[MUSIC VIDEO] Shah – Pay Day 71


Making his debut on NikkiSiixx.com, we have Toronto hip-hop artist Shah with his latest music video PAY DAY 71. The title Pay Day 71 refers to the gender wage gap, which sees women earning 71% of their male counterparts. This track is definitely meant to be played at a strip club with its heavy bass and auto-tuned hooks. During the A3C Festival in Atlanta PAY DAY 71 was getting heavy play in the strip clubs, because due to the dancers embracing it so much. Shah showcases its all about the money when you work hard for it. Shah’s music video is the fourth installment that’s apart of his audiovisual series. If you like the message Shah is portraying in his latest single, make sure you let him know and don’t forget to support.


Music Video: Neak – The Kids

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With all that’s going on in the world today, some of our emcees have decided to speak out on things in their lyrics. First Kanye West with his Yeezus album, and now a fellow Chicago emcee, Neak. The colorful and vivid visual depictions of Neak’s lyrics come to life courtesy of Aaron Perkins Jr of APJ Films. Rocking with his main main/partner/producer Slot-A, Neak spits that real about how impressionable our youth remain. Popping molly while busting it wide open and making it rain might be what you do, but…

What about the kids, now that they want to try it? Welcome to social awareness in 2013.

The Kids is featured on RA NYC’s  latest mixtape, BRTH A N8TH. You can download the mixtape for free here: http://ra-nyc.bandcamp.com/album/brth-a-n8tn.

Neak (@neak_undefined) – The Kids

Produced by: Slot-A (@iamslota)

Video directed by: Aaron Perkins Jr. of APJ Films (@APJFilms)