TV: FLASH Back Tuesdays – Episode 23 (FAST ENOUGH)

I’m back with that last FLASH Back Tuesdays. Every week I was reviewing episodes off CW’s new hit television series called The Flash. If you haven’t watched the series I recommend you do so now, I’ve gone through all the episodes. But I guess you’re too late since tonight the first episode of Season 2 of the Flash. I’ll be reviewing episode Twenty-three (season finale) “FAST ENOUGH”.


Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 4.37.00 PMBarry visits Wells in the cell and he confronts him. Wells tells him how he hates Barry Allen from the future. He went back in time where Barry Allen future self saved his kid self. And in order to hurt Barry Allen he killed his mother. Barry doesn’t understand why would he even help him save all these people. It’s because he wants Barry to get faster. Wells tells Barry that he’ll help him save his mother by showing him how to travel in time. Barry discusses with everyone what to do. And what could happen. Everyone agrees he should travel back in time and save his mother and his father would have never went to prison. Joe fully supports Barry to go back in time. So he’ll be able to grow up with both parents. Barry visits his father and tells him he can save Mom. His father is a bit discourage on his decision about going back in time. Ronnie is here to stay and he is ready to settle down with Caitlin. Iris surprises Barry on the rooftop. She wants to know what is Barry going to do, is he going back in time? They are discussing about how he feels about changing everything. Barry asks her what should I do, I need someone to tell me. Iris tells him you should stop thinking of other people and do it for himself. Barry visits Wells and he’s going to do it. He said he can do it by working the particle accelerator. By running so fast he can run into a wormhole and go back in time while he goes into the future. Dr. Stein finds this to be amazing. Barry needs to run up to mark 2.

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 4.36.50 PMHe needs Cisco and Ronnie to build a time machine for Wells to go back in the future. Cisco goes and talks to Dr. Evil about what they discovered about the metal he wanted to use for the time sphere. Cisco admits to Wells that he killed him in an alternate time line. And he remembers everything. Wells tells him he must be affected for when the accelerator exploded. That he has the ability to see these images. Eddie and Dr. Stein talked about what Wells put in his head. That he doesn’t matter. Dr. Stein tells him Eddie can choose his on future. Dr. Stein gets alerted there’s a chance a blackhole can be created and now Central City is a risk. Barry is completely confused and doesn’t know what to do. Joe admits to Barry that he doesn’t want to hold back Barry from saving his mother. He’s unsure of the situation. Barry is scared to lose Joe as a father. Eddie visits Iris at her newspaper job. Eddie talks to Iris about the coincidence that the night that he stopped the mugger he was able to meet Iris. Iris and Eddie reconcile. Caitlin and Ronnie are getting married outside of S.T.A.R. Labs. Now its time for Barry to get ready for the mission. With his goodbyes with everyone (this part gets me emotional). The flash makes it to almost 2,000mph and he sees his entire life right by him. He was able to concentrate and made it back. But his future self told him not to save her. So Barry was able to say his last goodbyes. (Tear Jerker) Cisco created the time sphere, Wells dressed in his Reverse Flash suit completes Cisco work. Something appear through the tunnel which is a helmet of some sort. (Later to discover The First Flash Jay Garrick). Wells says it’s his time to leave. And goes in the sphere and about to take off, Barry returns and bunches Barry in the face and everything is destroyed. Wells doesn’t understand why he didn’t save his mother. They go into a fight while Ronnie and Caitlin are trying to stop the wormhole. Wells was about to kill Barry and we hear a gun shot. Eddie shot himself. Wells starts to turn to Eobard. He is erased into existence. A warmhole was created and now Central City is getting absorbed. Everyone gets out there and Eddie’s body gets sucked in. Dr. Stein says it can’t be stopped and Barry has to try. Speeding to it and climbing up a skyscraper to get closer to the tunnel. Barry makes it in and …… EPISODE OVER.

Can’t wait for tonight’s first episode of season two!!

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