Culture Shock: Miami’s Indie Scene Looses Venue Support

For the last two years Miami’s Indie Scene has taken a toll on where or when a local hip-hop showcase will happen. One of the biggest concert venues GRAND CENTRAL in downtown Miami has announced they’ll be closing their doors on September 26. And before a mass amount of supportive venues have shut down as well: The Stage Miami, LMNT, Club Eve, The Nest, The Goose Lounge, and the list goes on and on. We may call this a local entertainment recession right now.
Here’s a bit more information on me and my experience with Miami’s Indie Scene. I’ve coordinated events in Miami and West Palm Beach areas since 2011-2014. With my accounted history I’ve coordinated about 50+ shows that were artist showcases, networking events, artist listening events, beat competitions, open mics, anniversary parties, The Walking Dead Viewing Party called iScream Sundays, and even a yearly event called Blogfest. I would say I was a lucky promoter guaranteeing venues at no cost because of the quality of the show I was providing. The bar will make their money off drinks and I’ll cover the events expenses with what I made off the door. As the years passed the harder it was to get a show booked, venues I previously worked with wanted to start charging me $1,500 to book a show on a Wednesday night, they would never give me weekends considering my crowds supported me more on the weekends. Also my budget wouldn’t allow me to cover these expenses which made it even harder to book shows.

IMG_0061For the last two months I’ve partnered up with PropsAndBonds who’ve coordinate monthly events within the Miami Scene and also coordinating Vice City Cypher’s Saturday Mic Live at Catalyst. From January-August I was living in California, I came to visit and was hoping to coordinate my sites 5 Year Anniversary show. I asked for their help and we’ve came up short. Every venue PropsAndBonds met with said they would love too but can’t since they’re going to be closing down due to higher rent costs within the Wynwood community. Which startles me because this is where the new Miami reached out to and helped grow from what it was. No one would have set foot in this area 10 years ago but now it’s the talk of the town. But will it still be considering now venues are no longer interested in working with the hip-hop community. Even though it’s been difficult we’re still working hard to make this event happen and give an amazing show with the best hip-hop artist we know.

The harder it is for a promoter to book shows will make it even harder for an upcoming artist to get some time on stage or be able to present a live show in-front of a real audience. As you see as artist you need to come up with creative ways to get your performance out there. There’s an artist who I know that goes out of his way and performs live on the street with a mic connected to a speaker. He’s name is Stide Prince and he calls these pop-up performances The FUCK YOUR VENUE TOUR. But there are issues with doing these type of shows you need a permit from the City of Miami. Or they will shut you down.

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I feel that we all need to come together in working to getting more shows coordinated and get more possibilities for the independent artists to perfect their craft. If you have any ideas or know any venues that will be interested in working with me contact me via Twitter at NikkiSiixx.


Upcoming Event: 11/08 – Bubba Sparxxx at The Stage Miami


BUBBA SPARXXX Live The Stage Miami
Music By DJ Heron

After high school Sparxxx moved to Athens, Georgia in 1996. In Athens, he met industry veteran (and now manager and business partner) Bobby Stamps. Stamps noticed Sparxxx rapping after a University of Georgia football game. Stamps arranged for Sparxxx to work with many artists in Athens and Atlanta to complete his first CD. His first commercial CD release saw some success in Georgia, and the album Dark Days, Bright Nights caught the attention of Jimmy Iovine of Interscope Records. Sparxxx signed to Interscope Records and began working with record producers Timbaland and Organized Noize.
The major-label reissue of Dark Days, Bright Nights, released via Timbaland’s Beat Club Records imprint, which now included five collaborations with Timbaland and two with Organized Noise, debuted at #3 on the Billboard 200. In 2002, he had a minor hit being featured on Archie Eversole’s “We Ready”, which became popular for being played at sport events, such as football and basketball games. In late 2003, he returned with his second album, Deliverance, which was critically acclaimed but sold poorly.

Upcoming Event: 02/07 – MIA JAMFEST 2014 at The Stage Miami

MIA JAMFEST FLYER- for online posting-1
The 1st annual Hip Hop Music and Fashion festival; MIA Jamfest will be held on Friday, February 7th at The Stage MIAMI. Doors open at 7:30pm. Music by DJ Bre, Hosted by the one and only Jasmin Brown. Headlining acts include PREZ P, J NICS, and SP THE PHENOM. Prepare to be blown away by the rappers, r&b singers, and unique pieces by our local designers in the live fashion show. This event is 21+

NIKKISIIXX.COM WILL BE THERE! We’re supporting our friends at MIA JAMFEST by giving media coverage of the event!



Upcoming Event: 08/17 – Mobb Deep Live at The Stage Miami

tickets BUY NOW

Addictive Affairs – DNA Nignts – 8and9.com – Smok Free Vapors – Tax Pro’s Present
Beats -N – Rhyme’s Life With Mobb Deep live!

Addictive Affairs, DNA and 8and9 present Mobb Deep at The Stage Miami later this summer. The Mobb put aside their differences and link up to bring their recent tour to Miami on August 17th. Tickets are available now, starting at $25.00.



The Stage Miami
170 NE 38th Street
Miami, Florida 33137
Doors 10pm
$25 General Admission

Food Truck Palate Party
Stay tuned for more details to come!

Upcoming Event: 05/31 Beats N Rhymes: BUCKSHot LIVE at The Stage Miami


BLACK MOON’S Buckshot Live @ The Stage Miami May 31, 2013
Beats & Rhymes Present Buckshot Live @ The Stage Miami May 31, 2013

Soarse Spoken & DJ Guilletine

Music By DJ Heron & Dj YNOT

Doors Open @ 10:00pm
Show Starts @ 1:00am


Video: NikkiSiixx Edition of BeatsNRhymes from Gill Graff

Check out the Shoutout from one of the performing acts for the NikkiSiixx.com Edition of BeatsNRhymes Wednesday from Gill Graff. This is going to be dope because we just got notification that that lovely Anjuli Stars is going to be apart of Gill Graff’s set. Don’t forget we also have other talented acts that will be performing such as Beautiful Struggle, Tay-G, and Art Morera. View below and click on the flyer for more details and to RSVP!


Upcoming Event: NikkiSiixx.com & DNA Presents: 12/14 A Ketchy Shuby Christmas at The Stage

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NikkiSiixx.com & DNA Entertainment presents “A Ketchy Shuby Christmas” EP Realease Party for Ketchy Shuby! Come celebrate the release at The Stage Miami. Also performing that night is Chellie G and Art Morera. On The Ones & Twos DJ Drop D.

Doors open at 10pm
$5.00 Entry

Drink Specials $5 Vodkas & $5 Appleton Whites