Music Video: Big Cakes – Bounce

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 4.49.22 PM[UNITED KINGDOM] Big Cakes is making moves on his latest music video BOUNCE. Keeping that old school hip-hop vibe and the dj scratches adds the doses. It’s hard to stay still, you gotta bump to the music. Big Cakes presents high energy for a conscious artist with his perspective of his life. It’s hard to miss his uniques style and approach to his music. In BOUNCE Big Cakes has a guest coming over where she struts through the room and dances to the music. While Big Cakes makes tea and switches his jacket and hat. His female company also changes outfits too. If you haven’t heard about Big Cakes you might have heard of him since he has worked with various established artists such as UK’s Grime Godfather Wiley, Little Dee, Dirty Goodz. He has been played on various radio stations including BBC 1Xtra’s Charlie Sloth show and also took part in MTV Base Black History Campaign. Big Cakes stays busy and has officially released five albums and numerous mixtape. LOOK OUT FOR: S.K.I.M., Blue Cheese, CCC, It’s All Luv, Omnium Gatherum albums plus Exceedingly Good Cakes Pt.1 & 2, The Baker’s Oven, Realtalk – The Concise Edition AND his debut album S.K.I.M. OUT NOW!! IN ALL GOOD RECORD SHOPS AND AVAILABLE ON iTUNES or FOR DOWNLOADS.



Upcoming Event: 8/1 – D.E.C.S & London Pop Up Store in LA

D.E.C.S & London, one of the UK’s biggest lifestyle brands and they are coming to LA on August 1st to launch their first Pop-Up store. At The Collective Los Angeles, 3921 W 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90020. Pop-Up store is sponsored by Belaire Rose and will be hosted by the Killa Bunniez and Budbabes. We will also be having signing with Pro Skater Carlos Vega and a meet and greet with Dylan Delago. [LINKS] WEBSITE || TWITTER || FACEBOOK ||

Music Video: Dynasty – Street Music featuring DJ Premier

Queens-bred hip-hop/soul artist, Dynasty released this music video with DJ Premier called STREET MUSIC. I love the vibe of this track. Dynasty’s voice is angelic to hip-hop ears. Love her flow and presence on the beat. Definitely felt that this track is a great way to introduce yourself to Dynasty. She compliments the beat that Hip-Hop Legend DJ Premier created and did some dope cuts on it too. An organic collaboration amongst the two, showcases in STREET MUSIC.

Pretty dope looking at Dynasty’s performance record; opening up for Erykah Badu, The Wu-Tang Clan, Mos Def, Talib Kweli and others. In 2013, the DREAMPUSHER that is D.Y. Accomplished a seven-city Dreampusher Tour in Germany, followed by an album release, an East Coast tour (US) and another European tour at the end of the year. You can tell she’s motivated. Promoting working hard in making your dreams come true to juveniles in detention centers. Showing us she does have a heart <3, and that she truly cares, what an amazing women. Wishing nothing but the best for this upcoming starlet in 2014. VIDEO DETAILS: Directed by: Dustin Devars TWITTERFACEBOOK
Production and cuts by DJ Premier .
From Dynasty’s debut album, ‘A Star In Life’s Clothing’


Music Video: Jahaziel – They Don’t Know Featuring Maxi Priest

XIST Music presents UK Hip-Hop International Artist Jahaziel with his latest music video THEY DON’T KNOW featuring Reggae Legend Maxi Priest. This track is off of Jahaziel’s forthcoming album Heads Up. The album is set to be released on November 19th. The visuals for THEY DON’T KNOW was very impactful. No Matter where you live everyone seems to be dealing with issues that give them real hard times. Jahaziel explains in his track that children go missing, there’s homeless people around every corner, and having to carry weapons to protect yourself.

This song is a social commentary describing the darker side of the community I live in. A side that many within it want to escape, and one that many outside of it would rather ignore. -JAHAZIEL

The visual shows us someone going in for a job interview. He is dressed to impress. Hopefully he gets this job! He needs it, to survive. The interviewee noticed on the resume that he graduated in First Class Honours. But it was spelled incorrectly. (HONORS) This may have led her to believe that he was lying, since if you were in the class you should know how it’s spelled. This guy does not get the opportunity that he deserves and unfortunately releases his anger through violence against the police.


Beat Tape: Messy Beatz – Shocked Phuture Vol. 1


Check out the latest beat tape from producer Messy Beatz with Shocked Phuture Vol. 1 His official second release for 2013. These 7 beats go hard with Trap/EDM style that Messy Beatz brings out. Having hard kicks, quick snappy snares, and fast hi hats! I can see this definitely bringing inspiration to artists who would want to write to these beats. The presence of the track is some type of a dark trance, that will keep the listener hypnotize.

Equipment / Weapons Of Choice:
Logic 9, Akai MPC Ren, M-Audio Oxygen Midi Keyboard, Plug-ins, Turntable and stacks of vinyl.

Messy Beatz has been featured on NikkiSiixx.com before. With another beat tape titled Donkey Kong Project. You gotta check it out! A little bit about Messy Beatz, he was born and raised in South London, and has been influenced by Motown, Soul, Hip Hop & Dance / Club classics while growing up.


Music Video: Bakery Boys- Light Work

The bakery boys video for “Light Work” catches your attention right away from it’s true movie-esque approach. It feel like you’re sitting in a drive-in theatre from the 1950s watching a black & white classic. Then suddenly you start to hear and a dope UK artist, Ace Boogie, performing a verse that quickly catches your ear from the delivery. While his verse is being the delivered it switches between a sketched version of the three bakery boys and a the three of them in black and white with slight flashes of color.

After Ace finishes Shack jumps right in and turns up to an entirely other level of energy with a faster delivery. Shack rides the beat to the ending only allowing Dirty Dre enough time to express that this track was only something light, hence the song’s title. Check out the video and subscribe to their music page.

Connect with the Bakery Boys: @bakery_boysWEBSITEYOUTUBE

New Music: Knowledge Medina – Move

MOVE is a newly released track from Knowledge Medina. MOVE is letting the people know who ain’t vibin’ with him to get out the way. “You can change the station, ya’ll ain’t gotta hear me” spits in his catchy hook. Besides being an emcee Knowledge Medina is also a producer. Check out his beat on his REVERBNATION page. You can definitely bob your head to this one. UK producer Abstract created the beat. Radio EP is set to release this month.



Music Video: Smithigo Shawts – Expressing My Thoughts

Smithigo Shawts released his first official music video EXPRESSING MY THOUGHTS. The track is expressing what Smithigo Shawts thinks about what current mainstream artists talk about in they’re songs. Promoting sex, drugs, and gun violence. By doing so this is alternating our youths mind of thinking of what’s really right or what’s wrong? Listen to what he has to say. Representing London, United Kingdom.



Download: Dr B & Ben Z – Technocrats

Bringing you some dope hip-hop from all the way Nottingham, United Kingdom. Dr B and Ben Z collaborate on TECHNOCRATS (EP). Dr is the producer and a really dope one at that. His music has been heard thousands of times in over 50 countries in addition to being broadcast on local radio airwaves and featured on multiple hip hop websites. It’s refreshing to hear what else is out there. TECHNOCRATS features artists: Ben Z, MSP, Sphinx the Unfathomable, K.I.N.G Kronos, The Editson, Roberto Rivera, and Comprehend.