Event Recap: 11/6 OASIS11 at TSL Lounge

Last Thursday Night, I headed over to The Social Lubricant Lounge in Wynwood for WakeUpStar’s Event. Featuring dope music by DJ Bre, and a great line up of underground hip-hop artists. I just love the environment very chill and laid back. It’s on a patio that allows you to be outside with or without roofing. You’re able to gaze up to the stars. Huge projector playing a live basketball. There’s a bunch of sitting areas, hookah, smoke friendly environment. By the time I got there I was only able to catch 2 performances. I caught Webbz and Xali.

Here are some updates from the performers that night:

@WEBBZCX — We released Medicinal [EP] at the end of September and the response has been overwhelming. It’s approaching 2 months since the release and we’re still keeping the momentum with visuals and behind the scenes footage. This year also marked my first time performing at A3C which was an amazing experience.

My most recent performance at Oasis Eleven’s Street Dreams show was Dope. The venue was amazing and the crowd was receptive to all the performers. It was the perfect platform for an MC to perform. Overall, Street Dreams was a great event.
@NOEXnotonearth — Oasis 11 was a Great venue. Nice to build with like minded individuals. Also the quality of people where good really brought together a diverse crowd all so talented in their own way. Looking forward to more events from Oasis 11 the host and Dj were really on top of they’re game from the introduction of each artist to the music they were playing. Peace to the Host and everyone who had a hand in the event. Need more events like oasis 11.

@MusicByMercy — Tell you the truth, I didn’t know what to expect of the OASIS event. I kinda predicted to be a dope night of great vibes and good energy – and that was the outcome of that night. It was refreshing to be around live art and dope hip hop. A defining moment of clarity. I am just grateful of the opportunity to showcase my talent and connect with others. Huge shoutout to WAKEUPSTAR, SEAN BANG and DJ BRE – and everyone else that help make the night a kodak moment.

@MikeyMarriott — Oasis 11 is bringing real culture to the scene. The music, food, vibe and social setting is a breath of fresh air for Miami nightlife.

@XALIUNKNWN — Being able to perform at oasis 11 was a supreme experience. It is rare that you find promoters and people who use there expertise to influence the culture effectively on a weekly basis. Wakeupstar, AllLikeMinds, and DJ bre have been the catalyst to that with the brand they created with Oasis11 . As a young artist, to be apart of a movement that goes beyond the average soflo limitations of expected vibes is devine . Receieved alot of love from the people, the music by Dj Bre and Sean Bang never died, and got the opportunity to share my art with the people of my city. This Is Definitely something for the culture, Which is one of the main reasons I do music.

Stay tuned for this Thursday next OASIS 11!!!

Upcoming Event: 10/02 – OASIS ELEVEN at TSL Lounge


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with special guest RELL BURGUNDY

Hosted by your fave DJ BRE | EMPIRE
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