[UPCOMING GAMING EVENT] Super League – Play Minecraft In A Movie Theatre

Super League is the world’s first and biggest video game league that takes place in movie theaters worldwide. Bringing gamers of all ages together for a social, face-to-face gameplay experience on the big screen, Super League is establishing theatre auditoriums as the ultimate place to play some of the world’s most popular games.

To date, Minecraft is arguably the world’s most popular game, with over 70 million people having purchased it and more than 42 million Minecraft-related videos currently uploaded to YouTube.

How it works:
Gamers will bring their laptop into the movie theatre and connect to the Super League server. Once connected, they’ll join a lobby with up to 100 other gamers at the event. Teams will be formed and gamers will embark on 90 minutes of Minecraft fun.

For Fall 2016, Super League will be offering two ways to play Minecraft in a movie theatre: Minecraft Adventure and Metropolis Madness.

Minecraft Adventure is series of “one-day” events running every Tuesday and Saturday of the week from September 20 to October 1. Each event will feature different worlds, themes, and games. Minecraft Adventure events are standalone – tickets are purchased on an event-by-event basis, and teams are formed in the theatre before the start of each event. Tickets are $20 each.

Metropolis Madness is a four-week “league” running once a week from October 19 to November 9. The league and all of its games feature a “city” theme, drawing from historical US landmarks – the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Alcatraz Island, Central Park, and more. Tickets must be purchased for the whole league upfront. The $80 cost of admission includes entry to all four events.




[Upcoming Event] 9/17 – Fools Gold Presents Fools Day Off in Miami


Miami rarely gets cool events like this in town. So for all these dudes (Lil Yachty, Playboy Carti, Speakerfoxxx & A-TRAK?!) to be in town on the same day and it be this cheap, you’re crazy! Plus you know, there’s going to be tons of special people in town right..? So don’t blow it, buy a ticket now before they go up! This is going to be nuts.

Performances By: Joey Bada$$, A-Trak, Hudson Mohawke, Lil Yachty, Playboi Carti, Ape Drums, Nick Catchdubs, River Tiber, Bosco & Speakerfoxxx, and Damaged Goods.

At Revolution Live 100 SW 3rd Ave Fort Lauderdale, FL



[Upcoming Event] 9/17 September’s South Florida Bloggers Brunch & Meetup

September South Florida Bloggers Meetup
Brought to you by South Florida Bloggers: As Snapchat continues to rise in popularity, many influencers including bloggers and even businesses are starting to leverage this platform to help them grow their following and share content. Join us for a talk where all things Snapchat will be discussed, from tips and tricks to analytics. Want to learn how to grow your Snapchat following? We’ll discuss that. Want to learn how to create your own Snapchat filters to promote your blog or event? Come learn how! Local Snapchat influencer, pop culture blogger, and lifestyle publicist, Jose Resendez along with Amanda Taylor will share their intel into this world of disappearing content.

RSVP To Attend The Meetup


[Upcoming Event] September 1-3 Redbull Sound Select Presents 3 Days In Miami w/ ASAP FERG, ALUNAGEORGE, 070SHAKE

@NormaNow released in her latest email blast that Red Bull Sound Select are throwing a party. Headlined by A$AP Ferg, Cashmere Cat and AlunaGeorge, and featuring top up-and-comers Jazz Cartier, Tennyson, Xavier Omar, 070 Shake, Nick León, and Steven A Clark, don’t sleep on this one. You SNOOZE, you LOSE! #3DaysinMIA is a weekend of live music and more, celebrating the city and the best in new music. Exclusive for Red Bull Sound Select Members. Tickets are $15. Enjoy.

60 NE 11TH ST. MIAMI, FL 33132


Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 11.28.21 AM


[UPCOMING EVENT] 7/16 – #PokeWalkMiami in Wynwood then Afterparty at Coyo Taco

The First PokeWalk Ever!
Brought to you by @NormaNow and @See_Fig.
Its time to grab your trainer bag & a buddy because we’re taking the quest to the streets of Wynwood!

In our quest to become the ultimate Pokemon master, we’re walking the steets of Wynwood to look for wild Pokemon and we want you to join! So grab your Pokeballs and a friend and meet us – the central meet up spot will be annouced soon and we will explore the streets of Wynwood together. Lets show the world how dedicated we are and level up! Afterwards, we’ll meet back up and grab some drinks at Coyo Taco Wynwood and show off out Pokedex’s & party.
See ya then! I already RSVP! You should too! Let’s catch them all!



[UPCOMING EVENT] 7/23 – @PropsAndBonds Presents Saturday Mic Live at Catalyst Miami

SATURDAY JULY 23rd. This month marks the return of our Producer Battle in a very different way. There will be no month worth of prep, all producers who join the battle will flip a sample LIVE! Email us now if you’re interested in joining!
Props and Bonds Presents: SATURDAY MIC LIVE
SATURDAY July 23rd
9PM – 2AM at @catalyst_hh
301 Westward Drive, Miami Springs, FL 33166
🎼 Artist Performances
🎤 Freestyle Cypher
🎮 Classic Video Games
🙌🏽 Networking Event
🎟 Good music, cool ass people and unforgettable memories


[UPCOMING EVENT] April 15th – Hustler Spirit Magazine Artist Showcase – Atlanta, GA

Hustler Spirit Magazine are excited about their upcoming Artist Showcase 4/15/2016 in Atlanta, GA. This event continues to get larger and larger by the day! Hope you have received all the necessary information and documents to secure your slot in the showcase. We have already confirmed 3 media outlets, 2 radio stations, and one television show to be in attendance at the showcase. We also will have multiple industry execs, A&R’s, radio reps, producers, investors, brand ambassadors, managers, promoters, bloggers, magazines, videographers, photographers, and other independent artist. As well, we have legendary songwriter and international artist Robin S.

4807 Old National Highway
College Park, GA

Kevin Fox
Serina McDonald
Tanya Elsheimi

Doors will open at 9PM, all performing artist must check in by 10:30PM [failure to check in by time frame will disqualify act from any prizes], the freestyle cipher will start promptly at 11PM, showcase at 11:30PM. There will be a total of 15 performing acts and 10 freestyle emcees.

The freestyle cipher/battle will consist of 3 rounds. That will be broken up during the live performances. The live performances will be broken up in sets of 5 (3 groups).
Once the judges have tallied up their votes we will take the final 5 acts from the “live performance” sets and have a “clap-off” by the audience to see who will win all the prizes for the showcase.

MI$TA 420

If you have any additional questions or need more information
feel free to contact 678-509-4296


Upcoming Event: 2/20 – South Florida Bloggers Meetup in Books & Books Coral Gables, FL

Yay! The South Florida Bloggers have the details of the February meetup and they’re so excited to hangout with you again! On Saturday, February 20, 2016 they will have guest speaker Annie Vazquez. Nikki Novo will be interviewing The Fashion Poet about her blogging story and she will be open for questions during a Q & A session. We will be meeting at the independent bookstore Books & Books located at 265 Aragon Ave, Coral Gables.

annie vasquezAnnie Vazquez is a fashion, travel and beauty expert and journalist who has been coined as one of the pioneers of Miami’s fashion blogging community. This young entrepreneur was voted Miami’s Top Fashion Blog by the New Times and has been featured in glossies such as Vogue, Marie Claire, Elle, The New York Times, Life, Refinery 29 and more. She was the first blogger in Miami to score a major campaign with fashion brand Coach where she produced and starred in a 1 minute commercial for them. Savvy and creative, Vazquez has gone on to work for several other brands as a spokesperson, model and consultant. Some of these top tier brands include Mercedes Benz USA, Bailey’s, Peroni, Tresmme, Victoria Secret Pink, 7 for All ManKind, Forever 21, H&M, Express, Macy’s, Express, Bloomingdales, T-Mobile and Sprint.



Upcoming Event: 1/23 – The Late Pass Party Series at SUBTERRANEAN (Chicago, IL)

“The Late Pass” represents a pass to all those who are late and unaware of the upcoming talent and new trendsetters in indie culture. The Late Pass is a traveling series that’s a cutting-edge, progressive, new – age event experience integrating indie music, product & lifestyle branding. The event (party/performance) takes place in various venues throughout the country that lends to the feel of authentic indie music culture.

The Late Pass caters to the experience of a raw and organic feel transformed into an indie DIY party/show. “The Late Pass” takes place in multiple markets including Illinois, Michigan, Arizona, Missouri, Iowa City, Miami, NYC and more. Major “Indie” artist Mic Terror (Treated Crew founder), and Savemoney’s Brian Fresco, alongside Roy French, & DJ Earn Money, have been featured on major blogs including Complex.com, Pitchfork.com, DjBooth.net, TheFader.com, Noisey, and many more.



[UPDATE] Upcoming Event: Sultry Sounds 1/13 in Washington DC

The first Sultry Sounds of the New Year is the All Stars Edition which will be held on January 13th in D.C. DMV artists like Kenny Sharp, Davonne D’Neil, Finao Love, and Marquita Cheron will be performing for their fans and will bring the music that you feel in your soul. This is that young soul music, the new generation of that soul music that is missing a lot in today’s music.

kenny sharp Kenny Sharp – Kenny Sharp has a unique style of in his song ‘Brown Liquor Music’ by storytelling and keeping it simple with just a guitar playing in the background so you can really focus on his lyrics rather than the beat of the song. He has a country feel to his music but its more up-tempo than your normal country song that you will hear on the radio. It adds his twists to it so even if you don’t like country music, you would still enjoy it. In his track ‘Fine As Wine’, he changed up the music and flow than what he had in his Brown Liquor. He uses more musical instruments (i.e. drums and keyboard) and it has a flow like the open mic and poetry slams you would attend. Listening to it, I got the feeling that I was listening to a Kendrick Lamar track. ‘Will I Love You’ has a 90s feel to it. The music he decided to use on this track is a feel good sound. If you love music that makes you want to get up and dance or just lay back and relax, this is that song. As an artist, Kenny Sharp is able to change up his sound and keep you interested at each change and have you thinking he can really do it all. Kenny is an artist that you need to look out for. To listen to his tracks, you can go to his page on Sound Cloud.

davonne d'neil Davonne D’Neil – Davonne D’Neil is a gifted artist with a true God given talent. Her song ‘Deeper’ draws you in when you hear the first of the beat and her voice comes in. This track just works just because of the flow it has. The music, the beat, her lyrics, her voice, everything, just absolutely everything goes together and you are given this awesome sound where you will just want to forget all of your problems. ‘Sugha Pie’ shows the vocals of D’Neil. She really put her heart and soul into this track. You can tell by the lyrics that whoever her “sugah pie” is, he has really put a spell on her. ‘Careless Love’ starts with the 1940s maybe 1950s piece from a song and eventually, you hear D’Neil’s voice. She keeps the flow of the 40s or 50s to give you that mix of swing and jazz music that makes you snap your fingers and bob your head to the beat and close your eyes to hear the lyrics. To listen to her tracks, you can go to her page on Sound Cloud.

finao loveFinao Love – If you are into the somewhat newer R&B genre, you will love Finao Love. When I first heard Love’s song ‘Down’, I immediately started enjoying it. His lyrics aren’t too provocative to where you wouldn’t enjoy it. It has bearable and sensational lyrics with a nice rhythm of music that soothes you. ‘My Girl Be Trippin’ has the fast paced musical beat that brings the track to life. Love speaks about his girl being jealous whenever he would leave their home together. She would think that he was out with other girls or just doing things he shouldn’t be doing. He tells her she needs to learn how to love and trust. He is willing to work on their relationship and grow with her. Finao Love has a track that is called ‘She Likes It’. This particular song has this dance type vibe to it when it first comes on and it suddenly drops to a nice and study beat. The beat picks back up and you will hear DMV Ferris’s come in with his rap.

marquita cheron Marquita Cheron – Marquita Cheron has a track called ‘Circus’. This song is her saying that her she is not a fool or some side show that is for a guy’s entertainment. She continues to say that she is so much more than just a “circus show” and deserve so much better than what this particular person is making her feel. This song is an anthem for the women who are being mistreated by their supposed to be loves of their lives in my personal opinion. She is telling them that you have to know your own self-worth and you have to have the courage to leave and remove someone or people who doesn’t respect what you are worth. ‘Falling Deeper’ is her being in love song with someone very special in her life. She catches herself falling deeper and deeper in love with the way they smell, their voice, and everything else about them. It is a song that will make you feel like a teenager seeing your crush and you get the butterflies in your stomach. ‘Rain Quiet Storms’ is basically ‘Rain’ by SWV. If you love SWV then you would definitely love Cheron’s track. You have the rainfall sound effects with the soft music and the Cheron’s voice coming in singing the lyrics of SWV but you will eventually hear the creative lyrics of hers that flows with the song.

Overall, the artists of the DMV are amazingly talented and have their own unique way of showcasing who they are and how they feel.

January 13th at
The TreeHouse Lounge 1006 Florida Ave Ne, Dc
for Sultry Sounds All-Star Edition!


Upcoming Event: 1/13 – Sultry Sounds Showcase in DC Presented By Leah J of FreshDailyINC

January 13th at
The TreeHouse Lounge 1006 Florida Ave Ne, Dc
for Sultry Sounds All-Star Edition!

Featuring Afi Soul and favorites
@Kenny_sharp @davonnedneil @marquitacheron and @dmarie789.
Introducing @finao_love.

Sultry Sounds Showcase is presented by @ljbrand and
sponsored by @trdcdc @askkirbycarroll @hustlefirment @freshdailyinc and @groundhog_ent
Hosted by @iamrichrocket.

Doors open at 8 pm. All media is welcome, RSVP at sultrysounds2015@gmail.com. If you’re an artist and would like to get on the list, send two music samples to sultrysounds2015@gmail.com with Artists Submissions in the subject line.

Happy New Year!


Upcoming Event: 12/10 The Void Debuts “Folie” Every Thursday At Libertine in Miami

For a year and a half, The Void has been responsible for producing stimulating and interactive music & art events in the city of Miami. Building a guest list of over 1,500 attendees, The Void became a consistent topic of interest for artists, creators, tastemakers, spectators, partygoers, and more.

With the New Year approaching, they are excited to announce the commencement of their new weekly party FOLIE. Guests can enjoy tasty cocktails, versatile tunes, and a fun, sexy environment where you can let loose! Dancing is encouraged, as The Void creates environments for people to freely express.

Join them this Thursday, December 10th, 2015 at Libertine for the kickoff of FOLIE, Miami’s new favorite Hip Hop Party!

DJ Sets by: Sean Bang, Niko Javan, Fvego Beatz, Pam Jones, & Slow Dope.

RSVP at Folie.Splashthat.com


Upcoming Event: 12/17 – Hip-Hop 101 at Amityville Music Hall in New York

2015 has been a productive year for SEYI to say the least, and he is ready to set up 2016 as another one as he continues to build a local buzz for himself. In the past few months, SEYI has released his first music video for his dreamer friendly song “Wanna Be”, had his first headline gig at Revolution in Amityville, and was even featured on Farmingdale State College’s homepage and the SUNY blog which is connected to all 64 state universities in New York.
Now SEYI is adding another mark to his 2015 checklist, not only by performing at Amityville Music Hall for the first time, but also for being the headliner for the night’s festivities. The show also features local artist such as Fonz P, Poetik, Nutty Nilz, Jucaro, and Tom Adams. He will be doing his usual crowd favorites along with unheard material from his anticipated project N>I>B. Local talented and rising DJ Christina will be spinning the SEYI’s set along with a set of her own.

With the holiday spirt among us, SEYI is in the generous mood and is giving the first 25 buyers of physical tickets an exclusive song , shout out on his snapchat(ojmamba) and the cover artwork to N>I>B. Really a great deal for $10 bucks.

December 17th is when this all goes down. Hit up either SEYI or DJ Christina on twitter to get a ticket for what WILL BE a dope NY hip-hop show.

RSVP for Hip-Hop 101



Upcoming Event: 12/5 – Art Basel C.R.E.A.M. An Ice Cream Social

​RSVP: ​http://cream.wakeupstar.com
Media/Vendors: ​​cream@wakeupstar.com | 305.814.3055​
@wakeupstar ||

Art Basel 2015 C.R.E.A.M. (An Ice Cream Social)
Saturday, December 5th

11am – 6pm
​9am setup
​10am soundcheck​

925​ ​NW​​ ​2nd​ ​​Ct​​, ​Miami 33136
Between NW 9th St & NW 10th St
​Across the street from the Lyric Theater​

​DJ Bre: @djbre7
Uncle Phillippe: @unclephillippe
Ahbria: @ill_Luminati

Cassidy Jordan: @CassidyJrdn
Catiana on Air: @CViddyTV

Yoshi Thompkins: @yoshithompkins
Venus Amor: @venusamormusic
She.go: @shegoknievel
Xali: @xaliunkwn
No Fiction: @nofictionmiami
RMROMRZN: @rmromrzn
Rapper Rich: @rapperrich
Caleb Kai: @calebkai
Prince Mac: @princemxc
Kaelin: @kaelin_ellis
Ryahn: @ryahnxxx
Koi: @koithelady

​+ Surprise Guests​

♫​ : ​

​Nicole Zizi​:​ @nicolezizi​
Kangie West​: @kangiewest​
Hanna Ali​: @hanna​_​al​i​​i​
Blunt​: @bluntisthename​
​Saeed​: @saaedmuse​_
Simon P.​: @thatboysp​
Jirawadee: ​@mahjimma
​Kovalski J.: @kovalski_j​
​​Eeemahnee​: @eemahnee​
Distordedd: @distordedd_

Mikey Likes It

​Drones Don’t Dream
Awesome Foundation
Cathy’s House of Sweets
Alpha Apparel

Awesome Foundation
Bella Fille​


Upcoming Event: 12/5 – Muse0 New Miami Fashion Runway Show

Muse0 kicks off Art Basel with this exclusive showcasing, join them for a night of high end fashion. The show will take place on 12/5/15 at 2pm and then a after party at 8:30pm.
2412 N Miami Avenue Miami, FL 33127

Alexandre PlokhÓV, Ann Sofie Madsen, Asger Juel Larsen, Barbara I Gongini, Chalayan, Chromat, Cinzia Araia, Coco And Breezy, D By D, DGNAK, DZHUS, FEEAS, Henrik Vibskov, House of Malakai, I Still Live You NYC, Jeremy Scott, Lost And Found, Lucky Selectism, Mad Et Len, Majesty Black, Meo Fuscini Parfums, Mrs Herskin, Omtura Bags, Patrick Church, Rad Hourani, Sankuanz, Skingraft, UEG, UNA Burke.

Muse02 RSVP:
Email Rsvp@muse0.com or on Muse0.com

FOLLOW @Muse0 on Instagram The Vanguard House

Repost the black flyer via Instagram and write: “MuseØ high fashion boutique is up to something!” and TAG @TheVanguardHouse You can receive a shopping spree or 2 front passes to be with them for their Art Basel Showcase event.
Follow the rules for entry. See you there!


Upcoming Event: 12/12 – Arts, Beats + Lyrics at MAPS Backlot Wynwood

MIA it’s been a while but they’re back! With the flavor of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey, they bring you Art, Beats + Lyrics! An explosion of creativity and originality, AB+L infuses various mediums to produce a one night event that ignites the inner desire for innovation and freshness.

Saturday, Dec. 12th

7p – 12a

MAPS Backlot

342 NW 24th St


RSVP: Jackhoneyabl.com

or text ABLMIA to 68405

Follow us @jackhoney_us @ablradio & @222worldwide



Upcoming Event: 11/21 – South Florida Bloggers Meetup in Coral Gables, FL

Topic: 9 Rules of Networking

We’re so excited about the November South Florida Bloggers Meetup! On Saturday, November 21, 2015, starting AT NOON, they will have guest speakers Geoffrey Anderson & Dianne Rubin from The Miami Food Pug. If someone knows about networking it’s The Miami Food Pug! They know everyone in town, and most importantly, everyone knows them. They have built long lasting professional relationships with PR agencies, restauranteurs, fellow bloggers, and many other people in the community. They will be breaking down their stellar networking skills into 9 rules for us!



Upcoming Event: 10/10 – Art Central Miami Honors Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Art Central Miami is this Saturday in Hialeah
Honoring Breast Cancer Awareness!!
Saturday, October 10th 8pm-4am

4600 East 11th Avenue
Hialeah, FL 33013

Calling all who love the aesthetics of Fine Art, Music, Food, and GOOD VIBES. Act Central Miami can offer affordable art, smooth drinks, genuine vibes, and food to crave for, all we have is our culture, come be apart ours from 8pm-4am
2 Room gallery
15 Showcasing Artists
10 live paintings (Raffles)
Outdoor Lounge Space (Seats Available)
Hot Dogs & Hambugers
DRINKS: Mulatta Twist
Video games(Projector Style), Outdoor Music,
Smoking Area Available
Jewelry Available
Wrapped Jewelry Available
RSVP HERE!!! Vendors are welcome but slots ARE LIMITED. 9548429734