[DOWNLOAD] Tommy Swisher – My Box of Unsent Love Letters EP

Making his return back on NikkiSiixx.com, Tommy Swisher brings us his latest project My Box of Unsent Love Letters EP. With the EP release he also dropped the visuals to his separate single THE DEMAND! Tommy Swisher is a force to be recon with, from dropping projects, visuals, and dope music. Tommy Swisher is an artist to look out for from Atlanta, Georgia. My Box of Unsent Love Letters EP is a ten track voyage through passed emotions Tommy Swisher had experienced from previous lovers. The EP features guest appearances from Rome Fortune, Rikki Blu and ThouxbanFauni, as well as production credits from the likes of FKi, Deko, OG Parker, Cultie, E.Wonder and RXLVND. The project is hosted by DJ Genesis and IAmGambinoATL. Here’s a look to his music video THE DEMAND:



Music Video: Tommy Swisher – Aggressive

tommy swisher[ATLANTA, GEORGIA] Tommy Swisher is back at it again with another visual entitled AGGRESSIVE. The video takes us on Tommy Swishers journey of a routine of waking up. Fighting with an opponent that gets in his way from indulging himself with more liquor. Check out the retro gaming style and watch out for Tommy Swisher’s 10 hit combo! I really like how the video was shot and edited, shout to Relifecreations. AGGRESSIVE is the song to help motivate you to really go all in with what you want. If you’re diggin’ the track as much as I am, you need to cop Tommy Swisher latest project “Its About Time”.



Music Video: Tommy Swisher – Falling

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 10.35.34 PM[ATLANTA/ST.LOUIS] We got another dope track by Tommy Swisher with his latest single FALLING. He presents us with a visual, this video was really dope so I had to share. Tommy Swisher falls into the woods and trying to get out he comes across a woman in white, who is she and does she know the way out? Tommy can be seen in the video running for his life. You can find FALLING on his latest EP Hi, Im Tommy Swisher. FALLING was produced by Ego, directed by Tommy Swisher shot/edited By Relifecreations. For some reason this line stands out to me, “Trying to Control The Earth, Mother Nature Do Me Favors, Cause She Like My Purpose..Now Light the Earth“. Stay tuned for more from Tommy Swisher!



Music Video: Tommy Swisher – Netflix & Brews

[ATLANTA/ST.LOUIS] Check it Tommy Swisher makes his way back on NikkiSiixx.com with his latest visual NETFLIX & BREWS. The concept of the video is that Tommy Swisher reminisces on his college days where you see his cleaning up the spot while his friends are still there, while his a waiting his girl guest to come over. I like how the visual gave us the sense of a live studio audience sitcom. With the audience laughing when he’s trying to get his friends outta there. Even funnier when his friend that’s asleep takes a while to get up. You see Tommy Swisher get his company some brews while they get comfortable to watch some Netflix. NETFLIX & BREWS was directed by TheGuyVeezy and the beat was produced by E.Wonder. Tommy Swisher has been busy since he recently got off from opening up for TDE artist Sza out in Dallas, Texas.



PreciseEarz.com Presents #SOUNDSONACLOUD – NikkiSiixx Edition Powered by @5StarVintage

PreciseEarz.com has reached out to NikkiSiixx.com to combine forces on his #SoundsOnACloud Series. We’ll be presenting the best we found on Soundcloud via both sites. Soundcloud is one of the biggest platforms for independent artist to stream their music. Also, the coolest way to find people you’ve never heard before too. @Mighty_Million presented me with these three artist tracks to review and I gave him three for him to review on his site. I’ll also be discussing a piece from 5StarVintage at the end of what I thought about his choices for this week’s #SoundsOnACloud

tommy swisher@TommySwisherTM with ROCKSTARS! This track is on a whole other level. Just love the production by @MoneyMontage + @RichFrvr they’re all about to fuck shit up. I just love that slow trance like sound Tommy Swisher is able to portray in ROCKSTARS. Tommy Swisher expresses that just be you regardless if they like it or not. Being able to stay true to yourself you can really be you in what you want to do. I would recommend this track for any up and coming artist to get that inspiration.

jobee@JoBee slows it down with DISTRACTIONS. This track is filled with so much soul and love. JoBee has an amazing voice over this very sexy mid-tempo production. JoBee expresses how he would love to wife up his girlfriend but unfortunately his dealing with temptations that might hurt the real relationship. DISTRACTIONS is definitely a track for the ladies. Turn the lights down low and light some candles and bring out the incense.

g4shiG4SHI brings a EDM Trance Track that really hits a lounge feel with NEVER LONELY. Even though I feel like this track isn’t really hip-hop but I just feel good listening to this song. I can see this track getting played in a club on Miami Beach. Especially in the late/early hours. NEVER LONELY was produced by @itssuccessmusic. I can see this track making a cameo in A Night At The Roxbury. While we dance the night away with Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan.

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This concludes my part of #SoundsOnACloud and don’t forget to see what Mighty_Million has to say about the artist I chose. PRECISEEARZ.COM

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Music Video: Tommy Swisher – Villains

tommy swisher photo[ATLANTA, GEORGIA] Influences in the word can lead you to the dark side. Tommy Swisher showcases these actions with his latest music video VILLAINS. The visual takes us to a female who’s dressed in white eating at a restaurant. When she leaves, she taunted by a male who was looking for trouble. You have to understand evil doesn’t mean bad. I feel like the female portrays positive/light in life but getting peer pressured into being someone who’s she not. She cant help it. VILLAINS visual was directed by ThatGuyVeezy. Tommy Swisher raps about how life can take you away and turn you evil. The production brings this track to life, shout out to E Wonder.