NikkiSiixx Reacts to The Walking Dead S6 Ep8 – (Mid Season Finale) “Start to Finish”

SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t watched this episode already, here’s you’re warning

The new segment on NikkiSiixx.com is called NikkiSiixx Reaction, here’s where NikkiSiixx records her reaction of new episodes of the Walking Dead. If you can’t tell, she’s a fan. We start with Season Six Episode 8 “Start to Finish“.

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Catch you next year for S6 Ep9 Mid Season Premiere of The Walking Dead 2/14/16

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#SmaktastikReviews: Uncut Diamondz – E.T. [Music Video]

Uncut Diamondz

Yaaaaaow! Welcome back to the hottest blog on the net. Somebody get these guys a fan and some Aquafina. Pedro’s got another hit…Barry Bonds!![Kanye Voice].


This was my first time hearing any of Uncut Diamondz material. When I checked out his artist name I said to myself, “Dawg, this dude is either really good or really bad.” With a name like Uncut Diamondz, you could go either way. There’s a lot of positive things to be said about an artist who sees himself as raw and unprocessed. Then again, I could see somebody turning something like “Uncut Diamondz” into some ignant’, anti-thought provoking, Riff Raff-esque scene. In any event, I knew I was gonna’ be entertained.

I clicked play on his “E.T.” video and was impressed. Broward County, FL’s Uncut Diamondz aims for the stars with this joint. The record starts off with an ethereal piano intro accompanied by one of the catchiest hooks I’ve heard this year. When the kick dropped, it dropped with a vengeance; and Uncut was there to catch it with bars that pretty much encompassed the record’s message.

“Tell my girl she could lay low. Put my homies on my payroll. Makin’ music what I get paid for”

This artist, through this song, just told me that he’s determined to reach unknown heights in his career and  based off of what I heard in this record I believe him. I heard the passion. I heard the determination. He introduced us to his struggle.

“Hey, remember when I couldn’t afford a Ford. Now, I’m that King Author like a nigga pulled a sword….”

As I was listening, I kept saying to myself this artist could write and deliver. I could leave quotes here all day but then you should just watch the video and check his Soundcloud out for yourself.

The video I felt was ok. It portrayed the concept of the song accurately. With a backdrop of outer space and galaxies throughout the video, OneTwoMedia was able to underline Uncut’s metaphorical rise to the stars quite easily. I did feel like the video editing was a bit low budget for a song this good but OneTwoMedia got the job done. They did execute certain aspects of the video flawlessly though. Scenes such as the Uncut Diamondz’ performances with his homies and radio interviews were put together well.

I’m recommending you guys check this video out. Uncut Diamondz left a lot on this record and I see massive amounts of potential here. I hear both lyrical and musical talent and strongly recommend you check this record and artist out. Check out his video below.

Smaktastik Line:

“Still gotta bring dollars in. My momma’ talkin bout college and I know she right. I know she right but rappin’ can’t get scholarships”


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