[AUDIO] LaLa – Whine Ya Body

Making her debut on NikkiSiixx.com, we have Caribbean queen LaLa with her latest dancehall single WHINE YA BODY. Born from Guyana and raised in Guadeloupe, currently staying in Houston, Texas. LaLa speaks five languages. Lala runs the party with her single WHINE YA BODY. You gotta dance to this one! Stay in the loop with Lala by following her on her [FACEBOOK].


[MUSIC VIDEO] King Trill – Get This Money

Making his debut on NikkiSiixx.com, Texas Rapper King Trill brings us his latest visual to his newest single called GET THIS MONEY. In order to get this money you must know you need to work hard. According to King Trill “On Get This Money, King Trill tells the story of how he came up from the streets, created his own path in the rap game, and eventually got into Real Estate”. The track generates an energetic, heavy bass, and dope lyrics. GET THIS MONEY is produced by DJ Oreo. The song is available on iTunes and is the first release from King Trill’s debut album Real Estate.



[AUDIO] Jack Vance – SOUL (Produced By IAMBODI)

[HOUSTON, TEXAS] Bringing us another fire track, Jack Vance debuts his single SOUL produced by IAMNOBODI. What an amazing feel good track, with a powerful message. According to Jack Vance “Everybody thinks they know you. People love to tell your story, people love to tell you how they think you feel. Do they really know you though?” Jack Vance expresses his SOUL with a heartfelt story with his struggles. The cover art for this track shows an image of Jack Vance’s face with words that express what he truly feels. Be on the lookout for more dope music from the Houston Artist Jack Vance.



Audio: Jack Vance – Growing Pains featuring Macahl Jett and Mecca

[HOUSTON, TEXAS] Jack Vance makes his return to the site with his latest single GROWING PAINS featuring Macahl Jett and Mecca. Staying on this consistency of very conscious lyrics, after the success of his last track $300. GROWING PAINS shows us the difficulties of living life, trying to go after your dreams or get a job and get that money.

Jack Vance always find a way to recite his story. He even touches base on depression and the negativity that can come around due to not finding where you want to be. If you feel like you’re stuck in a corner, open your mind with GROWING PAINS. One thing I really like about this is the cover art, you shows while you grow things around you probably won’t still be there. Just gotta get through it. Make sure you follow Jack Vance on his Twitter to get updated on that new, new.


Music Video: Blue The Greatest – Come For You

20160131_2141301[TEXAS] Blue The Greatest brings us his latest music video for COME FOR YOU. When having the best of things, like having the best in cars, clothes and jewelry leaving people to wonder how did they really come up with that. Leaves the wrong people asking the wrong questions. Blue The Greatest dealing with this lifestyle and ends up getting caught by the law due to fake people.

COME FOR YOU depicts a real live event that happened to Blue The Greatest while he was on his grind. The visual showcases to the world in on this piece of his story, which ended up landing him in prison for four years. Making his comeback with his single COME FOR YOU, now Blue The Greatest is back on the scene and linked with Teddy C Money to get on top, the right way.



Audio: Rico Zone – YOUNG OG

[DALLAS, TEXAS] Making his debut on NikkiSiixx.com, Rico Zone drops his very wavy single YOUNG OG. This is actually the main single and the intro to his new EP Winterlude. Rico Zone embraces his southern hospitality by presenting us his song to a special someone. Through everything, he’s attention is on his target. On this track Rico Zone should be called Rico Love. Great melodies and YOUNG OG features rappers such as Druu and Compass, and fully produced by Rico and Gus Gilmore. Be on the look out for more content from Rico Zone by following him on twitter below:



Audio: Jack Vance – $300

Upcoming Hip-Hop Artist from Houston, Texas Jack Vance makes his debut on NikkiSiixx.com with his latest single $300. The track is meant for the ones who are tired of people trying to tell them how to do anything. Like how to think, how to feel, how to talk, how to rap, and how to supposed be. Jack Vance tells us, FUCK THEM. This are the type of people who you definitely don’t want in your life. You just want to grow and learn on your own. Be on the lookout for more content from Jack Vance by following him on TWITTER.


Music Video: KB The Boo Bonic – BAT SH!T

kb the boo bonic [AUSTIN, TEXAS] KB The Boo Bonic makes her debut on NikkiSiixx.com, with her music video for her catchy track BAT SH!T. KB The Boo Bonic is a female emcee that’s pretty badass, reciting her lyrics through golds on the bottom, dark shades, and rocking a pair of bat socks. Love the effects added to the video, which was shot and edited by The Moon Guys. You can catch BAT SH!T on KB The Boo Bonic official mixtape which is set to release early 2016. Be on the look out from more content from KB The Boo Bonic. TWITTER || FACEBOOK || INSTAGRAM ||


Music Video: Jay Luse – What You Like featuring Coach Tev and B.Anderson

jay use what you like video[DALLAS, TEXAS] Up and coming artist Jay Luse brings us his single WHAT YOU LIKE, featuring Coach Tev and B.Anderson. This track is slow and hypnotic, dope production by Neal Thompson & Blue The Misfit. You gotta vibe to this one! Jay Luse describes what does the listening like and how he can provide it to ya. For an artist who is looking to grow and inspire. WHAT YOU LIKE will be on Jay Luse upcoming debut EP Soulful Attraction. Get updates by checking out his website below:

#WhatYouLike || www.JayLuse.com


Upcoming Event: Nov 7-8 | iStandard Presents ‘Beat Camp’ and Producer Showcase in Texas

iStandard is proud to announce Beat Camp – Dallas, Nov 7 & 8, 2015 – Presented by AKAI & Powered by Monster Energy, Ableton at MediaTech Institute (13300 Branch View Ln, Dallas, TX 75234).

Beat Camp is a weekend-long event containing classroom discussions, panels, and workshops on topics such as – producer branding, management, networking & relationships, songwriter & producer synergy, sampling, live mixing sessions, and more – taught by producers/engineers with major credits and music business professionals.

Throughout the weekend representatives from various technology brands will be on hand showing their latest gear, as well as a Monster Energy lounge in which attendees can power up in between sessions. Nighttime activities include the iStandard Producer Showcase – Beat Camp Edition, Celebrity Beat Cyphers, “Behind The Rhymes” Interviews, iNfluence Awards, Special DJ Sets, and much more.

Vini Vegas will be in the lobby doing a LIVE broadcast from his show and doing interviews on site for Aug 22nd from 11-5pm.


2-Day VIP Pass Includes – Access to all Beat Camp programming, 1-on-1 Critique w/ known producer- Free Download of WaveDNA’s Liquid Rhythm Intro ($49 MSRP), Food & Beverage, Gift Bag, Attendance to PM events* – $99

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2-Day General Pass Includes – Access to all Beat Camp Programming, Gift Bag (while supplies last) & Attendance to PM events* – $79

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To Submit to Nov 9th’s iStandard ‘Dallas Edition’ Producer Showcase at RBC 2617 Commerce St Dallas TX Click HERE (Showcase Slot includes a VIP pass to Beat Camp within shows registration fee)

Tentative Beat Camp Dallas Schedule (Subject To Change)

So far judges include Jay Oliver (Producer for Meek Mill, French Montana, Kirko Bangz, and more…), Oktober 1st (Former MMG producer for Young Jeezy, Triple C’s, and more…), and S1 (iStandard alum, Grammy Winning Multi Platinum Producer for Eminem, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Madonna, and more…) with more to be announced and special surprises…

Winner with the highest score will get a prize package consisting of a bundle IK Multimedia iOS Products, plus their renowned plug-in T-Racks Grand, iZotope’s Nectar Elements, a choice of Propellerhead Software (either Reason Essentials or ReCycle), Ableton Live 9 Intro, a Lifetime Subscription to iStandardProducers.com, promotional gear from Monster Energy, and more…


Music Video: Fat Pimp – Uh Oh

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 2.00.20 PM[DALLAS, TEXAS] Fat Pimp releases his first visual for UH OH which is the first of many more releases under the new label Dirty Water Music (based in California). The concept behind his visual was to obtain a 90’s classic movie feel, themed off of Phat Beach. Fat Pimp portrays the flirtations love interest of several women as he enjoys a beautiful day at the beach. Fat Pimp gets infatuated by the silhouette of another beautiful women while he was on a date with one, Fat Pimp became inspired to write about the “oops I’m staring” affect the woman had on his demeanor making him say UH OH. I sense Fat Pimp has matured in his music and is ready to set foot on his new endeavor of being a pioneer of southern rap and is ready to say Hello World! Stay tuned for more releases from Fat Pimp by following him on his social media outlets. [LINKS] WEBSITE || TWITTER || INSTAGRAM ||


Project Review: BLACK-EP – Lyric Le’Velle

[Fort Worth, TexasAlbum Cover] Hot on the heels of his single, Proud (reviewed here), Lyric Le’Velle has released the excellent BLACK-EP. Le’Velle worked with multiple producers on this EP in order to provide a varied soundscape for your enjoyment. He explores many different types of sounds in order to flex his lyrical muscles and succeeds in almost all of his attempts.

The first track on the EP, Tainted Intro, acts as a mission statement for the songs that are to follow. He lets you know what’s up with lyrically precise bravado as he raps “Now we in this moth******er, ten toes deep/kickin’ game, speakin’ slang mainly kinfolk speak”. He asserts himself as having both his feet firmly planted in the rap game and as willing to reach out to those willing to understand his language.

unnamed-3Speaking of which, he definitely takes the language of lyrics and makes it all his own. He’s a gifted story teller whose words don’t just explain his world, but actually bring you right into it. Tell Me  takes us on a journey through Texas, Hunger  has you riding along with Lyric Le’Velle in a world where it’s tough to make ends meet, and he has his greatest story telling moment on the emotionally charged Trissa.

Trissa  is a standout track. If hip hop was an exam, then Lyric Le’Velle would pass the story telling section with an A+ because of this song. In the interest of not spoiling it for first time listeners there won’t be any more details in this review, so definitely bump that joint and run it back a couple of times. Trissa  comes from a very real place and after hearing Le’Velle spit the lyrics, you can’t help but feel like you’re getting to know him or at least you’re getting to know his mind.

Sonically, there are a couple risks taken on this EP and some work better than others. US  sees the Fort Worth rhyme slinger trying to jazz up the EP over a beat with a saxophone that can be a little bit jarring and doesn’t fully gel with the rest of the project. On the other hand we have the excellent Session #2  which, while it also seems like a departure from the overall sound spectrum of the EP, is a perfect marriage of interesting production and introspective lyrics.

The album has nearly no stumbles, takes risks in the right places, has excellent beats and, most of all, it has a consistent level of high quality lyricism throughout. The BLACK-EP doesn’t pretend to be turn up music. It also doesn’t try to beat you over the head with the lyrics by jamming too many words into a small place. This album’s success is in its personality. Lyric Le’Velle shows us that Lyricism isn’t about how many syllables you can jam into a bar, but it’s about if you can make a complete stranger feel you.

Mission accomplished.


[Artist Links. Official Site, Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Instagram]


Recording Artist Fat Pimp Signs Multi-Year Recording Deal With California Based Dirty Water Music

Fat Pimp Signs[DALLAS, TEXAS] Fat Pimp has signed a multi-year recording deal with California based Dirty Water Music. One of the few independent artist to be blessed with a three week stint on the Billboard hip hop charts, multiple times. Fat Pimp released his latest single Hurt They Feelings earlier this year which quickly found its way to MTV Jams. Warner Bros missed out the opportunity back in 2008 when they had a chance to sign Fat Pimp. Looking towards new horizons, Fat Pimp and his management team went to Dallas, Texas to start the new endeavor with Dirty Water Music. Congratulations to Fat Pimp from the staff at NikkiSiixx.com and we can’t wait to hear your new content. But in the meantime, for our listeners to get a proper introduction we have Fat Pimp’s latest project HURT THEY FEELINGS.

“I’ve been through so many labels dropping me or simply not believing in me. All the years of making Billboard hits and working so hard, it feels good to have CKB Entertainment and Dirty Water believe in me to see my vision. Now its time to go platinum and sell out these arenas,” Fat Pimp stated after sealing the deal.



Music Video: Tommy Swisher – Netflix & Brews

[ATLANTA/ST.LOUIS] Check it Tommy Swisher makes his way back on NikkiSiixx.com with his latest visual NETFLIX & BREWS. The concept of the video is that Tommy Swisher reminisces on his college days where you see his cleaning up the spot while his friends are still there, while his a waiting his girl guest to come over. I like how the visual gave us the sense of a live studio audience sitcom. With the audience laughing when he’s trying to get his friends outta there. Even funnier when his friend that’s asleep takes a while to get up. You see Tommy Swisher get his company some brews while they get comfortable to watch some Netflix. NETFLIX & BREWS was directed by TheGuyVeezy and the beat was produced by E.Wonder. Tommy Swisher has been busy since he recently got off from opening up for TDE artist Sza out in Dallas, Texas.



BEAT TAPE: $outhern – Beats 4 Le$

[HOUSTON, TEXAS] Transitioning from rapping to producer, $outhern brings us his debut Beat Tape called Beats 4 Le$. Inspired by the JetLife movement, $outhern produced these beats geared toward for use by artist Le$. In hopes of getting his attention by having his tape online and promoted through media outlets. We just have to wait and see if Le$ takes this. Beats 4 Le$ is meant to showcase the immaculate versatility of a very skilled southern artist, and provide Le$ with the ideal, smooth sounds he’s looking for. This is his short demo tape consisted with eight amazing beats. $outhern’s goal was to provide a style that blends well.



Audio: Capital G – 88

capital g photoFrom Austin, Texas by way of North Virginia, the boy Capital G delivers a single for us to ride around to. Representing the Locals Only Gang, the laid-back rapper puts it down for his crew and gives us a glimpse of his lifestyle. “88” has plenty of knock, smooth to the core, and enough to make your head bop. This single is a feature off the Locals Only’s untitled group project that will be released in the near future.



Upcoming Event: 7/16-19 TEXAS Ent Summit at Arlington, TX

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Texas Ent Summit
July 16 – 19, 2015
Arlington, TX (Dallas/FT. Worth)

For 10 years the Florida Entertainment Summit (FESummit) has provided models, filmmakers, recording artist, producers and entertainment entrepreneurs the opportunity to network with influential entertainment decision makers gain new insight on selling entertainment product, broker deals, promote new music, introduce new/returning artist and learn new industry trends. Now, the brand is expanding to Texas!

What To Expect:
Panel discussions, workshops, beauty workshops taught by celebrity stylist, cocktail reception, special advance screening, artist showcase, parties, Beauty Brunch, Sound Stage, learn the newest trends & so much more.


Music Video: D.O.S. – Do What It Do

4nx1-Kj5OyIC9PyZP62SvKUdoLWGxoGROJ8WQHwYHop5KZAxNrr3zkMTPZzKHPZGzQx1v9IkYLh2a0pGvGHH4dRUFE5fcAQHQWetQprPq5S4L232g3yLcJhT4DeHPRrKbVVHDaUGDOWzbFs6RQ=s0-d-e1-ft[AUSTIN, TEXAS] D.O.S. has been crafting his brand of traditional hardcore hip hop for many years now. DO WHAT IT DO is latest effort with San Antonio producer Ruler Why. DO WHAT IT DO is the fourth official video off of D.O.S. 2014 release Obey The Raw. Being an Texan you’re able to keep you’re best kept secrets and yet he’s able to revered them lyrically. The visual takes us to D.O.S. where he is about to go out with his people and all of a sudden his car was not good enough and all of a sudden magically his car turns into a pimped out Limo! Everyone goes in and enjoys the lavishes of drinking and partying up it up.