[AUDIO] Capo K – Do Not Disturb featuring Yung Banz

[ATLANTA, GEORGIA] Making his debut on NikkiSiixx.com, we have rap artist Capo K with his single DO NOT DISTURB featuring South Carolina artist Yung Banz. DO NOT DISTURB is his latest track from his upcoming EP entitled One Day, which is set to release September 30th. With that night trap vibes brought to you by Atlanta Producer DNA Keyzz. Capo K and Yung Banz make a great collaborative track. If you’re diggin’ DO NOT DISTURB, make sure you follow Capo K and let em’ know.



[MUSIC VIDEO] Xkluesyve – Give It To ‘Em

[SOUTH CAROLINA] Femcee Xkluesyve brings us her music video to her previously featured single GIVE IT TO ‘EM! This track definitely falls under a certified street banger, produced by JS Beats. Xkluesyve brings her bars to the table on GIVE IT TO ‘EM, demonstrating how you don’t want to mess with her. Her lyrics are creative and catchy. Xkluesyve gets crown in this visual, while reciting her rhymes in an abandoned warehouse with her full support team. GIVE IT TO ‘EM was shot & Directed by GangstaGeak of Fleyes on the Wall. Make sure you follow Xkluesyve on Instagram and be on the look out for more content from the first Lady of LFMG!


[AUDIO] Keith’ More-Fire – SUGAR

[COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA] Making his debut on NikkiSiixx.com we have pop/hip-hop artist Keith’ More-Fire with his first single SUGAR, off his debut EP “SIX 20“. Keith’ More-Fire voice on this record definitely shows charisma and confidence. The chorus is catchy and upbeat. This funky single definitely gives you something to dance to. Be on the lookout for more content from Keith’ More-Fire by checking out his website below:

Contact – info@thompkinsmediagroup.com


[AUDIO] Chris Buxton – “Empty”

[Rock Hill, South Carolina] Chris Buxton has been drinking and smoking cause of an “Empty” feeling he’s been suffering from. So he does what any artist would do, hit the notebook and unleash those feelings onto the microphone. The beat is deeply emotional with hints of Trap and Soul sounds. If you’ve every suffered from the feeling of emptiness, this song may very well appeal to you the most. “Empty” can be streamed above.

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MUSIC VIDEO: Eriiic J – Self Conscious

Eriiic J is quickly becoming one of the more enlightened men standing, literally head and shoulders, above the rest of the underground. “Self Conscious” is another self-produced, filmed, and edited gem that is blessing viewers with a cosmic knowledge that is thousands of years in the making. While he does borrow a famous line from Kanye West, he does it with a uniquely trippy twist that only Eriiic J can muster. He combines astral awareness and an expanded consciousness to create music that stands so thought provoking and enlightening that you can’t help but believe the message he spreads. Eriiic J is unafraid to speak on cosmic truths that have ostracized countless others. He remains sure of self with this ageless knowledge, and a flow that does not quit, in his back pocket. The man of a thousand truths strikes again, this time coming for your mind.


New Music: Traevon Martyr – Hotep

Traevon Martyr is unafraid of the controversy that comes with the undeniable truths he speaks about in his music. One half of the underground duo Ganja Goons, Martyr sprays the wisdom of the ether with a machine-gun violence that grabs you by the back of the skull and forces you to vibe. He’s the type that should be spitting alongside Vinnie Paz on a track. The beat, produced by SHiRASi, is the perfect fusion of industrial and trap and provides the ideal vessel for Traevon Martyrs venomous flow on Hotep. Maybe if we’re lucky he’ll bless us with a video for this track of biblical proportions.

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Music Video: Eriiic J. – Existentialism pt. 33

The big homie Eriiic J has been working passionately and humbly towards his vision, but you should know that by now. What you might not know is that he has a new FREE tape that you can download from his Bandcamp HERE. This most recent visual offering is directed and edited by Lens Flair Carruthers, and if you can’t guess, yes it is Eriiic J keeping the talent in his own camp. The video and audio for “Existenialism pt 33” pair perfectly to illustrate the empowering, love thyself philosophy that comes standard in almost all of Eriiic J’s music.

Each new offering, each new song, album, video from Eriiic is becoming a microcosm of his entire hustle. Everything he puts his name on and releases has time invested in it to cultivate quality and is overflowing with thought and passion for his craft. Truly multifaceted, Eriiic J relies on himself to produce unique and thought-provoking art. Yes, art. The dedication to knowledge and understand, the depth of ideas and philosophies, the attention to detail, all of this contributes to the evolution of Eriiic’s music into art. It’s only a matter of time before you hear Ab-Soul and Eriiic going bar for bar on the latest Hot95 banger.


Music Video: Ganja Goons – The Theory of Relativity [Prod. Eriiic J.]

I’m not sure about you, but I haven’t heard much good hip hop coming from the Carolina’s. Least of all some thought-provoking, independent, conscious rap. The Ganja Goons bring that and so much more to the table. Their production is almost always done in house by wunderkind Eriiic J., and the quality shows. These are some dudes that take their time and understand that growth isn’t instant. They’re in it for the long haul, for the art and soul of the movement.

There are a lot of crews in hip hop now, it seems that no one makes waves without the support and backing of an entire clique. Few groups come together with the cohesion and quality that the Ganja Goons do. Eriiic J and Traevon Martyr are brothers through and through, even if they don’t share a sibling bond. Their individual styles combine to create something original and daring. The sound the Ganja Goons possess pushes the envelope on thuggery and consciousness. It’s fitting that YouTube suggests Einstein video’s alongside Odd Future and Earlsweatshirt joints in the sidebar. There’s levels to this shit, and if you’re unaware then you just need to listen a couple more times. The Ganja Goons are coming up, and more importantly, they’re doing it their own way.


New Music: Eric J – Killer Carruthers

killer carruthers

Every single time I get my hands on a new Eric J track the progress is palpable. The Ganja Goon out of South Carolina has been honing his skills, on and off the mic, with the focus of an ancient monk. Seriously though, the cat has been making strides as a producer and an emcee. If you’re not convinced after a couple listens of “Killer Carruthers”, then just browse his Soundcloud feed for more fodder. Eric J and his crew stand above the rest in terms of enlightenment, work ethic, and effortless style. A lot of fools on the scene try and preach some third-eye lifestyle shit, but few realize that vision with the vigor and honesty that Eric does. Truly DMT-infused, acid oriented, and forever high; Eric J will hit you with a psychedelic wave of knowledge that can change your perspective in a snap. Get hip to this movement and thank me later, the kid out of South Carolina is coming for the top and settling for nothing less. Be sure to keep an ear or three open for Eric J’s forthcoming project “Corona Carruthers” dropping sometime this December.

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Download: Eric J – Dark Matter

dark matterEric J is coming for the throne, and making no bones about it. I’ve been privileged to witness his growth as an artist from early on in his journey, and honestly his progression, work ethic, and development is impressive. With the release of ‘Dark Matter’ Eric comes with a renewed vigor and confidence in his stride. The South Carolina native is becoming a staple in the underground scene.

From the first few notes of the entirely self-produced mixtape, it’s obvious that Eric is coming into his own as a producer. The LSD-influenced slaps will take the listener into a different zone; his vibes are refreshing in a world flooded with run-of-the-mill rappers. His verses, lyrics, and flow have all grown by leaps and bounds in the past several months. Anyone who says they’re complete as an artist needs to take a lesson from Eric J and the Ganja Goons. Consistent growth and quality has pushed these cats into a different atmosphere; consider yourself lucky to be able to witness the metamorphosis.

If Eric J and the rest of his crew continue on their current trajectory, tangible and very real success is just over the horizon. Any normal rapper would consider their art a finished product if they reached the levels Eric J currently resides at. However, Eric isn’t satisfied, and I think he’d be the first to tell you that. The drive and hunger he possesses as an artist is insatiable. Not out for fame or riches, but in it for the purest of reasons, Eric J is a tank full of fresh air in the stalest of internet environments. Many, many props to Eric J and all of Tha Steam Squad homies on this one. I”m excited for their future as if it was my own. Keep up the good work, the future is approaching fast.



Music Video: Ganja Goons – We Don’t Die

Energy doesn’t die, it can merely transfer forms. The Ganja Goons have been a tear lately out of South Carolina, creating their following and realizing their potential their own way. With dabs and a cloud of haze leading the way, the Ganja Goons have been blazing a new trail in a land without any established counter culture. ‘We Don’t Die’ is a testament to their enlightenment and prowess as artists. It’s been cool to watch the progression of Eric J as a multi-media entity.

The whole crew is talented, but Eric has begun to broaden his horizons from just rapping to producing, and now video editing. ‘We Don’t Die’ is the first visual offering from the mind of Eric J that I’m aware of, and it’s quality from start to finish.Ganja Goons are on the loose, coming with the finest sounds to get high to. They’re building steady and measurable hype for their Summer 2013 release “Ugly Americans”. Each release is marked with progression; there’ s no doubt to me that “Ugly Americans” will make waves when it drops.


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