Audio: Mega Trife – Feelin’ U

Mega Trife - Feelin' U (prod. by Khrysis) [ARTWORK]

Mega Trife - Gold Aint Found  Above Ground [ALBUM ART][BROCKTON, MASSACHUSETTS] Mega Trife releases another single off of his fourth studio album Gold Ain’t Found Above Ground, called FEELIN’ U. This song definitely took me on a loop. How descriptive Mega Trife’s lyrics puts me in the vision of his song. Initially the song gives me a vibe that this song is meant only for the ladies. Trife gets intimate with a woman he found irresistible. At the end of a track you get an unexpected surprise with a twist. FEELIN’ U is meant for the grown and sexy, produced by KHRYSIS. Interested on more content from Mega Trife? Here’s my Album Review on Gold Ain’t Found Above Ground, and his last music video for BEAUTIFUL WEATHER. Be on the look out for more content from Mega Trife by following his social media links below!



Project Review: Idiotic Oddity – Idiotic Oddity EP


[NAPTOWN, INDIANAPOLIS] Idiotic Oddity is a unique artist that mixes hip-hop, pop, and rock within his genre. This presents a wide arrange of sounds that Idiotic Oddity adapted to quickly. You may think is a bit out of the norm, but who is normal nowadays? Oddity’s also does his own vocals, making an appearance on his hooks/chorus. Really catchy! Wanting me to press replay. Idiotic Oddity released his self titled EP Idiotic Oddity. I find this to be a great introduction to who Oddity is as an artist. The refreshing production and melodies reminded me of one of my favorite Indie Electronic Duos The Limousines. With a dancy 80’s synth and 90’s influenced pop. But Idiotic Oddity provides a hip-hop flow to his verses. Idiotic Oddity EP is a five track project, here’s what I thought about my favorite tracks off of it.

CERTAIN WAY One thing I really like about this song is the production and the catchiness of the hook. Oddity expresses his interest in someone whose not giving the attention he wanted, so he just had to let them go. Admitting his true feelings to her, knowing he’ll be burning their bridge of friendship since he knew the feelings weren’t reciporcal. Regardless, in a way it’s for the best, since he started to feel like he was being led on from a far.

EVERYTHING TO ME Here’s another track where Oddity is expressing himself to a woman of interest. Predicting scenarios if they were to be together. One thing I like about this track is Oddity’s slower flow. You’re able to fully listen to his dialogue and I feel he gets his point across.

TONIGHT ALONE Oddity has the capability to make a catchy hook! Here’s a track where the production takes us more on the rock and roll side. Oddity adapted a faster delivery over the guitar riffs. It just goes to show that Idiotic Oddity is able to work on different sounding music. This track really gives off an indie electronic style. Which I don’t mind because I enjoy that type of genre.

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 3.47.00 PMIdiotic Oddity is inspired from artist like Frank Ocean, Drake, Tyler The Creator, and Childish Gambino. You can sense what artists inspired how he took his hooks and melodies with Frank Ocean and Drake while Tyler The Creator and Childish Gambino inspired his lyrical approach to his storytelling. With Oddity and his music it catches the listeners’s attention and sparking their curiosity. If you’re diggin’ the Idiotic Oddity EP make sure to listen via SPOTIFY. And follow him on all his social media links to stay in the loop.