[AUDIO] Cue Trax – Diamond District

[STATEN ISLAND] Making his debut on NikkiSiixx.com, we have hip-hop artist Cue Trax with his latest single DIAMOND DISTRICT. This is a great song to jam to, it even gives you a bit of a summer love vibe. Cue Trax is melodic and expresses what he wants to do for the woman he’s interested in. Pretty Dope there’s a ShoutOut from HOT97’s Dj Magic. If you like DIAMOND DISTRICT from Cue Trax make sure you follow him on his social media and let him know!



Audio: Jared Xavier – Sincerely Yours

[WILKES-BARRE,PA] Jared Xavier makes his debut on NikkiSiixx.com with his latest single SINCERELY YOURS. The smooth production by Tuamie, really gives the Staten Island New Yorker a chance to expresses himself with what he’s gone through this passed year. He talks about him being mischievous, up to no good, but yet he still maintain focus on his music.

Jared Xavier has been releasing music since 2012 with his first mixtape The Difference. Then in 2014 he released Now or Never, currently Jared Xavier released his mixtape Dope Is A New Drug: Side A. Jared is able to display consecutive work through his projects and if you’re feeling his track SINCERELY YOURS you gotta be on the look out for the visuals coming soon.

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New Music: Sommy Lovell – Population: 1

artworks-000045517405-r9zbxb-t200x200Staten Island, New York’s Sommy Lovell decided to go on a loner mission with his song “Population: 1”. I love the fact that from the time he started to rap on this joint it’s a lyrical workout. He speaks on feeling as if he’s the only one trying to expand his brand and keep his music pure. As the post apocalyptic sounding track plays in the background he seriously takes you this deserted version of the hip-hop community where he is the only person staying true to the artform. I personally love the song and played it back four times before I began ┬áto write this review because I feel like he captured the raw emotion that goes throught the minds of many true hip-hop artists that are struggling to build a fanbase and work around labels to deliver what they know the culture is in dire need of hearing. Great song with a message I’m sure nearly everyone that visits this site will enjoy. Check it out below.

Connect with Sommy Lovell online: twitter.com/SommyLovellwww.facebook.com/SommyLovellsoundcloud.com/sommylovell