Audio: YoAstrum – Wishing

IMG_0388South Jersey Emcee YoAstrum makes his return on NikkiSiixx.com with his track WISHING. Last time YoAstrum was featured it was with his track MEGAMAN-X. WISHING track truly embraces that feel-good electronic groovy sound. YoAstrum is able to deomonstrate what do dreams sound like. Amazing production by @Geotheorymusic, he was able to grasp synth-heavy sound. Currently, YoAstrum has been on the road performing from Pennsylvania and New York City. You can tell he’s trying to stay busy! Be in the loop and follow YoAstrum on his social media links, if you become a fan let him know we sent ya!



New Music: YoAstrum – Megaman X

IMG_04452Check out the latest track from South Jersey Artist YoAstrum with MEGAMAN X. Front runner of Jersey based collective ZERO SAGA and a member of clique Organic Geniuses as well. YoAstrum is able to maintain his own lane with his music. Being able to produce, mix, engineer, and write… he is able to stand alone. ABJO killed this track with the Megaman infused beat. YoAstrum is a fan of art, anime, and anything that inspires him in his life in general. If you’re a MEGAMAN fan you’ll appreciated this track for it’s references and the amazing production. Don’t forget to press PLAY and follow YoAstrum on his social media links below:

Money Willz – #SocialMedia Music Video

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 10.27.47 PM

21-year-old NJ rapper, Money Willz returns with some chilling visuals for his latest cut “#SocialMedia.”

Willz takes a break from his typical subject matter to give us something with a bit more depth. We all know the dangers of social media, but many of us say “oh, that won’t happen to me.” With so many advantages, it’s hard to believe that using social media could have any negative outcomes. In this dark visual, Money Willz plays a creeper who has his eyes set on the girl of his dreams. This music video, which feels very much like a short film addresses the terrifying truth: in this digital age, we are more connected than ever.

Music Video: Lazare St. James – 90s Shit

Check out the latest visual from Florida artist Lazare St. James with 90s Shit. Lazare definitely brought us back in time with this one. The visual has an effect of an old VHS tape. Throughout the video you see graffiti walls in an abandoned building. With The Boy Audacity (South Jersey) on the production, it does capture that 90s hip-hop boom-bap essence. Love your shirt Lazare! Rockin’ that Kelly Kapowski. And the visual direction of G2 and SPK Beatz was on point from the different camera perspectives.