Download: Sleep City Crisis – The Akashic Records Vol. 1

There’s gotta be something in water in Florida. A really solid submission coming our way from Floridian producer Sleep City Crisis. The first volume in what’s sure to be a very good saga is titled The Akashic Records Vol. 1. This is something I’ve been really vibing heavy to.
Sleep City pushes the envelope with his electronic storytelling; borrowing and warping the influences from a variety of genre’s to create his unique brand of sound. This first offering in the saga has dark vibes throughout and draws inspiration from the occult and deep-seeded third eye visions. If you can get down with some experimental jawns, then I highly suggest giving this tape a listen. The Akashic Records Volume 1 is very well produced and evokes a range of emotions in the tuned-in listener. Follow the links, and don’t sleep on the Sleep City Crisis.