[MUSIC VIDEO] Tamara Bubble – All Female Rappers

It’s been a minute since the last time we featured Brooklyn female emcee/singer Tamara Bubble. Let me refresh your memory. Tamara Bubble demonstrates her capabilities with her talents. Model, Entertainer, Songwriter, and Actress. This time we are presented with an empowering statement in her latest visual to ALL FEMALE RAPPERS. The title really intrigued me and so I had to press play. And I’m glad I did. Tamara Bubble went on a search to find out through a hip-hop forum, what they truly thought about “Female Rappers”.

And to Tamara’s surprise she was blown away from the negative stigma that comes around that. Even though a few mentioned who they thought were dope they yet to show true support for the female lyricist. Tamara Bubble decided to create a single/visual as a response to the shade. Tamara’s rocking a superhero cape (not literally) rapping female artists out there. She makes so many points on this one you have to watch this more than once.

A few years back, I actually had Tamara Bubble perform at one of my open mics once for iScream Sundays. What a dope performance! But I would love to know what you guys think about what Tamara Bubble has to say on her latest ALL FEMALE RAPPERS. And be on the lookout for more content from Tamara Bubble by following her on all her social media links below:



[VIDEO] Chrystian Lehr – Summer Sixteen Mashup

ChrystianPhoto2Making his debut on NikkiSiixx.com, singer/songwriter Chrystian Lehr brings us a visual of him reciting his vocals on the mic in the studio. For his take on SUMMER SIXTEEN, produced by The Hitlist. Chrystian Lehr creates his own custom mashup of Drake’s SUMMER SIXTEEN, Beyonce’s FORMATION, and Rihanna’s WORK. Chrystian Lehr presents how well he can adapt to the different melodies and the range he can go vocally. Truly impressive! Currently, Chrystian Lehr is prepping up for his upcoming EP release for Fool’s Gold. Stay tuned for more and make sure you follow him below:

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[MUSIC VIDEO] PJ – Gangster

unnamed[NC 336, ATL, LA] Making her debut on NikkiSiixx.com we have something different from the usual hip-hop videos, this is some R&B/Soul music. This time we have singer/lyricist PJ with her first single GANGSTER off her forthcoming RARE EP. PJ is an accomplished songwriter who has written hits for Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa, Ty Dolla $ign and Meek Mill. PJ has been busy after her SXSW showcases and a National College Tour. GANGSTER was directed by Snow Beach and reminiscent of Alanis Morissette’s classic “Ironic” music video. PJ confronts her alter-ego and imagines what life would be like if she wasn’t so nice. Preorder her EP, Rare, on iTunes now! And stay in the loop with PJ by following her social media accounts below:



Music Video: VIIK – PAPER/PAPER Remix

vii paper/paper remix[BROOKLYN, NY] Making her debut on NikkiSiixx.com, VIIK brings us her latest visuals to PAPER/PAPER REMIX. The singer/songwriter/producer delivers a mix of electronic, hip-hop, dub reggae and even some trap elements. VIIK goals is to promote semi-conscious lyrics with beats to make you bounce. You definitely have to on this record!

According to VIIK: “Paper” is a satirical yet playful hip-hoppy reggae banger about the power of the “almighty dollar” and the grip it has on society. There’s so much chaos in the world yet we are all distracted by our daily quest for the cash. It keeps a lot of the population from becoming aware and finding their purpose. And on top of that as a human of color, racism and systematic oppression is still alive.

PAPER/PAPER REMIX brings us some funky psychedelic visuals. I really like VIIK goth/edm look with the hot pink dreads, pink eyebrows, and everything leather. Her voice in kind and delivers a powerful message. Its time to get that paper. Follow VIIK via her Twitter Account @VIIK_WORLD and get updated on new content!


Audio: Yourz Truly – Going In For Life

[ATLANTA, GEORGIA] Rapper/Singer-Songwriter Yourz Truly, started out as an R&B Artist that later adapted the hip-hop flows since he became a freestyle battle rapper. But concentrating more on the musical route, Yourz Truly releases his overall positive track GOING IN FOR LIFE that showcases a true uplifting feeling. Regardless of how hard the world can be, you just gotta put your all in order to take full control of your life. FALL 2015 Yourz Truly is set to release his debut EP First Impression. Be on the lookout from more from Yourz Truly and check out his website: yourztrulyyt.com


Music Video: Jasmine Jordan – Smile


[Los Angeles, California]

The stand alone followup to her debut EP, Time Travel, Jasmine Jordan’s infectious voice has us happily bopping along with her song Smile.

The video makes great use of color in order to convey the different types of emotions she’s singing about. With the current state of the game, music videos are often something you just do to get them out of the way and little thought is put into how they complement the song. It’s great to see how Jasmine’s visual goes against that way of thinking in order to enrich the song. After listening to it on Soundcloud, I had all sorts of warm colors in my mind based off of the production and lyrics alone. It was really nice to see those colors put on screen almost as if they had been ripped right from my mind.

Pleasant video. Worth a watch/listen for the soulful R&B Heads out there.



Music Video: Trent Crews – Greedy Love

trent crewsThere is an R&B singer who calls Columbus, Ohio home with a hot new video for his summer record “Greedy Love”. Trent Crews is the name, and he isn’t bashful about “wanting it all” from his lover. Walking the streets of New York, Trent sees what he wants and takes it while he serenades his lady listeners. Times Square, Chinatown, and other dope locations provide the back drop and the choreography with his background dancers are on point. The video adds to his steady collection of quality visuals his latest leads the way for his EP which is expected to make its way to retailers in September! Trent Crews seems to be on his way to the top, and I wouldn’t bet against someone who “wants it all”.



Audio: Elise 5000 – Aye Yeah featuring Jae Barz

imp-55463[LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA] Check out the latest promo release by Elise 5000 with AYE YEAH, featuring Jae Barz. The Pop and R&B singer demonstrates her talents on this track over M-Millz production. Elise 5000 and Jae Barz made a dope track together. I really like Elise 5000 voice and the style of her music. AYE YEAH is just a sneak peak to what Elise 5000 has to offer with her upcoming mixtape Fantasy VS Reality. Elise 5000 is a multi-talented recording artist, singer, songwriter, and producer. Born and Raised in Bonaire, Georgia Elise now currently resides in Los Angeles. Stepping closer to her dreams in making in, in the industry. Can’t wait for Elise 5000 upcoming mixtape Fantasy VS Reality. Don’t forget and show your support and follow Elise 5000 on her social media outlets to get updated with all her exclusives.



Music Video: Charlee Remitz – King’s Cup

Screen shot 2015-04-03 at 1.03.10 PMOne thing I really like about my site I can always divert to another genre besides hip-hop, because I love music in general. I came across a gem that I couldn’t help to find the time to shine some light on. Charlee Remitz, a singer slash songwriter released her song called KING’S CUP. The song portrays an abusive relationship that Charlee Remitz had with a family member. In which she felt she was always walking on egg shells, specifically because she never knew what was going to set this person off. I feel that the director Bruce Guido was able to portray this type of relationship in this visual. We see a young ballerina dancing on the sidewalks of Hollywood Boulevard. While performing on the street she collects money in a hat. The young girl’s father is the one who has her doing this to find ways of making an income for himself to splurge in the casino. The music video was executed perfectly. The actors did amazing. I feel like I’m watching a real movie. This is how music videos should be, portraying a story that’s so empowering. Spread your wings Charlee, you got this! I love how she’s singing by the sunset on Malibu beach. Her makeup was spot on! She also released her album Bright White Trims a few days ago. Be on the look out for more content from Charlee Remitz! Produced By: Mike Gonsolin



New Music: YoAstrum – Megaman X

IMG_04452Check out the latest track from South Jersey Artist YoAstrum with MEGAMAN X. Front runner of Jersey based collective ZERO SAGA and a member of clique Organic Geniuses as well. YoAstrum is able to maintain his own lane with his music. Being able to produce, mix, engineer, and write… he is able to stand alone. ABJO killed this track with the Megaman infused beat. YoAstrum is a fan of art, anime, and anything that inspires him in his life in general. If you’re a MEGAMAN fan you’ll appreciated this track for it’s references and the amazing production. Don’t forget to press PLAY and follow YoAstrum on his social media links below:


Interview: Once Upon A Time with Ebanga

ebanga iconCheck it out! NikkiSiixx got an exclusive interview with South Florida Artist Ebanga (Ebanga The Songstress). On Oct 24th 2014 Ebanga is set to release her Once Upon A Time EP via NikkiSiixx.com (10:24PM) We discuss the project, who’s featured on it, what should be fans intake on the EP, and her favorite track from it. Stay tuned for more with The Lovely Ebanga: TWITTER | INSTAGRAM |SOUNDCLOUD

New Music: Tamara Bubble – Just Say No

Brooklyn Artist, Model, Entertainer, Songwriter, and Actress Tamara Bubble releases a track off her latest EP “Living It Up“. Tamara Bubble keeps busy with all these attributes for her career. Tamara discusses the pressure of temptation and infidelity. Even if it’s easy or convenient to cheat, Tamara sends a sweet reminder that it’s better to remain faithful. With JUST SAY NO. I really love Tamara’s voice! Dropping melodies and harmonies over the amazing production by @KrazyFigz. Don’t forget to listen to her entire EP Living It Up via iTunes.

Contact: Patrick at Pspell Management 646.730.8691 or bookings@tamarabubble.com


#SmaktastikReviews: Tamara Bubble – Living It Up

Tamara Bubble_Living it Up Single Cover

What’s good music lovers! It’s Pedro comin’ at ya’ with that good good – that mash your face up while you nod your head music – that music that reminds you why you still download MP3s to your itunes or have that custom audio deck in your vehicle. Nikki hit me up with a lot of music to review this week and out of all of them, this one had me like:

“OoOoOoooh smaaaack!! you go girl!”

You Go Girl

Tamara Bubble! Songwriter, actress, singer and model from Brooklyn, NY. She writes and performs everything from Dance to Hip Hop, blending elements of Jazz and Soul. It seems as if there’s nothing she can’t do. She shows her versatility on this record by delivering confident rap vocals accompanied by an upbeat melodious hook that had me out of my seat doin’ some kinda’ Beyonce dance.


I was sweatin’, I was dancin’, I was sippin’, I was livin’ it up. Mission Accomplished Tamara. Krazy Figz did an excellent job on the production. The music complimented Tamara perfectly.

The quality of the vocal mix could be improved upon though. There were times where the adlibs overpowered the main vocals which disrupted the blend. This however, didn’t detract from the overall enjoyment of the song at all. I would still blast this in my car. I could still hear this in the club. I could still buss’ a Beyonce to it.

I love how she delivered both competent, cohesive rap verses and singing hooks that make you go:

She can RAP and SING!

A lot of singers who rap on their records sound uncomfortable and unnatural but Tamara really sounds like she’s in her element.

I like this song, love her sound, love her charisma and her style. Despite the vocal mix, I still appreciated the record and want to hear more from this artist. Color me a fan! Her new single is now available on iTunes. Click here to check it out.

Smaktastik Line:

“1999 was a good year. For the same amount I could get her good hair”

To see more from Tamara Bubble View Links Below:

Contact: Patrick at Pspell Management 646.730.8691 or bookings@tamarabubble.com

Video: Rachel Claudio – C.L.Audio Diary

Check out the in-depth video of what Rachel Claudio has been through. Rachel narrates throughout the video. View the perspective of an independent international artist. She explains the troubles of not having the finances, traveling town to town performing at local venues, and chasing her dream of becoming an artists.

Spreading her love through her music and performing live in front of thousands. Rachel has performed in Paris-Montpelier/France, Benadalid/Spain, Batumi/Georgia, Lahore/Pakistan, Vilnius/Lithuania, New York-Philadelphia-/USA, Sao Paolo/Brazil, Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia, and Perth/Western Australia.

An Australian female singer/emcee/producer that has a talent! I love her voice, it really provides a smooth soul music. –NikkiSiixx


Fashion: 8and9 with Grammy Nominated Singer/Songwriter Kevin Cossom

Check out the latest installment from 8and9 Clothing Line featuring a photo shoot with Grammy Nominated Singer/Songwriter Kevin Cossom. Filmed and edited by iLoveDeviant. Kevin stops by the official 8and9 Store for a photoshoot with Respek Fresh. During the video recap KC discusses what motivates him, what he’s been up to lately, and what’s in store from him in the near future.


Download: Sharon Estee- Love Me EP

I’d like to introduce a woman with a plan. Sharon Estee. The recent UC- Berkeley graduate is working with various artists all over the world to bring her musical works to life. This talented singer/songwriter/ instrumentalist has delivered her Love Me EP to NikkiSiixx.com and this R&B offering is one that tells tales of love. You see, love is often in sought in many ways. Painting pictures of song with various scenarios of love, this offering is something any of us can relate to. Music is universal. Human is the element. Love Me was completely written by Sharon Estee. For a glimpse of Sharon’s many talents, please subscribe to her Youtube channel. Tracklisting and download links are below.

Click the track listing to connect to Sharon’s site.

The album is available for download here.

Connect with Sharon Estee: Twitter | Facebook


Music Video: Jaide – Officially Gone Nuts Ft. Sonik

I came across Jaide’s music video when she had me confused with Mötley Crüe’s NikkiSixx. Glad she did, I was able to peep her latest music video OFFICIALLY GONE NUTS. She goes in! Besides getting into full character as being an insane patient, getting picked up by the psych ward since she’s gone crazy. Sonik is featured on the track and ends up being her psychologist. Love the track! She’s reppin’ female Canadian emcees, straight up!



New Music: Tamara – He Let The Cat Come Out Remix

Tamara – He Let The Cat Come Out REMIX by TamaraBubble
Hip-hop, R&B, Soul, Pop, and Jazz is a mix of what Tamara has to offer with her talented skills of being a recording artist, songwriter, actress and a model. Representing Brooklyn, New York. Check out New Music above titled He Let The Cat Come Out Remix. This track is to put the ‘mistress’s’ back in their place and realize that they don’t have what it takes to be the man’s number one. She lays some verses and vocals on the track. He Let The Cat Come Out Remix has also been featured on CheckMateNewYork.

Tamara has already released her first solo music project SNEAK PREVIEW
December 1, 2011 Tamara is going to perform at Tribeca Performing Arts Center: 199 CHAMBERS STREET NEW YORK NY 10007 @ 5:00 PM [X100 Media Presents TAMARA live performance at Work Out Concert], Don’t miss out if you stay in New York.