[SEATTLE-GEORGIA] Making his debut on NikkiSiixx.com, upcoming artist TONE SKEE releases his visual for his single RECOVERY. Off his anticipated mixtape G.A.B (Gifted And Blessed). This heavy bassed track from TONE SKEE reminds me of Southern Hospitality. From the production, catchy hook, and overall performance TONE SKEE is an artist to look out for. I really like the setup for the visual, abandoned house with the orange jail suit, and the Hannibal Lecter mask. Pretty sick!

According to TONE SKEE: “I’ve always endured both influences from the west coast and south while as young teen going back and forth from Seattle to Georgia. Growing up I always love the passion and sound of music, I felt like it was my way out through heartbreaks and tribulations. I speak on what I’ve been through and where I’m headed!!

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Interview: Blizzi Boi

NikkiSiixx from NikkiSiixx.com sits down with Miami Up and Coming Artist Blizzi Boi and we discuss his genre of Oceanic Music such as his track AQUAFINA. His Approach to Trolling Videos when he added himself to an announcement video from Lil Wayne, and a glimpse into his free project “Purity Rang“. We also discussed his old track Sanctuary which was featured on my poll Who sampled it best! Be on the lookout for more content from Blizzi Boi and don’t forget to check out his youtube channel.

Artist: @BlizziBoi
Cameraman: @iamrickybanks


Freestyle Friday: Charlie Domino – 50 Young Niggaz

Upper West Side Harlem Artist Charlie Domino added with a dash of southern hospitality by living in Atlanta. Everyone has to deal with the struggles in life, but currently being a young black man has been extremely difficult. Due to high numbers of Police Brutality against them and feeling their backs up against the wall. Charlie Domino expresses his pain, love, and his stories throughout his music. This Freestyle Friday track we’re featuring is 50 YOUNG NIGGAZ by Charlie Domino. Currently, Charlie is in the works on his upcoming mixtape DominoEffect. Be on the look out for more music by Charlie Domino.

Talk to the mind, heart, and soul. Music Not always to turn up to, but to feel, smile, understand, relate to the struggle.



New Music: Ron Slyda – Focus

FOCUS is the latest track from Miami local artist Ron Slyda. This track is a preview to what Ron has in store for us with his upcoming project #BlueSummer: Recollections of a Poetic Drunk. Production from Jay B. Ron Slyda’s vibe is laid back, filled with soul, and you definently get a southern feel to it. You feel that same vibe when he performs too!

FOCUS title suits well with the concept of the track. Since Ron Slyda is trying to prevail from temptations that maybe good at the moment but once you take a second look it only caused you harm in someway or another. Dealing with being critize from bloggers, and women dilema’s. I also feel that since they added that Chopped & Screwed Voice effect at the end, it’s calling Ron and letting him know Don’t Let It Stop You.

“Keep My Mind On Money, Money On My Mind! Keep My Finga On The Trigger, N***a Hand On My Nine”