Audio: Case Arnold – The Nicest

case arnold[CLARKSVILLE, TN] Case Arnold releases another dope track called THE NICEST, this time produced by Chiefus. Premiering via DJ BOOTH. Case takes us to the underground, with realistic lyrics over this sweet beat. Case just want to let the people know the game’s fucked up and what does he have to do to be one of THE NICEST. Lately, he’s been getting nothing but love on his recent releases. In this track, we find out that in fourth grade Case’s favorite rapper was Eminem. THE NICEST leaves us wanting more. Can’t wait for Case Arnold’s upcoming full-length project.

MUSIC VIDEO: Broadway Barrett – In My Blood

This video was sent from NikkiSiixx favorite AWKWORD, and as one would expect from such a heady artist, it does not disappoint. Broadway Barrett has a strictly New York aura and a roughneck style that comes through in spades. The old Neil Young sample sets the tone of a man pursuing his passion. You get the feel that hip hop is this dude’s anchor, his outlet, his sunrise. There is something to be said for the die hard’s, the lifers that are in the game for the passion, for the art, not the likes or props that come with the stigma of being a rapper. Sometimes it really is in your blood. Barrett is technically sound with his flow and he seems to string words and metaphors together with ease. If “In My Blood” is the initial offering from Without Further Adieu, then you should be eager to see what the entire project brings to the table.


Music Video: eMeX – Eyes Low (Prod. 4:AM)

It’s good to see the Baltimore kid eMeX come back strong with another visual offering after a brief hiatus. He picked up where he left off with strong lyrical content and polished flow. “Eyes Low” is more than the weed head track the title would imply; this one is a mission statement meant to affirm his intentions and work ethic.

With “Eyes Low” the Howard University student shows that he hasn’t lost the juice that made his music so captivating in the first place. eMeX uses his education and intelligence to speak well on his ambitions and motives, dreams and considerations. With lines like “only thing I’m afraid of is not getting it by any means/dying at the hands of my enemies/beware of fifty-fifty tendencies” it’s clear that his auditory aspirations have not faded and his quest for legitimacy is only deepening. Be on the lookout for a so-far untitled full length project set to release this summer from eMeX.

LINKS: @eMeXSoundcloud


New Music: 1Known- Faith


1Known of Homestead (South Miami, FL) is starting off the year with his new single “Faith”. This is a deep joint with a great message. The messages “Keep the faith” and “At least I pray” are chanted on the chorus. He’s goes into the head of most starving artists as he speaks on graduating college and struggling to stay avoid water financially. His talk of bars on working double shifts and hating the holiday is something most retail workers can find relatable. The beat which was produced by Pasteezy is dark and melodic at the same time.

The first verse is from a woman’s perspective and her struggling with with her current work situation. She wonders if she has to start to strip to get ahead in life. Both characters the female in verse one and the male in verse manage to say that they’re alright when asked how they are even they’re battling the thoughts in their heads. That’s something that most of us do on the regular. This is a great joint that may be able to lift your spirits when you’re not at your best. I actually want to thank 1Known because it has helped me a lot as I’ve recovering from my last medical incident. Check it out below and if you like it leave a comment.

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New Music: eMeX – No Love

no love

If you haven’t gotten aware of the eMeX wave, then you’re slipping. The Baltimore-based rapper is quickly gaining traction along the current of the underground. In the last year he saw the potential of his come up being to be realized; eMeX worked with names like A$AP ANT and Slim K, along with a host of other underground entities. ‘No Love’ is a Just Treats produced single from his upcoming mixtape, to this point unnamed. It’s easy to see the clout coming for eM, this track has over 1,100 plays in just six days, and that’s without being featured on the best underground hip-hop blog on the internet (this one, of course).

The production is infectiously ambient, providing eMeX with a soft, pulsing canvas for his verses. ‘No Love’ is crafted on a personal note, with soul. eMeX uses this track as a declaration of himself, his independence, struggles, strengths, drive and purpose. You get the sense that he’s tired of waiting to be put on and he’s beginning to take what’s his. There’s no doubt he has the talent, the skill, and is on his way to having the following to create something for himself if he continues to be slept on. His forthcoming project should be nothing short of phenomenal, a come up is imminent.

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Music Video: Ganja Goons – We Don’t Die

Energy doesn’t die, it can merely transfer forms. The Ganja Goons have been a tear lately out of South Carolina, creating their following and realizing their potential their own way. With dabs and a cloud of haze leading the way, the Ganja Goons have been blazing a new trail in a land without any established counter culture. ‘We Don’t Die’ is a testament to their enlightenment and prowess as artists. It’s been cool to watch the progression of Eric J as a multi-media entity.

The whole crew is talented, but Eric has begun to broaden his horizons from just rapping to producing, and now video editing. ‘We Don’t Die’ is the first visual offering from the mind of Eric J that I’m aware of, and it’s quality from start to finish.Ganja Goons are on the loose, coming with the finest sounds to get high to. They’re building steady and measurable hype for their Summer 2013 release “Ugly Americans”. Each release is marked with progression; there’ s no doubt to me that “Ugly Americans” will make waves when it drops.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ganjagoons
Soundcloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/ganjagoons

Music Video: Nova Rockafeller – Call Me Batman

There never seems to be an end to the quality viral rap I come across. Nova Rockafeller is just a small Canadian girl living a big life, and that’s something I can fuck with. She’s apparently on the come up in a pretty big way, with a SXSW performance just going down this past month. The video for ‘Call Me Bat Man’ is a viral sensation and really showcases her strengths. Young swaggy girls with attitude can always seem to put together at least one popular music video, but I get the sense that she’s got more than one trick up her sleeve. Nova is a firecracker brimming with energy and charisma, at the very minimum she’s got a long career as an energetic opening act ahead of her. The video doesn’t disappoint and has all the ingredients of successful pop-rap. I’m interested to see what comes next from the young Nova Rockafeller.


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New Music: ATM x Murph Watkins – Torture Chamber


ATM is stacking his chips and getting ready to cash out. The up and comer sent this ‘Torture Chamber’ track my way, and damn is it hot. The joint is produced by Antydote and carries a seriously dark vibe from beginning to end. Murph Watkins leads off the track with an absolute killer of a verse, setting the stage for a murderous showdown between the two lyricists. Not to be outdone, ATM comes with his signature style and flow, holding down the tail end of this track.

Both of these artists have very good upcoming projects coming out soon. ATM is putting the finishing touches on his debut mixtape “Friday at the Currency Exchange” while Murph Watkins is in the studio for his forthcoming “Loose Women N’ Booze” project. I’m very hyped on this track, it’s absolutely worth you’re time to check it out and catch a download.


New Music: The Lower Class – 89

lower class

This song is about as classic hip-hop as a song can get. All the way thrown back to the days of b-boys and real disc jockeys, The Lower Class puts heavy doses of nostalgia into ’89’. Off the recently released “Wingfield” EP, ’89’ impresses and turns head with the very solid flows and contrast of styles from member to member. The production on this track is filled with soul and provides a wholesome canvas for the lyrical stylings of the Texas-based crew. I’m catching a lot of very progressive influences from The Lower Class. The loosely knit structure of the track gives a Pharcyde-esque cypher feel and the production mixes a classic sample game with very ambient modern mixing.

I’m not sure who the members are, or how many cats make up The Lower Class, but I’m definitely interested in hearing more of their music. The nostalgic brand of proletariat hip hop they’re coming with is effortlessly positive and steadfastly classic. The Lower Class give off the vibe that they’re on an equal plane as their listeners, not raging egomaniacs covered in melted gold. Blue collar raps are refreshing. Recognize quality when you hear it, follow the link and grab a free d0wnload of “Wingfield” [HERE].


New Music: BLKSUNCHILD – QU33N (prod. Space Gang)


This track is comes our way courtesy of the homie BLKSUNCHILD and the Native Omen camp. QU33N is a single off BLKSUNCHILD’s upcoming EP “Indigo State of Mind” due out in March. The single features production from Space Gang, one of the premier underground talents in the game. QU33N is slick from beginning to end. We’ve come to expect some ethereal noise from BLKSUNCHILD and this is no exception.

The third eye connoisseur is pushing his art to new levels, and a breakthrough isn’t just expected, it’s imminent. “Indigo State of Mind” is slated for a March release, and I’m very excited about it. Everything this cat touches is quality, expect “Indigo State of Mind” to set BLKSUNCHILD on a higher pedestal than the rest. Peace to the movement, Native Omen.