Music Video: Jeff Jericho – Drives Me Crazy

Jeff Jericho, an American Hip-Hop / Rap artist from Los Angeles, CA. Released his third visual off of his The Jericho Experience project; with DRIVES ME CRAZY. Song was produced by J-Myth. Jeff Jericho expresses his story about being an only child, until his mother remarries. Gaining a step-father and step-brother. He would witness the fights they’ll have because his step-brother wasn’t doing anything right and his step-father wasn’t going to deal with his son’s ignorance. Jeff definitely feels that it’s not worth it to loose it all for nothing. Jeff Jericho relates the rising numbers in crimes regarding gun violence. With friends he knew making bad choices and dying because of it. He feels that these topics wouldn’t phase him, but little did he know it was driving him a bit crazy. Jeff Jericho is currently working on his next project Cake Dreams, which is set to release mid Spring 2015!