NikkiSiixx Reacts To The Flash S3 SDCC Trailer

During The Flash San Diego Comic Con Panel, they debuted a trailer for Season Three! And we have entered the Flashpoint! Watch NikkiSiixx react to this epic trailer and stay tune for S3 reactions for The Flash this October!

What did you guys think about the trailer?



TV: Official Comic Con Trailer for The Walking Dead Season 6

San-Diego-Comic-Con-2015-938x535What! The Walking Dead Panel at San Diego Comic Con presented their audience with the first look of Season 6. Goosebumps all over with this one! I cant wait for it’s epic return Sunday, October 11. Last where we left off was in Alexandria. Here’s where Rick couldn’t take a man who abused his wife and kids, coming across the Wolvespack, and ofcourse Zombies. I don’t want to say to much to the ones who haven’t caught up. But you got enough time, three more months. AMC: WEBSITE || FACEBOOK || TWITTER ||