[MUSIC VIDEO] PJ – Gangster

unnamed[NC 336, ATL, LA] Making her debut on NikkiSiixx.com we have something different from the usual hip-hop videos, this is some R&B/Soul music. This time we have singer/lyricist PJ with her first single GANGSTER off her forthcoming RARE EP. PJ is an accomplished songwriter who has written hits for Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa, Ty Dolla $ign and Meek Mill. PJ has been busy after her SXSW showcases and a National College Tour. GANGSTER was directed by Snow Beach and reminiscent of Alanis Morissette’s classic “Ironic” music video. PJ confronts her alter-ego and imagines what life would be like if she wasn’t so nice. Preorder her EP, Rare, on iTunes now! And stay in the loop with PJ by following her social media accounts below:



[AUDIO] Jack Garratt Ft Anderson .Paak – “Worry”

[Little Chalfont, United Kingdom] UK singer Jack Garratt collaborates with Dr. Dre protege, Anderson .Paak, for a rivoting play on Garratt’s “Worry” track from his currently released “Phase” album. The Brit handles himself very impressively over the instrumental’s rhythm, with .Paak playing clean up towards the tail end. Pulverizing organs, live drums and electric guitars make up the soundscape with lyrics that will put your mind at ease. Listen to the song above and stay in tune with Jack Garratt below.

[Links] Twitter | Facebook | Youtube | Instagram


[AUDIO] Jack Vance – SOUL (Produced By IAMBODI)

[HOUSTON, TEXAS] Bringing us another fire track, Jack Vance debuts his single SOUL produced by IAMNOBODI. What an amazing feel good track, with a powerful message. According to Jack Vance “Everybody thinks they know you. People love to tell your story, people love to tell you how they think you feel. Do they really know you though?” Jack Vance expresses his SOUL with a heartfelt story with his struggles. The cover art for this track shows an image of Jack Vance’s face with words that express what he truly feels. Be on the lookout for more dope music from the Houston Artist Jack Vance.



[UPDATE] Upcoming Event: Sultry Sounds 1/13 in Washington DC

The first Sultry Sounds of the New Year is the All Stars Edition which will be held on January 13th in D.C. DMV artists like Kenny Sharp, Davonne D’Neil, Finao Love, and Marquita Cheron will be performing for their fans and will bring the music that you feel in your soul. This is that young soul music, the new generation of that soul music that is missing a lot in today’s music.

kenny sharp Kenny Sharp – Kenny Sharp has a unique style of in his song ‘Brown Liquor Music’ by storytelling and keeping it simple with just a guitar playing in the background so you can really focus on his lyrics rather than the beat of the song. He has a country feel to his music but its more up-tempo than your normal country song that you will hear on the radio. It adds his twists to it so even if you don’t like country music, you would still enjoy it. In his track ‘Fine As Wine’, he changed up the music and flow than what he had in his Brown Liquor. He uses more musical instruments (i.e. drums and keyboard) and it has a flow like the open mic and poetry slams you would attend. Listening to it, I got the feeling that I was listening to a Kendrick Lamar track. ‘Will I Love You’ has a 90s feel to it. The music he decided to use on this track is a feel good sound. If you love music that makes you want to get up and dance or just lay back and relax, this is that song. As an artist, Kenny Sharp is able to change up his sound and keep you interested at each change and have you thinking he can really do it all. Kenny is an artist that you need to look out for. To listen to his tracks, you can go to his page on Sound Cloud.

davonne d'neil Davonne D’Neil – Davonne D’Neil is a gifted artist with a true God given talent. Her song ‘Deeper’ draws you in when you hear the first of the beat and her voice comes in. This track just works just because of the flow it has. The music, the beat, her lyrics, her voice, everything, just absolutely everything goes together and you are given this awesome sound where you will just want to forget all of your problems. ‘Sugha Pie’ shows the vocals of D’Neil. She really put her heart and soul into this track. You can tell by the lyrics that whoever her “sugah pie” is, he has really put a spell on her. ‘Careless Love’ starts with the 1940s maybe 1950s piece from a song and eventually, you hear D’Neil’s voice. She keeps the flow of the 40s or 50s to give you that mix of swing and jazz music that makes you snap your fingers and bob your head to the beat and close your eyes to hear the lyrics. To listen to her tracks, you can go to her page on Sound Cloud.

finao loveFinao Love – If you are into the somewhat newer R&B genre, you will love Finao Love. When I first heard Love’s song ‘Down’, I immediately started enjoying it. His lyrics aren’t too provocative to where you wouldn’t enjoy it. It has bearable and sensational lyrics with a nice rhythm of music that soothes you. ‘My Girl Be Trippin’ has the fast paced musical beat that brings the track to life. Love speaks about his girl being jealous whenever he would leave their home together. She would think that he was out with other girls or just doing things he shouldn’t be doing. He tells her she needs to learn how to love and trust. He is willing to work on their relationship and grow with her. Finao Love has a track that is called ‘She Likes It’. This particular song has this dance type vibe to it when it first comes on and it suddenly drops to a nice and study beat. The beat picks back up and you will hear DMV Ferris’s come in with his rap.

marquita cheron Marquita Cheron – Marquita Cheron has a track called ‘Circus’. This song is her saying that her she is not a fool or some side show that is for a guy’s entertainment. She continues to say that she is so much more than just a “circus show” and deserve so much better than what this particular person is making her feel. This song is an anthem for the women who are being mistreated by their supposed to be loves of their lives in my personal opinion. She is telling them that you have to know your own self-worth and you have to have the courage to leave and remove someone or people who doesn’t respect what you are worth. ‘Falling Deeper’ is her being in love song with someone very special in her life. She catches herself falling deeper and deeper in love with the way they smell, their voice, and everything else about them. It is a song that will make you feel like a teenager seeing your crush and you get the butterflies in your stomach. ‘Rain Quiet Storms’ is basically ‘Rain’ by SWV. If you love SWV then you would definitely love Cheron’s track. You have the rainfall sound effects with the soft music and the Cheron’s voice coming in singing the lyrics of SWV but you will eventually hear the creative lyrics of hers that flows with the song.

Overall, the artists of the DMV are amazingly talented and have their own unique way of showcasing who they are and how they feel.

January 13th at
The TreeHouse Lounge 1006 Florida Ave Ne, Dc
for Sultry Sounds All-Star Edition!


Freestyle Friday: Klassik – Can’t Be (Her)

klassik-seasons-[MILWAUKEE, WI] Soulful Artist Klassik brings us an original freestyle inspired by Montell Jordan. This freestyle is meant for the ladies. Klassik went into create mode and flipped the 90’s R&B track by sampling his own background vocals from the VOICELIVE into Ableton. Then recorded all live in his bedroom, where he took one take with no post-production and no lyrics written. CAN’T BE (HER) freestyle was created with Klassik’s fusion of Hip-Hop and Jazz, and pays homage to legends from the past.

Check out Klassik’s latest album #SEASONS at www.iamklassik.com


Audio: Charlie Domino – Sunshine

[HARLEM, NEW YORK] After a bit of a hiatus, Charlie Domino makes his return on NikkiSiixx with his single SUNSHINE. Spending his life in the inner city of New York, you just look for better days until you hear them gun shots. SUNSHINE definitely provides hope through a terrible situation. Charlie Domino had spent some time in Atlanta and as an artist and as a person he was able to reconnect with his soul. After debuting his first solo project Slay Dat Beat Vol.1, Charlie is working hard in finalizing his second project entitled Domino3ffect. The hook is crazy and insanely catchy. You can hear through Charlie Domino’s voice he’s speaking from the heart. And listen to his story through SUNSHINE.



Music Video: J. Randy – Tough Line

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 3.54.13 PM[OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA] J. Randy is releasing a music video every three weeks, for his introduction on NikkiSiixx.com we have TOUGH LINE. Tough Line is a heavy tune that has a familiar bass line. Filled with samples and energy that will make you want to jump out of your seat do something exciting. When growing his patients were pastors and singers of the church deeply rooting his connection with his love for music. Inspired by genres from R&B, Blues, and Soul. In TOUGH LINE, the visual demonstrates the skills from an Oakland lyricist. Hitting up the studio is something J. Randy does on the regular, working in perfecting his craft. J. Randy has a goal and that is to spread great music for the whole world to relate to. TOUGH LINE is an extremely different track compared to what his done in the past. J. Randy sounds confident and the overall production grabs my attention. The visual was produced by Denver Film Company and Mixed & mastered by Side3studios. Be on the look out for some more releases via J. Randy’s social media accounts:



Project Review: Lamont – Respect My Grind

2E4A4688[MIAMI, FLORIDA] Growing up in different neighborhoods from North Miami Beach, to Overtown, to Perrine, and even down to Homestead. Lamont was living and dealing with the struggles of living in the inner city. Even witnessing his parents battle drug addiction which gave him the strength to vow to never sell those drugs under any kind of circumstance. This is where Lamont truly began developing himself as a person. Currently, Lamont has released his Respect My Grind project that consists of five tracks. I gotta say that Respect My Grind was very well put together. Project credits from recorded by Lifer Entertainment, Mixed by D.Shim Productions, and Executive Produced by Lamont himself. Respect My Grind has a powerful vivid honesty that goes well with his empathetic lyrics. Lamont starts with Disclaimer, bringing that hardcore side of himself with the grittiness of his flow. Then Lamont brings with his next track MASHED POTATOES. Feel with R&B vibes and a catchy hook. A track to get your girl in the mood. The following track is entitled ANOTHER YEAR, which is dedicated to all the people you know who are no longer here. _E4A4760Its like we need to celebrate cause we’re here for another year. Another dope track with those R&B vibes. Then Lamont takes us to church with his track LORD KNOWS. Lamont goes in on this one, he describes a woman asking why they took her baby, he was killed from violence on the street. RESPECT MY GRIND is more of a fun, soulful track where Lamont gives you his back story and let’s you know the only way to work is going the hardest. My favorite tracks are Disclaimer, Mashed Potatoes, and Another Year. But my all time favorite track has to be MASHED POTATOES, because how catchy it is and his flow is sick on this one. Your left impressed with his capability to flow on these different sounding tracks. Lamont did a mixture of sampled and boom-bap beats. Respect The Grind is worth the listen since Lamont is standing up in his artistry and expressing himself the best way he knows how, and that’s through his music. Be on the look out for more releases from Lamont by following his social media links.



Music Video: Latasha Alcindor a.k.a L.A. – The Island

[BROOKLYN, NEW YORK] Check it out the talented Latasha Alcindor with latest video release entitled THE ISLAND. L.A. gives us her latest offering with what she has going on with Fro Casso in her DWS visual series. THE ISLAND resembles an anthem of belonging and self-acceptance. It shows L.A.’s growth in body, mind and spirit as an artist and a woman. I love L.A’s style and energy from her performances visually and live.
Latasha Alcindor

“Connect to my lands and not be afraid of the greatness. We all feel this way. Like on an island, but I rather make the best of it.” – L.atasha A.lcindor

THE ISLAND was directed by Fro Casso, and produced by Sam Katz. I really like the production on this track it really embodies that Afro-centric sound but with sounds of today. Sponsored by 88 Days Of Fortune. Stay tuned for some more dopeness from L.atasha A.lcinodor and don’t forget to follow her on all her social media outlets.



Beat Tape: Xia-Dawn | pisces.

xia_dawn[MIAMI, FLORIDA] MC/Producer Xia-Dawn released his second beat tape/instrumental project titled pisces. I love the overall jazzy hip-hop vibe of pisces.. Xia-Dawn was able to capture the feeling of a fleeing summer, and the chain between the mood and the tides. Very soulful, indeed. I feel the soulfulness of some of these tracks provides a story of life is love. Xia-Dawn has poured a lot of his heart and emotions into pisces. Favorite beats off this instrumental tape are Amnesia1, Say You’ll Love Me (And I Know You’re Lying), I’ll Always Miss Your Love [LINKS] TWITTER || INSTAGRAM || SOUNDCLOUD || TUMBLR


Beat Tape: Jay Prod – (D)edicated Forever EP

10402894_732199483536829_3263188589098369089_n[MORENO VALLEY, CALIFORNIA] For being 16, Jay Prod showcases some serious skills in production with his (D)edicated Forever EP. For the love of music, Jay Prod embraces it by creating the sound.. putting together a mixture of Soul and Jazz that were created from just how he was feeling. Eight really well produced beats and loops. If interested in working with Jay Prod you should most definitely hit him up through social media, this kid is ready to work. Don’t believe me? He already has another EP released entitled Lovely Vibes. [LINKS] TWITTER || FACEBOOK || INSTAGRAM || SOUNDCLOUD


Upcoming Event: 6.17 – The Homeroom Presents Open Mic at Propaganda, Lakeworth

June 17th Aura Jones Presents The Homeroom. A monthly open mic showcase at Propaganda 6 J Street Lakeworth, FL. Giving artist a spot to showcase their talent from musicians, spoken word, poets, and dope music brought to you by STKMUP. 8PM-2AM. Let em’ know NikkiSiixx sent ya!


Upcoming Event: 01.25 The HomeRoom Open Mic Showcase at Propaganda

The Homeroom welcomes all spoken word poets, wordsmiths, vocalists, emcees, performing artists and lovers & students of the culture! Expressionists, come one come all.

Join us in celebration of our community.

Funk provided by resident DJ duo STKMUP
Hosted by Aura Jones

8pm. 18+ for entry. $10 ($15 for ages 18-20)
List sign-up between 8-10PM.
*Slots are limited & first come, first serve.

Details on how to sign up on CLICK HERE!

Music Video: Eric Biddines – Message In A Bottle

Check out the latest visual from West Palm Beach Artist Eric Biddines with MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE. The music video is directed by Ryan Snyder and the track was produced by Greedy Jew. MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE takes place with Eric Biddines as the paper boy, besides spreading his message through his music. He demonstrates the message can be delivery to many people. Pretty cool considering the other people are actually Eric playing these characters. MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE definitely sets the mood right. Love the video? Love this track? You need to Pre-Order PlanetCoffeebean2 DELUXE EDITION brought to you by Juggernaut Sound/Empire. Set to be released October 7th 2014.


#MIDWESTBEST “Used To Be Bobby & Darrick”

st louis

#MIDWESTBEST in the maaahhh fuggginnn’ building! It’s your girl, MidWest Melly. I would like to introduce you to yet another Chi-Rock Nation collaboration. The “Used To Be Bobby & Darrick” album has been released August 12th and artists: Jah Ora (Bobby) and KD Assassin (Darrick) are putting St. Louis on the “Street Hop” map! Their infectious blend of Hip Hop mixed with soul, reggae and classic boom bap is something the game not only wants… it requires! It is the first collaborative effort from KD Assasssin and Jah Orah which also features MC923. While Stephen Instumental King (from Systematic Muzick), 44 Degreez, Josef Leimberg, Pop dDub, Tony Baines, Baby Paul, Akili and DJ Reminise produce plenty of magic… Jah and KD lyrically lay down the tricks, track for track.

Used To Be Bobby and Darrick

Stop What U Doing, every track on this album is a BANGER-BANGER. Self titled track, “Used To Be“, will give you a taste of the head knockin’ experience. Be prepared to press play and then repeat on “BruisHer” featuring Tef Poe. The song and video for “It’s Not The Same” have a serious West coast vibe and are an anthem to everybody and anything that used to be important in each of our lives. “No Way” has a rebellious reggae flow. Check the bonus track for the beat on “Troubled Mindz – Skinny Gorillaz” featuring MC923 as it is so, so, so serious. There are plenty more notable features including artists such as: Bo Dean, Aceyalone, Black Spade and Dharma Jean.

This is not your average production. This is not your average mainstream music. This is a reminder to everything REAL HIP HOP Used To Be and then some. Make sure ya’ll cop and rock this entire download. MidWest Melly, signing off! Shout out to my CRN4 family. ONE LOVE.

stephen king

“Used To Be Bobby & Darrick” is available on iTunes. Listen to and download this album at Audiomack!

Check out Reverbnation for information on upcoming tour dates!


Download: ChristinΞ χ DGRZZL: EMINENCE

Processed with VSCOcam with b6 presetLast time we brought you ChristinΞ it was with her Instrumental EP Betty “Moe” Trezza. This time I’m bringing you a collaborating between ChristinΞ and DGRZZL titled EMINENCE. The 11 track album definitely is worth the listen. The chemistry between ChristinΞ and DGRZZL is enchanting. DGRZZL is a writer/MC from ATL, GA as ChristinΞ is the producer reppin’ Miami, New York, and Georgia. EMINENCE was mastered by Chip Williams from Miami Beat Wave. Love listening to this project, some of my favorite tracks are FORGET, BALANCE, LAST TIME, and TO KNOW YOU IS TO LOVE YOU. Really love ChristinΞ style with her beats still maintaining a hip-hop essence with some soul and jazz. Especially in the production for TO KNOW YOU IS TO LOVE YOU it’s beautiful! The violin gives it such purity. Also, with the track FORGET DGRZZL states these lines and I think their pretty dope “I don’t even smoke but I’ll roll one up and then regret it, we live and we learn and then we learn to forget it…learn to forget it” and KOI’s voice in the intro and throughout the track was just flawless. You have to take a listen to the entire project to truly appreciate it. Check it out now via the player above!

Together we are ChristinΞ χ DGRZZL

We have joined forces to try and breed a new sound, carrying uplifting vibes upon all, like healers. A mix of ambient, soul and experimental hip hop.

Music Video: Nia Keturah – Control

We’ve all tasted at least a little bit of it. The plight of the modern twenty-something isn’t always technicolor and dance parties, there’s a darker yin to the fluorescent yang of our time. Nia Keturah is an soulfully organic artist working hard to create her own wave in a crowded pool. In my eyes, she has the talent and power to come up in her own way.

The video for ‘Control’ has been a long time in the making. Nia told me that she spent time meditating on the creative concepts and cinematography behind it, and waiting until the world brought the right directors and creatives into her life to make this all come together. Thandiwe Hunter, the director, and Jeremie “Mango” Lecuyer, the cinematographer/editor put their touches on the project to make it whole. To me, the video tells a story of ascension from the depths of suicidal thoughts. Nia taps into the world of depression and substance abuse to draw parallels that I think a lot of people can connect with. There’s something honest about the way her voice shakes; something real in the open display of despair.

I’ve said it once, and I’ll stand by that statement; Nia Keturah has the power and talent to go a long way in her craft. Wholesome and organic, she can be a queen of her destiny. Her voice is developing in a strong way and her entire style has hints of a Ms. Spacely feel. I was impressed when I found something a year or so ago, and I’m impressed with each new drop. The video for ‘Control’ might be the most complete offering to date, but that isn’t a slight against her previous work. This work, and especially this artist, deserve all the praise and accolades that they will inevitably receive. I feel that no matter how crowded the hip hop scene will be there will always be room for more soul, and Nia has that in abundance. Keep killin’ it girl, it’s just a matter of time.


Music Video: Wogz – Lonely Girl

Who said hip hop can’t be wholesome? Who said it can’t be vulnerable and honest? Maybe it takes an artist like Wogz to show that it’s alright to be a little hurt sometimes. In her latest video, Wogz comes correct with the soul and beauty I’ve come to expect from the Chicago artist. ‘Lonely Girl’ is a tale of heartbreak, resiliency and vulnerability. Directed by APJ Films, the video illustrates the two sides of femininity in striking contrast. Aaron Perkins has a clear vision and professional polish that comes with experience and talent, he gives the video life and identity.

With this video, Wogz puts her femininity on display for the world to see. The video uses the contrast of the shots to show you how she hurts and how she heals. During the day, her wholesome vulnerability is on display. Fields of flowers, ocean tides, that huge voice she has; all of it has some beautiful melancholy vibes emanating from my computer screen. Her lyrics during these shots tell the story of a hopeful heart and broken promises.

At night a different animal comes out. Her wardrobe changes, her attitude steps up, and her resiliency comes spitting through her teeth. She speaks on her strength and growth during the lows. Angst and frustrations vocalized. The entire ‘Lonely Girl’ offering is something special, something to be spoken about and discussed. It’s not often that a music video puts this much forward; tugging at heartstrings and provoking thought at the same time. Wogz has come a long way, and has a bright path ahead of her. Good work girl, go and get yours.