[AUDIO] Speed on the Beat – …Don’t Call It a Comeback…

Making his way back on NikkiSiixx.com, Speed on the Beat brings us his single …Don’t Call It a Comeback…. also known as DCIAC. Writer/Artist Speed on the Beat begs for the listening public to not call this a full-on comeback to hip-hop. But he does show some serious skills with his lyricism on DCIAC. He touches topics on expanding his impact, politics, and space-time. The track also represents the love of an inspiring artist has when it comes to continually to make content. Even though DCIAC was recorded over a year ago it showcases music can still be relevant even if it’s a year old. I gotta agree with SOTB when he said “Fu*K Trump”. Speed on the Beat also contributes to Boi-1da.net, Bandwidth.wamu.org, and Speedonthebeat.com.

For more information on/writings from SOTB!!!, please visit SpeedontheBeat.com


Audio: Case Arnold – The Nicest

case arnold[CLARKSVILLE, TN] Case Arnold releases another dope track called THE NICEST, this time produced by Chiefus. Premiering via DJ BOOTH. Case takes us to the underground, with realistic lyrics over this sweet beat. Case just want to let the people know the game’s fucked up and what does he have to do to be one of THE NICEST. Lately, he’s been getting nothing but love on his recent releases. In this track, we find out that in fourth grade Case’s favorite rapper was Eminem. THE NICEST leaves us wanting more. Can’t wait for Case Arnold’s upcoming full-length project.

New Music: Tamara Bubble – Just Say No

Brooklyn Artist, Model, Entertainer, Songwriter, and Actress Tamara Bubble releases a track off her latest EP “Living It Up“. Tamara Bubble keeps busy with all these attributes for her career. Tamara discusses the pressure of temptation and infidelity. Even if it’s easy or convenient to cheat, Tamara sends a sweet reminder that it’s better to remain faithful. With JUST SAY NO. I really love Tamara’s voice! Dropping melodies and harmonies over the amazing production by @KrazyFigz. Don’t forget to listen to her entire EP Living It Up via iTunes.

Contact: Patrick at Pspell Management 646.730.8691 or bookings@tamarabubble.com