Audio: TocaBang – ROXY featuring Oy Boyz and Ethan Spalding

TocaBang dropped a new slapper by the name of “Roxy“. Himself, Oy Boyz and Ethan Spalding delivered a song that be perfect for your weekend mix that you play on the way to the club or party. Ethan Spalding delivers a quite raunchy hook that you’re guaranteed to be singing by the end of the song. TocaBang’s production and mixing is intoxicating. The Oy boyz give you witty quotables “I eat the pussy call me trader joe but I’ma eat the pussy later though” and “try to wife and I bob and weave“. You can tell that this song although has is raunchy in the nature is all fun and games. It’s meant for you to enjoy as hip-hop was originally intended and that’s great to see since these fellas are from the nation’s capitol. Just like D.C. this song isn’t what I expected when I heard the piano at the beginning of it. TocaBang did an excellent job at putting this song together. Check it out below and feel free to leave a comment.

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