Album Review: Ron Slyda – Blue Summer Recollections of a Poetic Drunk

BS_RonSlyda_ BANNER Presents to you an exclusive review of Ron Slyda’s highly anticipated album BLUE SUMMER Recollection of a Poetic Drunk, before it’s release this Tuesday, November 19th. I’ll be reviewing the fifteen track album. Picking my favorite six tracks to review. What a journey! Ron Slyda has taken me through this session. Recollections of a Poetic Drunk is the point of view this tape explores.
BS_RonSlyda_FinalCover2BLUE SUMMER: Is an amazing track to get things started. With sultry harmonies and a fun ass beat by Trackology. The vibe definitely portrays a summertime vibe. The one thing I really like about Ron Slyda, is his realness with his lyrics. You understand where he comes from. You can relate to his struggle and can’t help but root for him to succeed. Dealing with haters and people who are not willing to network, Ron has to keep working hard towards his dreams. “Blue Summers Got Me Dreaming, Please Don’t Wake A N*gga Up, Living Life dew and leather, The Future In My Cup” Slyda wants us to live for the day.

FOCUS: Previously featured on FOCUS is the latest track from Miami local artist Ron Slyda. This track is a preview to what Ron has in store for us with his upcoming project #BlueSummer: Recollections of a Poetic Drunk. Production from Jay B. Ron Slyda’s vibe is laid back, filled with soul, and you definitely get a southern feel to it. You feel that same vibe when he performs too!

“FOCUS” title suits well with the concept of the track. Since Ron Slyda is trying to prevail from temptations that maybe good at the moment but once you take a second look it only caused you harm in someway or another. Dealing with being criticize from bloggers, and women dilemma’s. I also feel that since they added that Chopped & Screwed Voice effect at the end, it’s calling Ron and letting him know Don’t Let It Stop You.
“Keep My Mind On Money, Money On My Mind! Keep My Finga On The Trigger, N*gga Hand On My Nine”

FH/GM: You can feel that Ron Slyda cares about his listeners. By giving them positive advice and staying humble. Even though against the whole fucking hoes line, but damn it’s so catchy! “Fucking Hoes & Getting Money” on repeat! Slyda’s presence on the track goes strong. Staying on beat and creating a chill vibe. Dope track.

COME ON: Previously featured on – Check out the latest from Florida’s own Ron Slyda with his music video COME ON. Debuting song off his upcoming project BLUE SUMMER: Recollections Of A Poetic Drunk. I’m really diggin’ this video! Ron SLyda is chilling in his neighborhood with his boys. The concept of the video was portrayed through “The persuasion & deception Ron faces in his day to day life through stop motion photography and video”. Dealing with crooked cops, gold diggers and crackheads.
Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 8.27.07 PM
Video was produced by Young Wild Panda. If you’re not to familiar with this amazing producer.. you should see his other videos. Also, Young Wild Panda was the winner of our CONTEST: So You Think You Can Make Music Videos? Ron Slyda x S.M.G x 8and9 x NikkiSiixx.

The tale of a man on the verge of becoming everything he wants to be. His inner turmoil and demons pushing him relentlessly to be a man of no mercy.His loved ones urging him to grow into the beacon of hope they all need. A Poet by definition is someone who writes with beauty and grace. Slyda effortlessly spins tales of violence, promiscuity, intoxication, depression, lost, and love into poetic melodic rap verses with lyrics that entertain as well as intrigue…

MOVING ON: Ron Slyda expresses himself with losing close loved ones. Knowing how difficult it is dealing with it and trying to move on. From struggling with doing things you’re really not supposed to be doing, but doing it with good intentions. By making money and using it to help pay for food to feed his family. The song not only discusses losing someone but also making changes from negative to positive.

MERCY: Amazing production by MindLabs. What a beautiful sound in the far background, sounds like a symphony with soft violins and piano. The concept of the track is a conversation between Ron and his future child. Giving him advice of how to be strong and be smart and walk away. Learning right from wrong. The worst could happen from him growing up with the wrong people or die from a disease. At the end of the track you hear OG Bobby Johnson from South Central say “I told a man in prison, I would save my son’s life, even if it took my life. I’m willing to die here today Ray. For my boy, because I love him that much. Do you love him? All I want is to give him something you or I never had….”

OUTRO: The outro is dedicated to the true supporters of Ron Slyda from all over. Love all the love shown to Ron and his movement. Wish you nothing but the best. This concludes my album review of Ron Slyda’s BLUE SUMMER Recollections of a Poetic Drunk. Enjoy this amazing project and get it now.