Audio: Twenty-three32 – Ease Up

[NASHVILLE, TN] Upcoming artists Young Kloud and #TheRebirth, both combining forces and creating American hip-hop group Twenty-three32. They’ve been working together since 2013. United by being cousins that are both inspired by music. Creating a unique sound of the South and Midwest. According to Twenty-three32 “They believe that no flavor of hiphop is better than the other, because hiphop should be a creation of many different flavors. They differ only in style.” Their track EASE UP, is the latest in their archives. Conscious rap lyrics over production by idbeatz x Damien Launay. Be on the look out for more content from Twenty-three32.



Music Video: Case Arnold – I Wonder

[CLARKSVILLE, TENNESSEE] Case Arnold releases his visual to his single, I WONDER. You’ll say it should sound familiar because we featured the track on the site back in September 2015. Case Arnold was on a bit of a hiatus due to his full attention on his highly anticipated full-length project. I WONDER was produced by Black Diamond provides that jazzy/old school vibe that Case Arnold fits well with this style of hip-hop.

Case expresses how the world can put weight on your shoulders that can stress you out. In order to lighten up the situation, he feels that lighting one up can easily ease this unnecessary weight. Working through these road blocks (life issues). The visuals takes us to random locations while a spinning effect will appear. It was laid back as the track was. Expect a lot more music from Case Arnold for the rest of 2016.

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Audio: V.V.S – Mac’n featuring Cap 1 & Erin Rogers

[TENNESSEE] Hip-Hop Artist V.V.S released his latest track MAC’N, the single features Cap 1 and Erin Rogers. V.V.S on the track expresses how he’s able to make moves on his girl of interest due to his ways. He can find his influences through his music selection, here’s where we can pick up some 3-6 Mafia and even some Master P. Throughout the years V.V.S was able to grow from being apart a hip-hop trio, to becoming his own on his solo career. V.V.S has even built his own recording studio and learned the in and outs of audio editing.

“I always had a business mind so I bought my own equipment so I wouldn’t have to be on a time limit in the studio. I like to cut the middle man out. I wanted to do a mixtape but hosts were charging too much so I learned how to chop up songs just like they did and put out my own mixtape series called Pimp Edition. I hosted every up and coming artist’s mixtape from my area.”

And with The Pimp Edition mixtape series earned him a Knocdown Entertainment award for Mixtape Artist of the Year. By continuing to pursue his passion, V.V.S goal is to make a name for himself in the industry. While continuing being himself, currently he has a new project out called KING ME. Be on the lookout for more content from V.V.S and don’t forget to follow him on his social media links!



Audio: Case Arnold – I Wonder

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 6.08.29 PM[CLARKSVILLE, TENNESSEE] Case Arnold releases another track called I WONDER. Lately, Case has been dropping track after track, but still I wonder when is his full-length project will be released. I WONDER premiered off DJBooth.net. Producer Black Diamond provides that jazzy/old school vibe that Case Arnold fits well with this style of hip-hop. Case expresses how the world can put weight on your shoulders that can stress you out. In order to lighten up the situation, he feels that lighting one up can easily ease this unnecessary weight. Working through these road blocks (life issues), Case is working even harder into completely his full-length project. One thing that caught my attention was the I WONDER cover art. Being so simple but really shows a sense of humor with a googly eye to represent the I over a picture of grass. Check out the instagram footage of Case Arnold performing live in Orlando, Florida:

Orlando, thank you. I'll be back! #stillfamilia

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Audio: Supreme Ace – Fly Rap featuring Case Arnold and Jace of Two-9

[DENVER, COLORADO] Supreme Ace collaborated with (Tennessee) Case Arnold and (ATL) Jace of Two-9 with his latest track FLY RAP. The song demonstrates they’re ambitious towards being the best in their craft, and that craft is dropping knowledge with their lyrics. Produced by Chemist and they all did their thing on FLY RAP. Nothing is stopping them from accomplishing they’re dreams. This makes it the first time we featured Supreme Ace and Jace of Two-9. We’ve featured Case a couple times, and shoutout to Case Arnold, he just got some shows down in Florida, from Tampa to Miami. Aug 29 at Hangar opening up for Wifisfuneral, and September 2nd at Grand Central for Earl Sweatshirt. [LINKS] @SupremeAce_ | @RetroJACE | @StillCase


New Music: Case Arnold – Be Yourself ft. Tim Gent

ft tim gent

[CLARKSVILLE, TN] Case Arnold just released this morning, his new track BE YOURSELF with fellow Experience The Culture emcee Tim Gent. Just another track, Case Arnold is busy working on consistent releases until his next full-length project. BE YOURSELF was produced by Ozhora Miyagi, love the overall jazzy sound. Really gives a feel of the night life, with that sultry trumpet on the beat. Case Arnold expresses all the time and efforts he does with his life. From his relationships, long late nights, and being able to provide. It made me feel that maintaining who you really are will be able to help proceed with life. The collaboration between Case and Tim Gent is dope! Both flows complement each other and the production. You can leave this on repeat, for awhile. TWITTER || SOUNDCLOUD || INSTAGRAM ||


Music Video: ShaManic – MINDLESS

shamanic[NASHVILLE,TN] ShaManic may not seem to be your ordinary rapper, but as soon as you close your eyes and listen, you feel it. ShaManic recently released his music video for his track MINDLESS. Capturing the moments where he felt the system failed him by a misdiagnosis, that lead him to stay in a mental institution. Through this difficult time the sound of hip-hop kept him grounded. MINDLESS imagery is with classic psychedelic’s and inspiration from the movie Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, really gives it a lot of depth. The visual is super trippy! ShaManic flow reminds me of a young Slim Shady. MINDLESS is off his album The Artist. Be on the lookout for future releases from ShaManic.

“One of the things that really drew me to hiphop and rap is that it’s so focused on the words. I’ve been into poetry my whole life and this allowed me to combine poetry, music and storytelling into a single art form. -ShaManic”



New Music: Case Arnold – Shia LeBeouf

[CLARKSVILLE, TENNESSEE] Case Arnold HeadshotDJ Booth yesterday premiered Case Arnold’s new track SHIA LEBEOUF. This is just another fire ass track from Case which was produced by ChiefUs. One thing I really like about Case Arnold’s music is that it always resembles that true sound of hip-hop. Besides his choice of production, he has a keen sense to his flow. He gets mean in this one, for sure. Naming his track after actor Shia LeBeouf, Case Arnold found inspiration from him when he released his Motivational Speech Video. Case Arnold is silently working on his next project, but stay in the loop with him for all updates.


Music Video – Tim Gent – King Sh*t

I have to admit I am a huge fan of artists who can incorporate popular culture into their work at appropriate times. That is why we are sharing Tim Gent’s King Sh*t music video. The video starts out with a snippet of dialogue from the 1998 film, The Man in the Iron Mask, as Tim is standing on a stage – spotlight on him. We get the hint that Tim Gent has the heart to be a king. A majority of the music video alternates between Tim on stage, a corner store, and in front of his home in Clarksville, Tennessee. The video and production is simple, because Tim Gent is telling a story. Touching on a bit of various topics such as ObamaCare and his mother’s prayer, Tim tells us he is a King through his determination to survive. Enjoy the smooth jazz-like production and get hip to this youngin’ on the come up!


New Music: Case Arnold – Foolishness


Check out Case Arnold’s exclusive new track for 2014 called FOOLISHNESS. I really like Case’s flow on this track. The essence of Brooklyn Beats production portrays what hip-hop should sound like. The collaboration between the two it’s truly organic. During the first half of the year we should be expecting a new project from Case Arnhold. The project is currently unnamed but we’ll have updates as soon as we get them. Meanwhile, Don’t be a fool, remember to press play! FOOLISHNESS.


Music Video: TreHill – Verified

Check out the latest music video from upcoming Tenessee artist and Amateur Skateboarder TreHill with “Verified”. Usually, I don’t post content from young artist but TreHill caught my attention with his delivery and style. The video takes place at a skatepark, everyone is doing tricks and I really like the fisheye lense effect with some of the shots. Verified was shot by Kiddo. Verified is off of the “Tre Mountain EP,” which can be DOWNLOADED HERE. With working hard and persurverience, I can definitely see TreHill getting somewhere with his career. It might not be now, but I know for sure when he gains more experience he will one day be verified.

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Visuals by Kiddo- @kiddo0
Produced by: Mastamind
Presented by: FortuneCookieCo and The Boardshop.

Music Video: Case Arnold – Profound Sound

Check out the latest music video from Clarksville, Tennessee’s Hip-Hop Artist Case Arnold titled PROFOUND SOUND. I found this video to be trippy as hell! The video was shot by Devo Films. The mirror effect from the center of the screen it gives a double and morphing look to it. But it goes well with the beat and the flow Case Arnold provides on the track, which was produced by 9th Wonder. Love the track! Really gives off a feel of old school hip-hop with a modern twist. PROFOUND SOUND is off of Case Arnold’s mixtape The Myndstate. Don’t forget to download his project.