trying to and then he reacted and caused a nuclear explosion. Flash and Caitlin rush to beat the intensity of the explosion. Now we see the General Iling get notified about the explosion and requests to capture Firestorm.


Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 12.47.20 PMWe left off with Ronnie/Martin causing a nuclear explosion cause of the instability. Barry and Caitlin made it from the explosion. There’s no radiation detected from Barry’s suit, they search the scene and they discovered they were able to separate the two. The military is searching the site and find two imprints of impact, they now know that Firestorm has split. Ronnie and Martian are running the same temperature but they insists they feel fine. Martian goes home back to his wife. Joe wants to show Barry something. Takes him to his old house, where he’s going to show him what Cisco found out what happened that night. Shows him the demonstration of that night through the hologram presentation. Tells him about the speedster and how he’s the second speedster. They bring this information to Wells and he tells him its possible. About time travel, but Cisco knows someone that might help. Iris mentor is investigating S.T.A.R. Labs, he feels Wells is up to something and he had the accelerator blow up on purpose. Barry visits Stein regarding the time travel topic, also helps him fight his urge on eating some Pizza. Tells him that he was at the scene of his mothers murder and he said it’s possible that he did because of his speed. Barry is disappointed that he wasn’t able to save his mother. Ronnie and Caitlin are having coffee at Jitters and then he gets ambushed from General Iling. The flash was able to stop them but they had a trap for the flash using these spikes that covered his entire body. He was alerted by Stein since he can feel what Ronnie is going through. Barry hides Caitlin and Ronnie at his house and has an awkward moment with Iris and the lie they needed to tell her to cover up who Ronnie is Caitlin’s dead finance. Wells has a meeting with Iling and finds out they know who the Flash is. Joe still feels compelled that Wells has something to do with Nora’s murder. Barry says its impossible. Wells is having a drink with Martin and then all of a sudden he feels light headed and passes out. Ronnie feels that faint moment and stumbles. Wells called Iling as exchange to not capture the Flash. Martin is being tortured to give him details about Firestorm. Ronnie can feel the pain going through him from Martin. Ronnie cuts his arm writing Where? And it shows on Martins arm.

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 12.48.28 PM 1He starts to use morse code to let them know what base he was it. They were able to figure it out. Iling was about to pull the trigger and the flash saves him in the knick of time. But gets attacked by some type of chemical where he needed to run in a cyclone to get it off of him. Meantime Ronnie insisted he merged back with Stein to gain the powers of Firestorm in order to fight back and not get killed by the army. This time they merged perfectly that Ronnie has control while Stein assists him on whats around him. During that whole time The Flash was running to get the chemical off him. They ended up escaping and Ronnie and Stein were able to separate and be themselves. Ronnie and Martin need to practice more and get away from the Army and learn more about their powers. Iris pumps into Caitlin and asked again about her cousin. She figured out she lied and then tells her mentor that the burning man use to work for S.T.A.R. Labs. Barry brings Joe to his old house and tells him that sometime soon he’s going to go back in time and be in the same room to help save his mother this time. All of a sudden we see Iling and then he gets taking by the reverse flash who reveals his identity that he is Harrison Wells, and re introduces him to Grodd.

Catch next week for another Flash Back Tuesday. Here’s where I discuss Episodes FIFTH-TEEN “OUT OF TIME” and Episode SIXTEEN “ROGUE TIME”. If interested in catching up on the series you can currently watch episodes on Hulu Premium Membership. Season 2 premieres October 6th on CW! 35 Days left!


TV: FLASH Back Tuesdays – Episode Eleven (The Sound And The Fury) Episode Twelve (Crazy For You)

I’m back with FLASH Back Tuesdays. Every week I’ll review episodes off CW’s new hit television series called The Flash. If you haven’t watched the series I recommend you do so now, before I go all in twenty-three episodes. Season Two is set to premiere on Tuesday October 6th. I’ll be reviewing Episode Eleven “The Sound And The Fury” Episode Twelve “Crazy For You”.


Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 2.01.18 PMAt the beginning of the episode you see The Flash assisting the police in capturing 3 robbers on motorcycles. He was able to apprehend them and helped them out. Barry and his team work very well together. Iris gets offered a job at Central City Picture News, since they’re fans of her Flash Blog. Harrison Wells goes home where you see what a fancy mansion he has. He stands up to have a drink, and gets a call. “We both know what you did” Wells gets his gun and then all of a sudden he was attacked by some sonic sounds that broke the glass everywhere. The cops were called and he said there was no need to. But Wells gets a flash back with an individual playing chess. Then Cisco comes to work with him. But Hartley doesn’t get any good vibes from Cisco since he came to a billion dollar lab dress in a not so classy shirt. Barry puts one of the glass windows together and found out there was no point of impact its like the glass shattered on its own. Joe finds it weird that Wells didn’t get a scratch on him considering he can’t walk. Cisco had a bad relationship with Hartley. He used to work for Wells and one of his favorites. Iris goes to her new job and where she finds out they only hired her because they want FLASH stories. Barry finds out that there’s sonic technology. Joe feels that Wells is hiding something. Eddie comes to tell him that Hartley is attacking his own families company. Barry meets him over there and it was a quick fight. Hartley likes to mess with the ones who he used to work for. He was able to detect the Flash’s movements since he always ran back in S.T.A.R. Labs which gave it away. He also mentions how Wells will turn on the Flash as fast as he did on him. He has a deep dark secret. Wells admits that he knew from Hartley warned him about the accelerator will back fire.

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 2.02.12 PMIris meets up with Barry at the coffee shop and tells him that her job only hired her because they know she gets leads about the Flash. And Mason is her advisor and doesn’t expect anything to come good of her. Cisco looks at Harley’s equipment and finds that he had it at the lowest frequency which he knew he got caught purposely. Hartley escaped and is loose in S.T.A.R. Labs. Barry makes in time and finds them. Hartley really wants to get back at Wells from terminated his position and not taking his word that the accelerator was going to explode. Wells makes an announcement at the police station that he had knew it would have blown up, that he had failed this city. During the press conference Iris was able to get a word in for her colleague Mason, that if he was going to rebuild it and he said of course not. Hartley isn’t done yet he’s at the main bridge and is flipping cars off it and luckily The Flash is able to save them, but was able to out trick him and put a frequency to hear Barry’s inside. He was even spitting out blood. Wells came up with an idea to use the cars satellite radio to produce a frequency to destroyed his sonic gloves and helped stopped the flash from it. They were able to save the day, and Barry gives Wells the photo they took earlier. Barry met with Joe and told him he must of been hard to deal with him being a science kid who wanted to do experiments. Joe has Eddie search throughout Wells entire house and he didn’t feel anything. Hartley wakes up and is locked up in S.T.A.R. Labs. Hartley tells Cisco that soon he’ll let him out because he knows where Ronnie is and what happened. Wells has the prototype on and is trying to regain he’s super speed, but is not able to. He also mentions he’s getting closer to what he has planned.


Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 7.25.23 PMWe start off with two people stuck in a flipped over car. That hit a power line. The Flash gets the boyfriend out first and while he was trying to get the girl right before it blew up. Cisco feels that Barry’s suit is their suit. But Caitlin figured out that Cisco was looking into the F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M and that Hartley mentioned that he knew what had happened to him Then we see a girl who parks by the prison uses a telescope and is able to teleport inside. She was able to get her man out of jail. Barry is investigating the scene and was able to find some particles that he needs to test to find out what really happen. We find out she was able to control her powers after he was locked up. He owes a lot of money that he has to repay before they can leave down. At S.T.A.R. Labs was able to find out that it was Shawna who broke it to the jail. Cisco goes and talks to Hartley regarding Ronnie and Mark Stine. Its hard for him to trust him after all the crap they’ve been through. Iris is worried about her getting a story together or she’s going to lose her job. Barry said he’s willing to help. Cisco decides to get Hartley out. Barry’s father was able to get details about the guy who escaped that he works for Marcus. Whenever someone tries to leave his crew they would have to pay up. Cisco takes Hartley outside not sure why Hartley is trying to show him. He shows him a wall where theres a bomb shadow. Cisco can’t believe it so he’s trying to take him back to the pipeline, but then they started fighting. Hartley was trying to get away and Cisco started a sonic ring to his ears. Telling him he better tell him where Ronnie is. He told him he needs to take off the handcuffs cause its going to look suspicious. Barry and Caitlin regarding having a social life. There’s a robbery with 2 suspects with was Shawna and her boyfriend stealing from a armored truck. Heres where she plays a game with The Flash about catching her. The flash sees she can teleport. Facing her he all of a sudden gets a bullet trying to penetrate Barry’s neck. Luckily he was able to get it before he went through. In a way he’s faster than a speeding bullet. Barry makes an attempt in helping Iris with her paper, little does he know she already made plans. Barry calls Caitlin about which bars the culprits use to go to. Caitlin decides to join him. At the bar they met up and Caitlin is dressed for the night and building a tap. Cisco took Hartley to Barry’s office and they have the surveillance video of Martin Stein. They were merged together. Caitlin is drunk and calls Barry to the stage to do some Karoke. They work on Grease’s classic. And wow Barry can sing! Barry meets a girl named Linda that helped him get the attention of the bartender. Linda ask if Caitlin was his girlfriend. So she shows Barry this new app that gives a person their contact info. She gives Barry here information. Its up to Barry what he does now. Caitlin isn’t feeling so well, he gets her out in time to throw up in the parking lot.

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 7.52.50 PMShawna and her man go meet with Marcus and pays $80,000 to get out of the crew. But since he sees what she can do he wants them to work for her. A shootout happens with the cops and her boyfriend is shot. She teleports them out of there. Joe couldn’t believe what he saw. Barry takes Caitlin back to her house. and Caitlin starts to undress and needs help. Barry helped her out. She’s so funny when she’s drunk. She asked Barry to stay until she goes to sleep. When she arrives to work she’s super hungover. Barry starts messing with her, Summer Loving. Cisco tells everyone its his fault for letting Hartley out. He feels like it’s his fault for Ronnie “death” or what turned him into what he is now. Wells figures out that with Shawna her weakness is she can only teleport with where she can see. Barry gets a call that his father was stabbed for snooping around about Marcus. Julius was the one and tells him where the next heist was going to be. Another armored truck. Barry catches up with him and they have a fight in the tunnel. Her boyfriend couldn’t wait and drives off. Barry starts to break all the lights and she can’t do anything, her boyfriend left her abandoned. They captured her and they locked her up. Barry and Caitlin talk about moving on from their previous loves, not sure if that meant possibly them together? But I doubt it. At the flash makes an appearance with Iris giving her a story about Clay getting out of jail. Iris was able to get a quick shot. Iris catches Barry at the newspaper headquarters where he actually meeting someone else for a lunch date. Barry goes and visits his father in jail to see how he’s doing. On the newspaper there’s a cover story about the Flash. But nothing gets over Barry’s Dad. He just knows it has to be him. I got a bit emotional at this part. His father looks up to The Flash. His very proud of his son. Now we see two construction workers in a damp sewer, where they see writing on the walls, it said Grodd all over! Then they hear a growl, wondering what is that they go further into the tunnel, here’s where they get attack by a massive gorilla!

Catch next week for another Flash Back Tuesday. Here’s where I discuss Episodes THIRTEEN “THE NUCLEAR MAN” and Episode FOURTEEN “FALLOUT”. If interested in catching up on the series you can currently watch episodes on Hulu Premium Membership. Season 2 premieres October 6th on CW! 42 Days left!



TV: FLASH Back Tuesdays – Episode Nine (The Man In The Yellow Suit ) Episode Ten (Revenge of The Rogues)

I’m back with FLASH Back Tuesdays. Every week I’ll review episodes off CW’s new hit television series called The Flash. If you haven’t watched the series I recommend you do so now, before I go all in twenty-three episodes. Season Two is set to premiere on Tuesday October 6th. I’ll be reviewing Episode Nine “The Man In The Yellow Suit” Episode Ten “Revenge of The Rogues”.


Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 12.42.57 PMWe start with Barry chasing after the man in yellow, then we go back a day earlier where Barry is with Joe decorating a christmas tree. Iris brings them famous Esther Egg nog. Joe gets called into work. Iris starts the christmas tradition early and open their gifts. Barry gets Iris a replica of Iris Mom’s Wedding Ring that was lost years ago. What a thoughtful gift. Eddie shows up to surprise Iris and you can tell he felt a little awkward about it. So he asked Iris to move in with him since they’ve been together for about a year. Barry takes gifts to everyone at S.T.A.R. Labs but Harrison looks discourage. Caitlin wants to cheer him up and goes to the mall and runs into Ronnie where he is covered in flames. Is around the time when Well’s wife was killed in the car accident. Now we’re at Mercury Labs where The Man in Yellow Suit tried was looking for something and killed the two security guards. Barry discovers that the man who killed his mother is back and has been. Joe knew for weeks now and didn’t tell him anything because he threaten Iris life. Caitlin visits Iris at the coffee shop about the burning man article on her blog. And Iris asked if she knew anything that Barry might be hiding. She tells her you should ask him yourself because that’s the best person to answer it for her. Caitlin is really bummed out and tells Cisco that Ronnie is alive. Cisco finds it hard to believe, but she’s telling him she needs her help to find him. Barry has flashbacks from the night his mother was killed. Then Iris interrupts him and lets Barry know that she’s moving in with Eddie. Iris jokes around that it’s insane that Eddie thinks Barry likes her more than just friends. But Barry plays it off that no it’s just this year has gone by fast and hasn’t been paying attention to how far along their relationship was. Then looking out the window he see’s the man in yellow suit across the view on top of the roof. Barry runs after him and they have a full battle in the football arena. The Man in Yellow tells him that he does know me and that they’ve been fighting for centuries. He’s faster than Barry.

the flashBarry goes to S.T.A.R. Labs and lets him know he can’t catch someone and needs help. Barry and Joe were able to get the prototype to help capture the Reverse Flash. Cisco and Caitlin were able to locate Ronnie but he says he’s not Ronnie and whispered to Caitlin FIRESTORM and then flames on. Joe thinks Barry shouldn’t be there where they try to capture the Reverse Flash. Barry visits his father at the prison. He tells him how he screwed up of searching the man who killed his mother. He almost caught the man in yellow, and promising his father trying to get him out and feels horrible that it’s his fault why he’s still in prison. But his father gives him a huge speech that he needs to have more control on his life and don’t let the man in yellow take anymore. Barry visits Iris and admits to her that he has been in love with Iris since they were kids. Iris doesn’t say anything and just cries. Where back at S.T.A.R. Labs where the prototype has captured the man in yellow. Here’s where the man in yellow starts having a conversion with Wells and then everything goes wrong and the man in yellow attacks Harrison and almost kills him, then Barry comes trying to fight and saves Wells. And during the fight the Reverse Flash doesn’t killed Eddie or Joe. And he almost kills Barry but then Ronnie comes flames on attacks Reverse Flash. Wells was beat up pretty bad. Also he’s was upset that they didn’t tell him that Ronnie was still alive. Barry and Joe have a conversation regarding Barry’s fear of the man in yellow that he ruined his life. But Barry see’s how he needs to get over that and take control. Everyone is at Joe’s house for the christmas party. Barry wishes Eddie and Iris that he’s happy for them. But they look a bit awkward not sure what. Cisco tells Joe that they were two color lightning streaks that leads him to believe they’re were two speedsters the night his mother was killed. At the end of the episode we see Harrison Wells unleashed the yellow suit into his secret chamber and says Merry Christmas. Oh my god! Harrison Wells is The Reverse Flash.


Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 3.33.34 PMCisco is using a weaponized drone to help Barry train to get faster and smarter when he fights. They shoot a missile where Barry catches it and throws it back the drone. And destroys it. Cisco lets Caitlin and Wells know it’s The Reverse Flash. Then we see a wall turn into ice and a car comes in with Captain Cold and Heat Wave. They purposely broke into the lot to trigger the alarm to catch The Flash off guard, but he doesn’t show up. When they investigate the scene they found nothing missing and the steel shattered like glass. Barry discovers it was frozen, they knew it was Stark. Stark and Mik are planning on stealing an expensive art piece that cost over millions to purchase by one of the richest couples in Starling City. They’re set to intercept the painting. Barry knows that Stark is out for The Flash, so he’s not going to fight him so they’re wouldn’t be any one getting hurt. Iris is packing up ready to move out to Eddie’s apartment. Iris gave Barry his old book bag that was in her closet. Barry tells Joe he told Iris how he felt about her and obviously it didn’t do anything cause Iris is still going to be moving in with Eddie.

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 3.34.17 PMCisco is at the police department, in which he gave them some shields to help fight against Stark’s Ice Gun. Barry helps Caitlin in figuring out what FIRESTORM could be and they find out it some type of government transmutation. Barry is able to read a 800 page document in seconds. Joe and the police department surprised Captain Cold and Heat Wave during the robbery. The shields were beating Captain Cold’s ice gun but wasn’t strong enough for Heat Waves Heat Gun. Everyone was hurt or hospitalized during the altercation. Barry feels guilty for not being there to help. Caitlin went to visit one of the researchers from the F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M. project and discovered Dr. Stein was the main researcher. Caitlin gets kidnapped by Captain Cold and Heat Wave. Then they televised an announcement that they have her and Flash is real and he needs to come out to save her or she dies. Flash is ready for the world to know he’s real and save Caitlin. One thing I got to say is that I love the music from this show. The Flash VS Captain Cold and Heat Wave, right infront of the police and everyone. Joe and Cisco saved Caitlin from the warehouse where she was triggered to a bomb if she was tampered with. The Flash needs them to cross their guns so he had to run slow in-between them and they cancelled each other out. Flash Wins. Iris finally gets her last boxes out of her dad’s house. Barry lets her know that they’re still best friends no matter what. Barry moves back into Joe’s place. Stark and Mik are getting transported to a heavy guarded prison, then all of a sudden an explosion happens and the truck stops. Stark has a plan up his sleeve, and had his sister come and rescue them.

Catch next week for another Flash Back Tuesday. Here’s where I discuss Episodes ELEVEN “THE SOUND AND THE FURY” and Episode TWELVE “CRAZY FOR YOU”. If interested in catching up on the series you can currently watch episodes on Hulu Premium Membership. Season 2 premieres October 6th on CW! 49 Days left!



TV: FLASH Back Tuesdays – Episode Six (The Flash Is Born) and Seven (Power Outage)

I’m back with FLASH Back Tuesdays. Every week I’ll review episodes off CW’s new hit television series called The Flash. If you haven’t watched the series I recommend you do so now, before I go all in twenty-three episodes. Season Two is set to premiere on Tuesday October 6th. I’ll be reviewing Episode Six “The Flash Is Born” and Seven “Power Outage”.


Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 12.48.11 PMAt the beginning of the episode we hear Iris narrating her blog post about The Streak. As soon as she posts it, she gets an unexpected visit from The Flash. Telling her she needs to stop writing about him, because she might bring people to her that might hurt her. In the distance we hear cop sirens, the flash needs to get back to work. Someone steals a yellow hummer and miraculously when Eddie is shooting at the driver, it’s like the bullets are reflecting off his face. When Barry stopped him he couldn’t believe how much strength this guy has. He told Barry YOU WERE BORN TO TAKE A BEATING, when he was on the floor. Which sparked a nerve. When Barry gets back to S.T.A.R. Labs with numerous fractures in his hand, a concussion, and a split spline. Luckily his able to recover. Barry and Eddie are on the case of this get away theft who is also a Meta-human. Joe went to visit Mr. Wells for help on Barry’s Murder case. Interesting the Meta-Human is actually Tony Barry’s school bully. Cisco wants Barry to practice his moves on a robotic fighter. Unfortunately Barry gets a dislocated shoulder, luckily for Barry Caitlin knows how to put in back in place. Doing so she asked him if he was visiting Iris in disguise. Barry lied. Eddie finds the Hummer and calls Barry to the scene. He admits to Barry that he felt a bit threaten by his close friendship with Iris. They find a person who has some info on Tony, they find out that he fell into my metal substance that same night the accelerator exploded. Tony visits Iris at her job, and lets her know his looking for the Flash and he found her because of the blog she was writing on him. Iris alerts the Flash that proves Caitlin was right, that Barry was visiting Iris under as The Flash. Barry is rage that Tony came to Iris he finds his location. He goes alone and Tony surprised him with a sneak attack and throws a bunch of metal from a shelf. Barry’s team lets him know he would have to run at 837 MPH! He would have to be 5.3 miles away from his target.

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 12.50.29 PMAt the Police Department, they find out that Tony stoled a car and is heading out of state. It’s out of their hands its state. Eddie wants to blow off some steam so him and Barry go to the punching bags. Eddie motivate Barry to unleash his powers and how to land a punch. Barry was able to and he felt he can. Punch it so hard he broke the bag. Joe feels that Wells has something to do with Barry mother’s murder. Tony kidnaps Iris and takes her to their middle school. Iris was able to pull the fire alarm that gives Barry a heads up that their at the school. Tony is able to turn completely into metal. They have a fight, Barry fast moves misses his punches, but gets hurt being tossed around. Barry was able to get out of there and makes a move for his super sonic punch. And was able to get Tony off his feet, and Iris with an assist on knocking him out. Tony now locked in S.T.A.R. Labs and The Flash revealing himself to him his Barry Allen. Joe apologizes to Wells about accusing him and feels sorry about his wife dying in a car crash. Barry shows up to Iris job to apologize and become friends again. He inspires her to use The Flash. Joe is at home and is looking over his case and gets a visit from The Man in Yellow and the evidence is stolen and Iris life is threaten.


power outageThe episode starts with the night of the particular accelerator exploding. Where a man is watching it from a far and his on top of an electric tower, where he gets shocked with lightning and falls to what they believe is his death. Wells enters into his special entry data based regarding he also mentions how Barry is starting to feel full of himself because of his capabilities. On the crime scene they found a man who was burned horrifically. He was electrified. Barry takes a photo of the victim and brings it to S.T.A.R. Labs to use their highly advance face recognition system. Barry comes across another Meta-human who has the capability to drain electricity. This meta-human drains Barry and drains his power. Barry is not able to run or move fast anymore. He has to let Joe know what just happened. How couldn’t believe him and destroys his favorite mug thinking he was going to catch it. He doesn’t, his favorite mug was murdered. (Jokes). Barry is really beating himself up about losing his powers. The man who took Barry’s powers is actually coming to S.T.A.R Labs to speak revenge on Wells making him turn into who he is now and making him kill his friends. At the same time at the Police Department Tockman (Villain from Arrow) was being transferred and now has taken the whole department under his control. Hostage situation that Iris and Joe are involved. Barry needs his powers now.

Wells and Cisco are trying to figure out to recharge Barry’s powers. Barry is willing to try and talk and help the man with the power of electricity. Tockman is very intelligent and is very precise about time. Obsessed with time. Barry tried to talk to the meta-human and it didn’t work and he gets hit by his electric shock. Joe tries to compels Tockman to change his mind but Eddie comes and take a shot at him but doesn’t kill him and turns around and shoots Eddie down. Insane Iris witnesses her boyfriend getting shocked. Barry and Caitlin are hiding from the meta-human. Harrison Wells offers Tony an opportunity to earn his freedom by killing the meta-human that’s attack S.T.A.R. Labs. Tony and Farooq get into a fight in the hallway. Caitlin needs to pull the lever to get Barry electrocuted to try and get his powers up. She believes in Barry and does it. Barry feels a bit of his powers but doesn’t have any control. He feels like it didn’t work. Back at the PD, Eddie is bleeding out. Thanks to Joe’s knowledge on famous quotes Tockman did something to his wound that is going to save Eddies life if he gets medical treatment. Tony was murdered by Farooq. They found out that Wells used Tony as a distraction to get them time so they can live. Barry and Wells have some differences on how to handle the situation. Barry feels his death is on his hands. They need to get out of the facility.

Screen Shot flash power outageJoe pleads to Tockman to not take Iris. And gives her a moment to say bye to her dying boyfriend on the floor. While being taken there’s a gun shot, Iris shot Tockman. Harrison confronts the revengeful meta-human regarding the lives were lost because of his mistakes. Seeing Wells get attacked brings a fire amongst Barry and he saves Wells before he gets killed. During the confrontation Barry releases an energy that overwhelms the meta-human to his death. Racing to the station to see how Iris is. They survived. Now Barry kicked it up a notch on how fast his energy is. He is now motivated. Barry visits Eddie at the hospital. Joe was testing Barry when dropping the vase of flowers and he was able to catch it before it broke. Eddie saw it but Joe reminds Eddie his high off the pain meds. Barry is motivated and gets to S.T.A.R. Labs early enough to start working on getting faster. Wells notates the future is back to where it was and he also takes a sample of Farooq blood to figure out how he was able to steal the Flash’s powers.

Catch next week for another Flash Back Tuesday. But this time I’ll be discussing Episode Eight “FLASH VS ARROW” and Episode Eight of Arrow “The Brave and the Bold” which is the crossover episodes between Flash and Arrow. This is such an amazing experience, but stay tuned next week for the complete breakdown. If interested in catching up on the series you can currently watch episodes on Hulu Premium Membership. Season 2 premieres October 6th on CW! 63 Days left!



TV: FLASH Back Tuesdays – Episode Four (Going Rogue) and Five (Plastique)

I’m back with FLASH Back Tuesdays. Every week I’ll review episodes off CW’s new hit television series called The Flash. If you haven’t watched the series I recommend you do so now, before I go all in twenty-three episodes. Season Two is set to premiere on Tuesday October 6th. I’ll be reviewing Episode Four “Going Rogue” and Five “Plastique”.


Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 11.24.34 AM 1Barry’s day off is more busier since he’s gain his abilities. Currently he’s at S.T.A.R. Labs, while Barry plays Chess with Dr. Wells, Operation with Caitlin, and Ping-Pong with Cisco. During this, an armory truck is being hijacked. The one in charge is calculating the time the police are getting there. Flash is able to defeat all the robberies but one of them shot one of the guards. This makes Barry chose to take the guard to the hospital instead of stopping them. Barry was able to see one of the robberies face and went through the entire mug shot book in no matter than seconds and finds the familiar face… it’s Stark. Iris tells Barry that with all her journalism classes and she’s inspired to create an anonymous blog about The Streak. Felicity is in his lab and Barry is so out of it. Felicity definitely has an impact on Barry. You get to see where they started on Arrow. Another CW show that it’s worth the watch. Felicity tells Barry that she knows about his secret and wants to see it for herself. So Barry runs all the way to the top of a building and takes a picture of Felicity from there. Barry tells Felicity to S.T.A.R. Labs to show her his team. Felicity has so many questions regarding Barry’s condition and Wells lets her know their doing everything possible to make sure Barry’s okay. Eddie and Joe are having a bit of some tension because Iris lied about them being together. Iris wants to have a double date with Barry and Felicity. Iris can tell they like each other. Stark meets with a man that has heavy duty equipment that is actually stolen from S.T.A.R. Labs. Stark got an Ice Gun fits well with his persona. Trivia Night at Jitters. Felicity overdressed for Trivia Night. E=MC Hammer is their team name. Nerdy humor. Stark is at a museum where the Dynasty Diamond is found. Wells discovers that his weapons are missing, his blaming Cisco for not knowing. He wants to know how long it’s been missing. This weapon that Cisco created can really hurt Barry. Stark is on to the cops who know he’s at the museum. Barry’s gets notified and gets there in time to save Joe, but wasn’t fast enough to save everyone in the museum. Barry is devastated that he wasn’t able to save the security guard. Cisco admits that he was the one who built the gun, Barry can’t believe it. So in a way Cisco made a weapon to stop Barry if he ever went haywire.

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 11.37.26 AMJoe has a lot on his shoulders, because since his daughter is with Eddie it makes it difficult for him to focus. Stark is attempting to steal the diamond again. Felicity gives a lot of great advice to Barry regarding the lifestyle of a hero or being apart of a team. Cisco name for Stark is Captain Cold. They were able to get a ping back off the ice gun. Stark is heading to the train station. Joe tells Eddie he needs to stay back. Felicity helps to motivate the team to be there for Barry, whether or not Barry wants it or not. Captain Cold knows The Flash’s weakness and that’s to save lives. Stark freeze the train’s railings and the entire train is about to crashed. Barry in a flash saves numerous people who were on that train. Even though we see it in slow-motion, that’s how fast he’s going. At the end of it, Barry saves everyone but then gets shot by Captain Cold’s freeze gun. The Flash’s team comes in time and saves Barry. Pretty funny how they tricked Stark with the S.T.A.R. Labs vacuum cleaner. Felicity is on her way out, she needs to get back to her Arrow team. They hug goodbye. Iris visits her father to apologize because of not looking out for his view on things. But Joe underestimated Eddie, because he saved him tonight at the train station. Speaking of trains Felicity is on one and Barry surprises her. They both know they like each other but they still like the other people. Barry and Felicity have a kiss goodbye. Makes my heart melt. Stark contacts an old friend and needs back up with the Heat Gun. This is going to be intense. Fire and Ice working together against the Flash.


Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 11.40.08 AMBarry has to deal with loving Iris and not being able to tell her or be with her. Considering she does have a boyfriend. Barry has a problem, he’s not able to get drunk. No matter how much he drinks he doesn’t feel any effect from the alcohol. A woman with powers of explosives, steals a folder. A window washer is in danger, the explosives caused this. The man is about to drop. Barry needs to run really fast in a 90 degree angle. He’s able to save the man in time and unfortunately Iris gets a glimpse of him. Barry is investigated the scene of the explosives, and hasn’t found anything related to an actual bomb. In the file room they know something is missing, it would take days for anyone to figure out what file it is. But thanks to Barry’s super sonic speed, he was able to find the missing file in moments. At the police department the army is taking over the bombing case. Luckily Barry was able to take one leading clue in the case. Joe gets notified that Iris was at the scene of the crime, he thinks she went to see Eddie. But she was actually there for the Streak. Getting information for her blog. Wells, was able to give them more details on Iling. ILing wanted to created a super army of super humans. They have a lead to where Plastique might be. Flash confronts her and tells her you need to come with me. And she tells him don’t touch me and she touches the logo on his chest and the suit blew up. Plastique is a meta-human. Cisco is mesmerized by Plastique’s look. Joe speaks to Barry that Iris saw the Streak. He wants Barry to talk to Iris about stop blogging about the streak. Iris doesn’t understand why Barry is against her blogging. Even mentioning how serious can you be with you leaving it anonmouyous. Plastique is out for revenge to the people who did this to her. Iling is after her and Barry was able to get her out there in the nick of time. S.T.A.R Labs is doing their best to get her informed on her condition. When Plastique was shot it actually has a tracker in it and perfect timing that Iling makes in time to pick up his property. You can tell much tension between Wells and Iling.

flash copyBarry gets a call from Joe, that Iris is now publicly blogging with her name. This can get her in a lot of trouble. The Flash makes a visit to Iris. During their talk, he figures out the reason why Iris is writing about him because he wants to prove to Barry the unexplainable is real. Plastique finds out her issue is now on a cellular level and is irreversible. Joe and Barry have a talk about what’s going on. Barry tells Joe that she’s doing it for him. Joe lets Barry know he doesn’t tell Iris everything, because he knows that Barry has always been in love with Iris. Harrison Wells convinces Plastique to go after Iling and stop him forever by killing him. Iling thinks she’s turning herself in but in reality she wants it to be a safer place without him. But the Flash tries to stop her but Iling shot her dead. All of a sudden her body starts to glow purple, it looks like she’s going to dentate. Barry wants to know how fast he needs to run to run on water. It would have to be 665 MPH and being able to get back in time without killing himself from the blast. The flash was able to get her in the water in time. Barry visits Iris to talk to her. What is he going to say? Barry tells Iris that he wants her to back off blogging about the Streak and he decided to not see Iris anymore because he’s telling her his trying to move on from his mother’s death. Caitlin comes through with a 500 proof shot for Barry, it gets a little buzzed and now it’s gone. Iling comes back to S.T.A.R. Labs to let Wells know that he knows about the Streak and he’s going to go after him. Also, we found out the previous years when they use to work together, they were doing inhumane experiements that Wells did not want to be apart of it. Also, we get introduce to Grood, a big gorilla.

Catch next week for another Flash Back Tuesday. Where I discuss Episode Six “THE FLASH IS BORN” and Episode Seven “POWER OUTAGE”. If interested in catching up on the series you can currently watch episodes on Hulu Premium Membership. Season 2 premieres October 6th on CW! 70 Days left!



TV: FLASH Back Tuesdays – Episode Two (Fastest Man Alive) and Three (Things You Can’t Outrun)

I’m back with FLASH Back Tuesdays. Every week I’ll review episodes off CW’s new hit television series called The Flash. If you haven’t watched the series I recommend you do so now, before I go all in twenty-three episodes. Season Two is set to premiere on Tuesday October 6th. I’ll be reviewing Episode Two “Fastest Man Alive” and Three “Things You Can’t Outrun”.


barry episode 2Barry is working with Cisco and saved a few people from a burning building. Caitlin and Wells are upset at Barry for risking his life. Since they still don’t know Barry’s full potential or might have side affects. Barry has to rush to work as a forensic specialist to investigate a crime scene. There’s was a robbery at a gun store and one death. Barry is great when it comes to inspecting his surroundings. He was able to detect there were more than one robber. We get flash backs from when Barry was young after his mother was killed and father was in prison. You can tell how much he wanted to see his father he’ll even run away to do so. It’s pretty cool to see all the neat tricks Barry can do. In his lab he’s able to run a test that he just shook that it finished in no time. Iris needs Barry to come along to an event she needs him to help her with a science stuff for her paper. At the event, the same robbers from the gun store are there to steal everyone’s jewelry and money. Barry was able to save the security guards life but wasn’t able to catch the robbers, since he fainted right outside. What was that about? When Barry gets to S.T.A.R Labs they start running test to find out what’s wrong. Cisco made a treadmill able to go top speeds. While reviewing the results, they think they found out what it is. He’s not eating and drinking enough. Joe discovers Barry’s board of everything involving his dad’s case. He finds Barry at S.T.A.R Labs and confronts him that he shouldn’t be saving lives, he should stick to his job. Barry lets Joe know that since he can save someone from a burning building or stopped armed thieves he will. Even telling him he’s not his father. Wow! You can tell that hurt Joe. You can see it in his face.
flash ep 2He is what they’re looking for, a Meta-Human. His name is Danton Black, who has the ability to create clones of himself. Black wants to kill his former employer, Simon Stagg, who stole Black’s cloning research. Wow, Iris is on Barry’s case because he didn’t show up to help her with her paper. Here’s where Barry goes super fast & in slow motion and admits his true feelings even though Iris can’t hear it. And especially now she’s dating Eddie. Joe’s in trouble when he gets attacked by Black’s clones, luckily The Flash was there in time to save him. During the first fight scene, Barry punched Black in the stomach and 2 more came out of him. That was dope, but Barry couldn’t handle Black’s clones. I just love the graphics. Joe and Stagg are at the police station where he’s trying to convenience him his really in danger. Then Harrison Wells arrives, then Stagg tells him “Don’t get up” ooh! Little does he know. Iris tells Barry that her new topic is about the streak, since all the unexplainable things are happening in the city. Caitlin was able to uncover how Black is able to clone himself and Joe tells Barry he’s right and he’s the only one who can stop Black. The Flash saves Stagg and goes into an epic fight with Black. Involving slow-motion, fast speed, and intense moments… Black admits the full story that he was doing the research for his wife who needed a new heart. So close of figuring it out then Stagg stole it and fired him. He had to bury his best friend. Then multiplies into over 100+ clones and Barry was able to uncover the PRIME one. By doing so he was able to defeat all of them. But then Black tries to jump at Barry but then jumps through the window. Barry catches him but Black wanted to die and makes him let go. Barry feels the team coming together and lets them know that Lightning Bolt struck all of them. Joe brings Barry like 5 pizzas and lets him know that they are both going to get his father out of jail. Love the Barry and Joe moments. I got a little teary eyed here, I ain’t going to lie. Stagg gets a visit from Harrison at his office. Stagg reveals to Harrison that he wants to get the man in the red mask. Harrison feels differently, stands up and stabs Stagg to death. But declares it’s to keep him safe. Is he really?


the flash ep 3 moviesBarry and Iris went to the movies, and is updated that Iris is going to stay the night at Eddies. How awkward is that for Barry to hear things she does with Eddie, especially how he feels so strongly for her. Barry gets the call that there’s an armed man in a getaway car. He is able to handcuff the gunman and put him in the back of squad car. Once he gets back to Iris is is ready to eat again. They pass by a restaurant that’s having a meeting. We find out that there’s another Meta-Human. It seems like he can transform into some type of poisonous gas. Joe tells Barry he needs backup. Dr. Wells and his team work to retrofit the particle accelerator into a prison specifically for meta-humans where S.T.A.R. Labs can begin to find a way of reversing their mutations. This brings up difficult feelings and memories for Dr. Snow, whose fiancé, Ronnie Raymond, was killed when the accelerator exploded. We get to see flashbacks of what happened that night. Joe revisits the old footage of Barry’s fathers interrogation, where Eddie tries to surprise Iris and gets stuck in working with him to cover up he was actually there to see Iris. Caitlin and Barry are trying to analyze the sample of the gas. She talked about Ronnie, evening mentioning that Ronnie said they were like opposites (Fire and Ice). They discover the meta-human doesn’t produce gas but becomes it. There’s a gas attack on a judge in an elevator at the mall. The flash confronts the Mist, and it consumed some of the gas. Luckily he speeds to S.T.A.R. Labs in time almost dying from the poison gas. They were able to get a gas sample from extracting it from Barry’s lungs. You can tell Barry has been holding on this grief from his father being wrongfully accused and is not able to get him free. Even though he has the capabilities to get him out of jail but Joe gives him the advice that’s not the smartest thing to do and somethings you just need to live with it. Iris and Eddie come to the agreement they’ll be honest with Joe about their relationship.
flash ep 3 mist fightKyle Nimbus is the Mist and he’s going after his last victim Lead Detective Joe at Iron Height’s Prison. Joe’s there to meet with Henry to let him know their reopening his case. Nimbus arrives in the prison and poisons Joe, luckily the Flash gets there in time to give him the antidote that Caitlin created. Flash goes after the Mist in and battle back and forth on the street to get him tired. To the point he can’t regenerate into the mist. Barry visits Joe at the hospital. Iris and Joe arrived at the same time, which makes Joe suspicious. Joe knew they were together, and tells them they are terrible liars. Joe kinda approves of their relationship. In S.T.A.R. Labs they were able to create a super jail to contain the meta-humans. Barry visits his father in jail, and tells him he thinks about his mother a lot. His father tells him a story about when he first walked, but he didn’t he kinda ran. Ran to his mother. To honor his mother he needs to keep running and save as many lives. Iris creates a blog reporting all the sightings of the Streak. Before the explosion Harrison is watching Barry on a live stream of him getting struck by lightning and says See You Soon Barry. What is Harrison Wells Hiding?

Catch next week for another Flash Back Tuesday. Where I discuss Episode Four “GOING ROGUE” and Episode Five “PLASTIQUE”. If interested in catching up on the series you can currently watch episodes on Hulu Premium Membership. Season 2 premieres October 6th on CW! 77 Days left!



TV: FLASH Back Tuesdays – Episode One (Pilot)

I’m bringing a new review series called FLASH Back Tuesdays. This will be a weekly review series based off already released episodes of CW’s new hit television series called The Flash. If you haven’t watched the series I recommend you do so now, before I go all in twenty-three episodes. Season Two is set to premiere on Tuesday October 6th.


In the beginning of the Pilot you catch Barry Allen (Grant Gust) expressing how you need to believe in the unbelievable. He explains his story when he was a child. Then one night the impossible happened, his mother was murder by someone he saw in a room full of lightning. The adult Barry works as a Crime Scene Investigator, he is so smart when it comes to analyzing a situation. At the crime scene he’s able to detect what kind of tires made the tracks and found out there was poop to locate which farm the robbers came from.

Barry is best friends with Iris, Iris is also Joe’s daughter. You can tell his immediately in the friend zone. Iris was able to get Barry off early to be able to see the start of the particle accelerator from S.T.A.R. Labs. Walking to the presentation Barry starts talking about relationships and how both are not in one. Then Iris is like I see you as a brother and it can get weird. Before it started Iris gets her bag stolen that Barry tried to catch, but couldn’t. Then mugger was stopped by pretty boy detective Eddie Thawne. Joe and his partner went to the farm where Barry expected the crooks to be. Joe’s partner was shot and the robberies tried to get away on a private plane, where it was destroyed by the explosion coming from S.T.A.R. Labs.

During that same explosion Barry was hit by lightning. Barry is rushed to the hospital and no one is able to understand what’s happening with him. He is awaken by Dr. Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon who works for Dr. Harrison Wells. He then discovers he’s been in a coma for nine months. Dr. Wells explains what happened with the particle accelerator. Barry will go into cardiac arrest and then the hospital will go through power outages. In reality his heart was going so fast that the hospital wouldn’t be able to pick it up.

The-Flash-Episode-1-01-Pilot-Promo-Pics-the-flash-cw-37530470-396-595Discovering his new power of going so fast he see things go into slow motion. Also, the ability to really run fast and heal rapidly. During this the bank gets robbed by someone who has the power to control the weather. As you can see there were other “meta-humans” created from the explosion. Also, Catlin’s Fiancé was killed during the incident. Barry and the team of S.T.A.R. Labs are helping with testing and trying to figure out Barry’s new power. With discovering the possibilities of the potential of his power, Barry vows to find out who killed his mother when he was a child, believing him to be another meta-human who has similar abilities of speed as he.

During the nine months when Barry was in his comma, Iris develops a relationship with Eddie, her father’s partner. Barry is a bit surprised finding this out when talking about with Iris. Barry comes across the Meta-human that can control the weather, it’s Clyde Martin the guy who shot Joe’s partner. Barry wants to stop this guy before he hurts anyone else. Cisco gives Barry a very special suit that allows Barry to go super speed without damaging his outfit.

Barry needed a bit of advice from a good friend, 600 Miles away from Starlight city he talks with The Arrow. The Arrow inspires Barry letting him know he thinks the lightning bolt chose Barry to be a hero. Be better than a vigilante. Watching his city like a guardian angel, saving people in a flash. So the Arrow in a way kinda gave him his name.

Joe believes that Martin can possibly be in the same barn, so he takes his new partner Eddie to take a look. Surprisingly Martin is there. He demonstrates his extreme powers by creating a tornado. Joe almost gets hit by a flying car door, then Barry comes and blocks it. Barry needs to unravel the tornado but running about 700MPH the opposite direction. Dr. Wells gets on the mic and share words of inspiration to get Barry to run faster. Barry RUN! Barry was able to stop the tornado and Joe stops him before he hurt The Flash.

Joe discovers The Flash’s true identity. And apologizes for not believing him especially when the night his mother was murdered and his father was framed for it. Barry will do his best not to let Iris in on his big secret. It’s pretty dope the actor who plays Barry’s father John Wesley Shipp, is the same guy who played the original Flash back in the 90’s. That’s fucking awesome. Love the chat between Barry and his father. At the end of the episode you discover a secret room at S.T.A.R Labs. Wells reveals he is not paraplegic, while reading a newspaper from the future concerning Barry’s fate as the Flash.

Catch next week for another Flash Back Tuesday. Where I discuss Episode Two “Fastest Man Alive” and Episode Three “Things You Can’t Outrun”. If interested in catching up on the series you can currently watch episodes on Hulu Premium Membership. Season 2 premieres October 6th on CW!