New Music: Traevon Martyr – Hotep

Traevon Martyr is unafraid of the controversy that comes with the undeniable truths he speaks about in his music. One half of the underground duo Ganja Goons, Martyr sprays the wisdom of the ether with a machine-gun violence that grabs you by the back of the skull and forces you to vibe. He’s the type that should be spitting alongside Vinnie Paz on a track. The beat, produced by¬†SHiRASi, is the perfect fusion of industrial and trap and provides the ideal vessel for Traevon Martyrs venomous flow on Hotep. Maybe if we’re lucky he’ll bless us with a video for this track of biblical proportions.

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Music Video: Ganja Goons – The Theory of Relativity [Prod. Eriiic J.]

I’m not sure about you, but I haven’t heard much good hip hop coming from the Carolina’s. Least of all some thought-provoking, independent, conscious rap. The Ganja Goons bring that and so much more to the table. Their production is almost always done in house by wunderkind Eriiic J., and the quality shows. These are some dudes that take their time and understand that growth isn’t instant. They’re in it for the long haul, for the art and soul of the movement.

There are a lot of crews in hip hop now, it seems that no one makes waves without the support and backing of an entire clique. Few groups come together with the cohesion and quality that the Ganja Goons do. Eriiic J and Traevon Martyr are brothers through and through, even if they don’t share a sibling bond. Their individual styles combine to create something original and daring. The sound the Ganja Goons possess pushes the envelope on thuggery and consciousness. It’s fitting that YouTube suggests Einstein video’s alongside Odd Future and Earlsweatshirt joints in the sidebar. There’s levels to this shit, and if you’re unaware then you just need to listen a couple more times. The Ganja Goons are coming up, and more importantly, they’re doing it their own way.