Event Recap: Listening Session For Psychotic (11/07/2015)

IMG_0475Last week, myself and a good friend Elisha Gomez attended a listening session for a local artist named Psychotic. The event took place in Manhattan lot lounge walking distance from Madison Square Garden. The party was intimate; all together there was no more than 25-30 people in attendance (majority of who were close friends and family with the artist). At the event for media coverage there was me representing NikkiSiixx and a contributor for Buzzfeed. This was fine with me since I was able to get an exclusive look at talented artist before the masses (potentially) does.

After giving the party goers a couple hours to enjoy the free drinks (provided by Kerby Kups) and music, the man of the night came out and started performing cuts from the recently released mixtape titled Here’s My Resume. I watched as the majority of the crowd rapped along with him word for word, thanks to them I was able to follow the lyrics (the sound wasn’t great from the equipment). Of course I wanted to listen with an open ear, and I enjoyed each song more than the last one.

After the performance was over, I was able to use my blog privileges to converse with Psychotic. Here are a few takeaways from our conversation.
• He has been rapping since he was eight years old, didn’t write a rap until he was 14 years old.
• Formally used the name Champ E, Sinister, Psychotic Rapper before finally settling on Psychotic.
• He knows his sound doesn’t match his name, he doesn’t mind it.
• Very confident, believes he’s versatile enough to satisfy any music lover.
• In ten years, he sees himself being a star in every sense.
• Believes that the most important actors in reaching success is having a strong self-discipline and believing in yourself no matter what.

All things considered, I feel that the event was a small gathering of people who believe in the talent of a young man with the work ethic to take him places, beautiful sight to see really as no matter what happens, I feel those people will still be with Psychotic wherever he is ten years from now.



Music Video: SEYI – Wanna Be

[Far Rockaway] I’ve previously featured SEYI single track WANNA BE and Seyi is ready to premiere his visual for it. One thing SEYI is able to main his coolness with his flow over Mr. Marx calm production. WANNA BE is actually SEYI’s first music video. SEYI explains the term for WANNA BE

“Up to now it has been used in a negative context in describing a person’s character as unauthentic. I’m aiming to flip the meaning of the term and use it as something positive. Describing a WANNA BE as someone who wants to be the best person they can be and believing in their own potential enough to not give their dreams and aspirations a ceiling. To be able to do that, you must first accept the person that you are and understand that your future is yours to make, not anyone else’s.”

If you’re feeling SEYI’s music follow his movement by following him on INSTAGRAM and take a selfie with your 3 fingers making a “w”, the “W” Stands for WANNA BE. The music video was shot and filmed in Soho NY and Brooklyn. Be on the lookout for SEYI’s track listing and artwork for his upcoming mixtape N>I>B (No In Between) by following him on his social media links below:
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Upcoming Event: 8/16 – Afton Show Presents Santos Party House in New York

Sunday August 16, 2015
Afton Show Presents Santos Party House
96 Lafayette Street New York.
Music Starts at 7PM || 21+ PURCHASE TICKETS || Performances By Our Very Own Contributor Seyi! & other guests Saville, Bone$ The Spitta, Big Time Entertainment, Euroflo & More.