[UNBOXING] SuperGeekBox: Jan+Feb “Versus” + “Apocalypse”

NikkiSiixx unboxes SuperGeekBox subscription box that brings a monthly box of awesome geek and gamer gear that is not only EPIC, but true to the theme, and offers the best bang for the buck! SuperGeekBox connects our subscribers to the best companies producing gear, snacks, toys, art, and many other fantastic merchandise. Each month we assemble a mystery collection of 5-8 items, all of which are kept secret until the boxes are delivered! This time NikkiSiixx Opens two boxes, one for Januarys “Versus” Theme and February’s “Apocalypse” Theme. NikkiSiixx also gets a surprise of her life!! You gotta watch the video to find out what! See what she got and don’t forget to comment, like, and share!

Also, here’s my Super Geek Box Link! Get ready for March’s Lightning Theme:



LOOTCRATE: NikkiSiixx Unboxes November’s BATTLE Theme

Nov Lootcrate Icon
NikkiSiixx is a member of a gamer subscription mystery box called LOOTCRATE filled with gamer/cartoon/movie goodies. This month’s theme was BATTLE. Featured items from Mega Man, Assassin’s Creed, Halo, Street Fighter and more. See what NikkiSiixx got this month and don’t forget to sign up by using her link: CLICK HERE

New Music: Chris Morris – Super Nintendo

Chris Morris released his latest track titled SUPER NINTENDO. Chris reminisces on the good old days when it was all about playing SUPER NINTENDO. This track is for the gamers! Referencing back to the classics such as Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. 8-bit sounds in the mix featuring the sounds of Super Mario. When Mario gets the coins and when he goes down the green pipe. Produced by DreBrown. Also, the catchy chorus sampled from the Late Biggie Smalls Juicy Third Verse “Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis”.

Lasted Bout A Mouth Started Nagging Bout Job Shit
Now I’m On The Corner Selling Cookies And Corn Chips
Life’s All A Fight And I Ain’t Ready To Forfeit
I’m Off At 8 And I’m Ready To Play
With A License To Kill Any Cat In The Way
Street Fighters My Game Mortal Kombat The Same
Ryu And Liu Kang With Send Your Ass To The Japan