NikkiSiixx Reacts to The Flash S2 EP 18 – Versus Zoom

SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t watched this episode already, here’s you’re warning.

NikkiSiixx records her reaction to the latest episode of The Flash. If you can’t tell, she’s a fan. Season Two Episode Eighteen “VERSUS ZOOM“.

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Catch you next week for a new reaction to The Flash Season 2 Ep 19 “BACK TO NORMAL

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TV: FLASH Back Tuesdays – Episode Thirteen (The Nuclear Man) Episode Fourteen (Fallout)

I’m back with FLASH Back Tuesdays. Every week I’ll review episodes off CW’s new hit television series called The Flash. If you haven’t watched the series I recommend you do so now, before I go all in twenty-three episodes. Season Two is set to premiere on Tuesday October 6th. I’ll be reviewing Episode Thirteen “The Nuclear Man” Episode Fourteen “Fallout”.


Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 11.41.07 AMThe episode starts off with Barry trying to find the perfect outfit to go on a date with Linda. Barry is romantic getting her a single flower and their eating at a restaurant enjoying the most spicy tacos ever. Barry still has to deal with Flash side jobs in stopping a robbery and a man from jumping off a building. Ronnie confronts a man telling him things that only Dr.Stein would know. He tells him he needs his help. Barry tells Caitlin and Cisco his going on a second date. Iris overhears it and you can tell it bothers her. Cisco gets a call to meet a friend. There was a new victim from the Burning Man. Iris asks Caitlin wasn’t she asking about that story before. Cisco met up with Joe at Barry’s old home where his mother is murder. Joe doesn’t want him to tell anyone he’s apart of the re-opened case. Wells needs to find Ronnie because they need to figure out why Martin Stein is controlling Ronnie. Barry has a flashback that he saw Martin Stein on the train when he was heading back to town. Then we witness what happened after when he merged with Ronnie’s energy. Barry, Caitlin, and Wells go and visit Stein’s wife to find out a bit more about his disappearance. She said she was visited by Ronnie a month after the accelerator exploded. Joe and Cisco discover the mirror dresser ended up capturing the moment when the speedster was inside the home. Barry is on his date and she’s taking things real fast.

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 11.42.52 AMBarry gets a text that Firestorm arrived and he has to get there soon. But it kinda left his date hanging. He gets into a fight with Firestorm and if it wasn’t for Caitlin he was going to blast the Flash. Cisco created a 3d projector to demonstrate what happened that night. They discovered blood splats that they can determine who it is. Barry visits Linda at her job and then he has to leave for another emergency. Iris admits to her that Barry was in love with someone and that they didn’t give it back. Caitlin and Barry bring Martin’s wife to bring some sense to Stein that S.T.A.R. Labs can help. Linda Calls Barry telling him she needs to call it off and that he’s stuck up on Iris. Barry confronts Iris and she didn’t mean to but tells her that she went out of her way to stop it from happening. Cisco was able to detect there was 2 speedsters at the scene of the crime. Joe wants to test it with Dr. Wells, but Cisco feels uncomfortable about it and doesn’t want to do it. While Caitlin is testing Stein in Ronnie’s body. Caitlin ask if theres a way to talk to Ronnie but Stein tells her it doesn’t work that way. Wells tells everyone that Ronnie’s body will become an atomic bomb since his body will become nuclear. Ronnie overheard their conversation and knows whats about to come to him. Life’s too short not to live. Which inspired him to give another try with Linda by eating the hottest Ghost pepper in front of everyone at the newspaper. Linda agrees after he ate it. Iris watches a far and you can tell she’s hurt. Wells discovers his prototype can be creating a splicer cell device to help split Ronnie and Martin. They need to hurry they’re about to blow. Flash rushes with Caitlin with the splicer. Cisco gets a call from Joe and tells him he ran the sample and it’s not Wells. One was unidentified and the other sample was a mature sample of Barry’s blood, which lets them know Barry possibly went back in time. Flash and Caitlin make it in time before Martin blew up to give them the splicer. He put on the splicer and was trying to and then he reacted and caused a nuclear explosion. Flash and Caitlin rush to beat the intensity of the explosion. Now we see the General Iling get notified about the explosion and requests to capture Firestorm.


Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 12.47.20 PMWe left off with Ronnie/Martin causing a nuclear explosion cause of the instability. Barry and Caitlin made it from the explosion. There’s no radiation detected from Barry’s suit, they search the scene and they discovered they were able to separate the two. The military is searching the site and find two imprints of impact, they now know that Firestorm has split. Ronnie and Martian are running the same temperature but they insists they feel fine. Martian goes home back to his wife. Joe wants to show Barry something. Takes him to his old house, where he’s going to show him what Cisco found out what happened that night. Shows him the demonstration of that night through the hologram presentation. Tells him about the speedster and how he’s the second speedster. They bring this information to Wells and he tells him its possible. About time travel, but Cisco knows someone that might help. Iris mentor is investigating S.T.A.R. Labs, he feels Wells is up to something and he had the accelerator blow up on purpose. Barry visits Stein regarding the time travel topic, also helps him fight his urge on eating some Pizza. Tells him that he was at the scene of his mothers murder and he said it’s possible that he did because of his speed. Barry is disappointed that he wasn’t able to save his mother. Ronnie and Caitlin are having coffee at Jitters and then he gets ambushed from General Iling. The flash was able to stop them but they had a trap for the flash using these spikes that covered his entire body. He was alerted by Stein since he can feel what Ronnie is going through. Barry hides Caitlin and Ronnie at his house and has an awkward moment with Iris and the lie they needed to tell her to cover up who Ronnie is Caitlin’s dead finance. Wells has a meeting with Iling and finds out they know who the Flash is. Joe still feels compelled that Wells has something to do with Nora’s murder. Barry says its impossible. Wells is having a drink with Martin and then all of a sudden he feels light headed and passes out. Ronnie feels that faint moment and stumbles. Wells called Iling as exchange to not capture the Flash. Martin is being tortured to give him details about Firestorm. Ronnie can feel the pain going through him from Martin. Ronnie cuts his arm writing Where? And it shows on Martins arm.

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 12.48.28 PM 1He starts to use morse code to let them know what base he was it. They were able to figure it out. Iling was about to pull the trigger and the flash saves him in the knick of time. But gets attacked by some type of chemical where he needed to run in a cyclone to get it off of him. Meantime Ronnie insisted he merged back with Stein to gain the powers of Firestorm in order to fight back and not get killed by the army. This time they merged perfectly that Ronnie has control while Stein assists him on whats around him. During that whole time The Flash was running to get the chemical off him. They ended up escaping and Ronnie and Stein were able to separate and be themselves. Ronnie and Martin need to practice more and get away from the Army and learn more about their powers. Iris pumps into Caitlin and asked again about her cousin. She figured out she lied and then tells her mentor that the burning man use to work for S.T.A.R. Labs. Barry brings Joe to his old house and tells him that sometime soon he’s going to go back in time and be in the same room to help save his mother this time. All of a sudden we see Iling and then he gets taking by the reverse flash who reveals his identity that he is Harrison Wells, and re introduces him to Grodd.

Catch next week for another Flash Back Tuesday. Here’s where I discuss Episodes FIFTH-TEEN “OUT OF TIME” and Episode SIXTEEN “ROGUE TIME”. If interested in catching up on the series you can currently watch episodes on Hulu Premium Membership. Season 2 premieres October 6th on CW! 35 Days left!


TV: FLASH Back Tuesdays – Episode Eleven (The Sound And The Fury) Episode Twelve (Crazy For You)

I’m back with FLASH Back Tuesdays. Every week I’ll review episodes off CW’s new hit television series called The Flash. If you haven’t watched the series I recommend you do so now, before I go all in twenty-three episodes. Season Two is set to premiere on Tuesday October 6th. I’ll be reviewing Episode Eleven “The Sound And The Fury” Episode Twelve “Crazy For You”.


Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 2.01.18 PMAt the beginning of the episode you see The Flash assisting the police in capturing 3 robbers on motorcycles. He was able to apprehend them and helped them out. Barry and his team work very well together. Iris gets offered a job at Central City Picture News, since they’re fans of her Flash Blog. Harrison Wells goes home where you see what a fancy mansion he has. He stands up to have a drink, and gets a call. “We both know what you did” Wells gets his gun and then all of a sudden he was attacked by some sonic sounds that broke the glass everywhere. The cops were called and he said there was no need to. But Wells gets a flash back with an individual playing chess. Then Cisco comes to work with him. But Hartley doesn’t get any good vibes from Cisco since he came to a billion dollar lab dress in a not so classy shirt. Barry puts one of the glass windows together and found out there was no point of impact its like the glass shattered on its own. Joe finds it weird that Wells didn’t get a scratch on him considering he can’t walk. Cisco had a bad relationship with Hartley. He used to work for Wells and one of his favorites. Iris goes to her new job and where she finds out they only hired her because they want FLASH stories. Barry finds out that there’s sonic technology. Joe feels that Wells is hiding something. Eddie comes to tell him that Hartley is attacking his own families company. Barry meets him over there and it was a quick fight. Hartley likes to mess with the ones who he used to work for. He was able to detect the Flash’s movements since he always ran back in S.T.A.R. Labs which gave it away. He also mentions how Wells will turn on the Flash as fast as he did on him. He has a deep dark secret. Wells admits that he knew from Hartley warned him about the accelerator will back fire.

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 2.02.12 PMIris meets up with Barry at the coffee shop and tells him that her job only hired her because they know she gets leads about the Flash. And Mason is her advisor and doesn’t expect anything to come good of her. Cisco looks at Harley’s equipment and finds that he had it at the lowest frequency which he knew he got caught purposely. Hartley escaped and is loose in S.T.A.R. Labs. Barry makes in time and finds them. Hartley really wants to get back at Wells from terminated his position and not taking his word that the accelerator was going to explode. Wells makes an announcement at the police station that he had knew it would have blown up, that he had failed this city. During the press conference Iris was able to get a word in for her colleague Mason, that if he was going to rebuild it and he said of course not. Hartley isn’t done yet he’s at the main bridge and is flipping cars off it and luckily The Flash is able to save them, but was able to out trick him and put a frequency to hear Barry’s inside. He was even spitting out blood. Wells came up with an idea to use the cars satellite radio to produce a frequency to destroyed his sonic gloves and helped stopped the flash from it. They were able to save the day, and Barry gives Wells the photo they took earlier. Barry met with Joe and told him he must of been hard to deal with him being a science kid who wanted to do experiments. Joe has Eddie search throughout Wells entire house and he didn’t feel anything. Hartley wakes up and is locked up in S.T.A.R. Labs. Hartley tells Cisco that soon he’ll let him out because he knows where Ronnie is and what happened. Wells has the prototype on and is trying to regain he’s super speed, but is not able to. He also mentions he’s getting closer to what he has planned.


Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 7.25.23 PMWe start off with two people stuck in a flipped over car. That hit a power line. The Flash gets the boyfriend out first and while he was trying to get the girl right before it blew up. Cisco feels that Barry’s suit is their suit. But Caitlin figured out that Cisco was looking into the F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M and that Hartley mentioned that he knew what had happened to him Then we see a girl who parks by the prison uses a telescope and is able to teleport inside. She was able to get her man out of jail. Barry is investigating the scene and was able to find some particles that he needs to test to find out what really happen. We find out she was able to control her powers after he was locked up. He owes a lot of money that he has to repay before they can leave down. At S.T.A.R. Labs was able to find out that it was Shawna who broke it to the jail. Cisco goes and talks to Hartley regarding Ronnie and Mark Stine. Its hard for him to trust him after all the crap they’ve been through. Iris is worried about her getting a story together or she’s going to lose her job. Barry said he’s willing to help. Cisco decides to get Hartley out. Barry’s father was able to get details about the guy who escaped that he works for Marcus. Whenever someone tries to leave his crew they would have to pay up. Cisco takes Hartley outside not sure why Hartley is trying to show him. He shows him a wall where theres a bomb shadow. Cisco can’t believe it so he’s trying to take him back to the pipeline, but then they started fighting. Hartley was trying to get away and Cisco started a sonic ring to his ears. Telling him he better tell him where Ronnie is. He told him he needs to take off the handcuffs cause its going to look suspicious. Barry and Caitlin regarding having a social life. There’s a robbery with 2 suspects with was Shawna and her boyfriend stealing from a armored truck. Heres where she plays a game with The Flash about catching her. The flash sees she can teleport. Facing her he all of a sudden gets a bullet trying to penetrate Barry’s neck. Luckily he was able to get it before he went through. In a way he’s faster than a speeding bullet. Barry makes an attempt in helping Iris with her paper, little does he know she already made plans. Barry calls Caitlin about which bars the culprits use to go to. Caitlin decides to join him. At the bar they met up and Caitlin is dressed for the night and building a tap. Cisco took Hartley to Barry’s office and they have the surveillance video of Martin Stein. They were merged together. Caitlin is drunk and calls Barry to the stage to do some Karoke. They work on Grease’s classic. And wow Barry can sing! Barry meets a girl named Linda that helped him get the attention of the bartender. Linda ask if Caitlin was his girlfriend. So she shows Barry this new app that gives a person their contact info. She gives Barry here information. Its up to Barry what he does now. Caitlin isn’t feeling so well, he gets her out in time to throw up in the parking lot.

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 7.52.50 PMShawna and her man go meet with Marcus and pays $80,000 to get out of the crew. But since he sees what she can do he wants them to work for her. A shootout happens with the cops and her boyfriend is shot. She teleports them out of there. Joe couldn’t believe what he saw. Barry takes Caitlin back to her house. and Caitlin starts to undress and needs help. Barry helped her out. She’s so funny when she’s drunk. She asked Barry to stay until she goes to sleep. When she arrives to work she’s super hungover. Barry starts messing with her, Summer Loving. Cisco tells everyone its his fault for letting Hartley out. He feels like it’s his fault for Ronnie “death” or what turned him into what he is now. Wells figures out that with Shawna her weakness is she can only teleport with where she can see. Barry gets a call that his father was stabbed for snooping around about Marcus. Julius was the one and tells him where the next heist was going to be. Another armored truck. Barry catches up with him and they have a fight in the tunnel. Her boyfriend couldn’t wait and drives off. Barry starts to break all the lights and she can’t do anything, her boyfriend left her abandoned. They captured her and they locked her up. Barry and Caitlin talk about moving on from their previous loves, not sure if that meant possibly them together? But I doubt it. At the flash makes an appearance with Iris giving her a story about Clay getting out of jail. Iris was able to get a quick shot. Iris catches Barry at the newspaper headquarters where he actually meeting someone else for a lunch date. Barry goes and visits his father in jail to see how he’s doing. On the newspaper there’s a cover story about the Flash. But nothing gets over Barry’s Dad. He just knows it has to be him. I got a bit emotional at this part. His father looks up to The Flash. His very proud of his son. Now we see two construction workers in a damp sewer, where they see writing on the walls, it said Grodd all over! Then they hear a growl, wondering what is that they go further into the tunnel, here’s where they get attack by a massive gorilla!

Catch next week for another Flash Back Tuesday. Here’s where I discuss Episodes THIRTEEN “THE NUCLEAR MAN” and Episode FOURTEEN “FALLOUT”. If interested in catching up on the series you can currently watch episodes on Hulu Premium Membership. Season 2 premieres October 6th on CW! 42 Days left!


Movie Trailer: Man of Steel – “Fate of Your Planet”

The beginning of the trailer looks like a signal is being transmitted through. A chilling voice is announcing an upcoming event. The message that is played is that we’re not alone. Visuals are in different languages. Applying to everyone who watches. General Zod (Michael Shannon) is in search for Kal El. Earth has 24 hours to turn him in or the planet will suffer the consequences. This movie looks amazing! Superman is played by Henry Cavill. Can’t wait to watch this when it releases this summer on June 14th. The graphics are intense!